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16 Vintage Beauty Labels
1 16 Vintage Beauty Labels
Chicago for all Princess Pat, Lucille Young, and Gordon's 1920's-30's in plastic sleeve Very Good condition 
Here we have eight medium labels for beauty items and five several small ones for the same. The first row shows Memry Vanishing Cream by Gordon's, next is a large Lucille Young skin whitener, and a small winkle masque. The second row shows Gordon's nail poish and Gordon's Hair Tonic together, A large Princess Pat with a small Princess Pat Cuticle Oil on top of it and a Princess Pat Cream Skin Food; The last row has two large and three small ones, one of hich is Princess Pat Nail Polish Remover. The three companies date back from the 20's and 30's 
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Arthur's Illustrated  Home Magazine (May, 1875)
2 Arthur's Illustrated Home Magazine (May, 1875)
Philadelphia Timothy Shay Arthur 1875 No. 5 Volume XLIII soft cover Very Good 
Though not as well known as Godey's, Arthur's magazine was a hit in its day.This issue is from May,1875 and is clean and tightly bound. There is a small loss of paper at the bottom of the spine and a light stain from moisture to the bottom front corner and a light one also to bottom corner at a few pages in the back. Several pages of fashions are found at the front of the magazine, but Arthur's seemed to feel its readership was worthy of more intellectual material as well -- the first article is about South Wales. There's also articles about books and libraries, the island of Philae, burrowing bees, gardening, and the the Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania. Also includes stories and poems. Ads are confined to the back, but one full page one shows an ad for an early book club offered by the magazine's publisher. The magazine was launched in 1852 by Timothy Shay Arthur of Philadelphia who remained its editor and publisher until his death in 1885. After that it stayed around a few years before slipping away into the annals of time. 
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Black Women In the Middle West: The Michigan Experience
3 Black Women In the Middle West: The Michigan Experience
Kalamazoo, Michigan Historical Society of Michigan 1988 Presumed first Card cover 
This is one of two Clarence M. Burton Memorial Lectures that I posted, this one being from 1988 where it was given at the Annual Meeting of the Historical Society of Michigan. The booklet is clean, tightly bound, and measures 6"x9" with 31 pristine pages. The text is dense, but still accomodates black and white photographs throughout. It also covers three parts: The Pioneer Phase, The Era of Domestic Feminism; and The Period of Self-Determination. 
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Bread, Peace and Land: Cleveland State University's Community Voice - April, 1971
4 Bread, Peace and Land: Cleveland State University's Community Voice - April, 1971
Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland State University April, 1971 Vol. 1, No. 5 Paper Very good Condition 11-1/4 
This is a student newspaper published by Cleveland State University. The paper's title is Bread, Peace and Land, taken from a promise by Leon Trotsky. This issue covers many historical and political events told with serious journalism. The big story on the cover is the March to Washington on April 24, 1971 in which Martin Luther King did likewise. Others include protesting against the Vietnam War; Angela Davis; Ecological Terror, Vietnam -- Imperialism, Nationalism and Liberation; Womens' Issues; Cleveland Tenant Unions; Kent Blacks Harrassment and more. The paper is remarkablly nice other than toning to edges, but no brittle paper.There are also photos to accompany the articles. 16 pages 
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Calendar of the Mount Allison Ladies College Sackville, New Brunswick 1925-1926
5 Calendar of the Mount Allison Ladies College Sackville, New Brunswick 1925-1926
Sackville, New Brinswick CANADA Mount Allison Ladies College 1925 soft cover Very good condition 
This 1925-26 catalog for aspiring students is filled with wonderful full page black and white photographs of the important places of the college -- an outside view, the common room, the reception room,the dining room, the Owens Museum of Fine Arts, the conservatory of music, a room in the art studio with students painting, a student room, two rooms in the Science Hall, outdoor drills, the swimming pool, jewelry made by students, handpainted dishes by students and the hospital. The catalog measures 6" x 8"-1/2" with 114 pages plus back matter. In addition to information about classes and life at college there are many names of alumni and graduates which can be interesting for family genealogy and archives. The former owner's name is written on the top front cover -- Mable B. Fraser. (I can't make out the middle name.) 
