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Advertising Finlandia Alkupera (Vodka, 2007)
1 Advertising Finlandia Alkupera (Vodka, 2007)
Helsinki, Finland Finlandia Vodka of Finland 2007 Hard cover Fine codnition 
This is a small hardcover book which advertises Finlandia, the vodka from Finland. It's a nice collectible in very clean, bright condition with no names or writing. The booklet measures 4-1/4" x 5-1/4" and has 39 pages printed on quality coated paper. Chapters are titled thus: Finlandia Origins, Tasting Notes, Flavor Profiles; Bartender Basics; and Recipes. The booklet is illustrated with small photographs in full color. 
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Fattig Kunst  Rik Arv: Arte Povera Og Parallelle Praksiser 1968-2015  (Norwegian and English)
2 Fattig Kunst Rik Arv: Arte Povera Og Parallelle Praksiser 1968-2015 (Norwegian and English)
Oslo, Norway Nasjonalmuseet 2015 Card cover Fine condition 
Beautiful booklet which concentrates on the concept of "Poor Art -- Rich Legacy." It's a Norwegian publication and was published by the National Museum which was celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Museum of Contemporary Art. This is a hard item to find but a very good one with much text in both Norwegian and English. The photographs are wonderful and there are 64 pristine pages. The content draws together the traditional earlier years of the museum with the contemporary museum of today. 
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Kobenhavn, Copenhagen 32 Photographs Danish and English
3 Kobenhavn, Copenhagen 32 Photographs Danish and English
Dansk -- Denmark J.C.O. No date Vintage -- no publishing info Soft cover Very good condition 
I don't know very much about this because it doesn't provide an author, a photographer, or an edition. But having said that, it's so charming that none of really matters. The booklet measures 4"x 6" and is clean and tightly bound. Inside there are what appears to be postcards, but they're pages in black and white glory -- 32 in all with descriptions on the back of each image in both Danish and English. Here are some of the places included: Tivoli Copenhagen, Amalienbord Castle, Hvenbanegaarden, Domkirkens Portal, Lille Haveue the mermaid on the rock and more. 
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