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Charm: The Magazine for Women Who Work August, 1952
6 Charm: The Magazine for Women Who Work August, 1952
Street & Smith Publications 1952 August 1952 soft cover Good-plus 
Charm is not a magazine you see too much, probably because there were fewer women in the workplace in 1952. I wasn't really too surprised that work played a small role in the magazine's content other than the clothes one wore to the office. But -- wow! -- what sophisticated clothes these were. I always think of poodle skirts and Donna Reed shirtwaists when I think of the 50's, but not for these women. High fashion! The other topics include the predictable -- child care and what to fix for dinner. But if you're a fashion junkie, this one is fabulous! Clean and tightly bound with a few creases to cover. Pages pristine. 
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Cleveland Women's Groups: An Amazing Story (1996)
7 Cleveland Women's Groups: An Amazing Story (1996)
Clevelnd, Ohio Women Celebrating the Bicentennial (A legacy project) 1995 0961326522 / 9780961326524 Special Commemorative Edition Card cover Fine condition 
This book didn't derive from the American Bicentennial, but rather from Cleveland women of 1896 and 1996. In 1896 men took over the city's 100th birthday, so when the century turned from 19th to 20th Cleveland women opened a time capsule which included a letter from Catherine Avery (Mrs. Elroy M. Avery) which asked Cleveland women what they had done to improve the city. At the time of writing she spoke of its good attributes, but also of dirty water, polluted air, homelessness and and poverty. Cleveland women had done much in that century past and pulled all of their work together to create this book which includes 149 pages of women's organizations replete with information on each. Booklet is clean with no names or writing, no spine crease or any other defect. It measures 7" x 8-1/4". 
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Costumi Africa Orientale Postcard Series 29 Young African Woman Jewelry (1920's)
8 Costumi Africa Orientale Postcard Series 29 Young African Woman Jewelry (1920's)
Naples, Italy 1920's Near fine 
Beautiful postcard with a close-up view of a lovely young African woman in her native dress with emphasis on her many pieces of jewelry. The sepia tone is quite attractive and the card is unused -- no writing to the divided back and no postal stamps. I have a total of 29 of these from Series 29. Card will arrive in plastic sleeve 
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Daughters of the American Revolution Sally De Forest Chapter No. 1328 (1924-25)
9 Daughters of the American Revolution Sally De Forest Chapter No. 1328 (1924-25)
Norwalk, Ohio Daughter of the American Revolution 1924-25 Soft cover Good condition 
Not perfect, but a nice collectible for a family archive. This booklet contains several programs through the year, the first being the anniversary of the Battle of Lake Erie. There are many names listed including national and state officers, chairmen of state committees, local chapter officers, regents, program committees, charter members, resident and non-resident members and those who died from 1918 to 1924. The booklet measures 5-1/2" x 8" with 20 counted pages. There's a little toning around the lower edge of cover and also to edges of some pages. The stapled have rusted also which shows on the spine. This is the NORWALK CHAPTER. If you would like to see if a family member might be listed let me know and I'll check for you. 
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Earl Carroll's Vanities Beauty Souvenir (1940's)
10 Earl Carroll's Vanities Beauty Souvenir (1940's)
California Oscar Tittman No date. circa 1940's soft cover Very good 
Collectors of Hollywood and California memorabilia will love this program from Earl Carroll's Vanities, a nightspot once located on Sunset Blvd. in L.A. The booklet measures 8"x11" and has plentiful black and white photographs as well as odd facts such as his measurements for the perfect girl (including her ankles and wrists) and his Demandments of Beauty. I counted 16 pages. Booklet is clean and tightly bound with just a bit of rubbing to spine area. Earl Carroll died at the age of 55 in a bizarre plane crash in 1948. I also have some postcards of the showgirls. 
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Ernestine Ruben: a retrospective exhibition of photography (1992)
11 Ernestine Ruben: a retrospective exhibition of photography (1992)
New Jersey The Walters Gallery of Rutgers 1992 Limited edition of 1000 soft cover Very good condition Reben, Ernestine 
This is a very interesting design and a very interesting exhibition catalog -- both are unique. The catalog is over sized at 9-1/4" tall and 12-1/4" wide with 37 pages on heavy card stock,the last of which is a fold-out. The white covers are covered with thick clear plastic for protection. There's also two laid-in cards showing the Jewish cemetery in Prague, the oldest in Europe, and a computer generated drawing of the installation of the exhibition. Therese items are in the built-in brown folder. There is also an essay written by Vicki Goldberg titled "ernestine ruben and the lasting experiment." 
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Formfit In Show Business (Formfit Lingerie Sales Brochure and 33-1/3 RPM Record)
12 Formfit In Show Business (Formfit Lingerie Sales Brochure and 33-1/3 RPM Record)
Formfit Uknowm 50s'-60's softcover Very Good 
Quirky, fun collectible and probably the oddest thing I ever bought. No date on this one, but clothing on drawings would indicate late 50's to early 60's. Bright pink sales brochure was issued to the would-be Formit lingerie salesperson, or as they say on the record, "corsetiere!" Inside it says, "Join Betsy White for a preview in sound of your Show Business Career." This is augmented by a drawing of the stylish Betsy White, a female salesperson holding up a girdle, and a funky picture of an early 20th century chorus line which doesn't seem to really have anything to do with anything. The record plays great and is laugh-out-loud funny. Includes music! Brochure opens as a trifold with photo of president of the company at center. Only defect of note are two closed tears over the area that holds the 33-1/3 rpm record. 
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Fortune Magazine July, 1935 (Anheiser-Busch, Women In Business, Restoring Williamsburg, U.S. Smelting & Refining)
13 Fortune Magazine July, 1935 (Anheiser-Busch, Women In Business, Restoring Williamsburg, U.S. Smelting & Refining)
New York Time-Life 1935 Volume XII, No. 1 soft cover Very good 
Very clean, nice issue of one of the star magazines of the 30's. The photography is excellent, as are the articles and the magazine's design. Three topics grabbed my attention -- a colorful piece about Anheiser-Busch and its bottled beer, Part I of a story about women in business, and a look at Mr. Rockefeller's renovation of colonial Willamsburg. There's also a piece about the cotton industry, one on U.S. Smelting & Refining and a profile of Harry Hopkins. Magazine has no real defect of note. It measures 11-1/2"x14" and has 140 pages. OVERSEAS ORDERS WELCOME, but shipping may be higher than stated due to size. Contact me with destination for actual quote. 
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Gateway to America: The Alice Austen (Photographer) House and Esplanade Staten Island 1967)
14 Gateway to America: The Alice Austen (Photographer) House and Esplanade Staten Island 1967)
Staten Island, New York Friends of the Alice Austen House and Esplanade 1968 soft cover oblong 
This lovely booklet is not seen too often, so it's a treasure when its found. Clean as a whistle and no names or writing! It measures 8-1/2"x11" and is illustrated with wonderful black and white photographs throughout its 14 pages, including two of Alice in her youth and in her old age. The Alice Austen House promotes today serves to promote public awareness and scholarly study of the life and work of Alice Austen (1866-1952), one of America's earliest and most prolific female photographers. 
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Harper's Bazar December 15, 1988 (Embroidery, Fashion)
15 Harper's Bazar December 15, 1988 (Embroidery, Fashion)
Harper Brothers 1888 Vol. XXI No. 50 soft cover Very good 
Though this is actually a magazine, it's printed in newspaper fashion and yet remains remarkably good. There are few tiny edge tears and a chip from the side of page one, but I have been able to mend all tears at folds with non-browning archival tape which is nearly invisible. When opened the magazine measures 12"x16-1/2". The two brown stickers on the face are the mailing labels to De Soto, Missouri. This is the Christmas issue so there are holiday stories, but also an article about embroideries at the London Arts and Crafts Exhibition as well as two pages devoted to embroidery patterns. There's also an article about fashions from New York and a page of art showing them. 
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Harper's Bazar January 7, 1888
16 Harper's Bazar January 7, 1888
Harper & Brothers 1888 XXL No. 1 soft cover Good-plus 
Very clean attractive magazine presented newspaper-style and geared to women. It's quite large, though folded in the middle and has no mailing label. There's a bit of toning at the fold and several small edge tears which have been pressed and, if s9ignificant, repaired with archival tape. Measures 11-1/2"x16-1/2" with 16 dense pages. One of the most interesting stories is a first person account entitled "How We Spent Christmas Day in India" with accompanying drawings. Other topics include winter bonnets (hence the cover girl),the occupations of women college graduates, rich and spicy foods, old English dances and several pieces devoted to New Year's. Many ads at back which are also great fun to read. 
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Jane Austen's Little Instruction Book
17 Jane Austen's Little Instruction Book
White Plains, New York Peter Pauper Press Inc. 1995 0880886935 / 9780880886932 First Edition Hard cover Very good condition Very good dust jacket 
This little book is charming, the perfect gift for a literary woman.The book is divided into these themes: Women, Men, Relationships, Simple Rules and Life Lessons, each comment of which was written by Austen in one of her beloved novels. The book is small, but not a true miniature. It measures 4-1/2" tall and 6-1.4" wide with 63 pages. The book is clean and bright with no tears, chips, or creasing. The only defect, if you consider one, is a gift inscription which reads thus, "--------, with all our Aloha." I have a pretty floral bookplate laid-in for the buyer to use it or not. 
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Mail Supremacy (W.A. Charnstrom Co. 1977)
18 Mail Supremacy (W.A. Charnstrom Co. 1977)
Minneapolis, Minnesota W. A. Charnstrom Company 1977 soft cover Very Good 
This slim catalog caught my eye, not because of it's contents but because of its cover. One look and I knew it was from the 1970's for three reasons -- the colors, the clothes, and the play on words. But the real value of this is the fact that it echoes one of the most significant social changes of modern times -- the Women's Liberation movement. The catalog measures 8-1/2"x11" and has 12 pages of sorting tables and mail carts. But it's that cover that makes it special. It's very clean with just a small crease to outer side edge 
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Mayfair Fashions: Suits, Accessories, Beauty for the New Season (Spring, 1946)
19 Mayfair Fashions: Suits, Accessories, Beauty for the New Season (Spring, 1946)
New York Mayfair Magazine Inc. 1946 March (Spring Issue) soft cover Good condition 
I have never seen this magazine, so of course I had to have it. It's in good condition, but there's some stubborn soil to white part of front cover. I used a document pad to rid some of it, but there's a bit left.I don't dare put any chemicals on it, so I have to concede to its vintage charm. There's also some creasing and an abrasion to upper left corner of back cover.The contents are wonderful -- lots of clothes and accessories, plus glamorous ads from high end companies such as Germaine Monteil. There's also a piece about the designs of Andre d'Aulan. Illustrated throughout with chic black and white photographs Magazine measures 8-3/4" x 11-3/4" and has 82 pages. Be sure to check out the ad on the back cover for Honeybug slippers! 
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McCall's Book of Etiquette: Present Day Customs and the Courtesies of Social Intercourse (1932)
20 McCall's Book of Etiquette: Present Day Customs and the Courtesies of Social Intercourse (1932)
New York McCall's Magazine 1932 Reprinted from 1924 soft cover Fine condition 
Very nice clean, booklet which is illustrated with small black and white drawings. Covers such topics as introductions, invitations, how to be a considerate guest, young women and their escorts, table manners, behavior in public places, protocol for women who travel alone, the well dressed woman, funeral and mourning customs, children, business etiquette, and several pages on weddings. Booklet is pristine inside and out with 48 pages. Measures 5-1/2" x 8". 
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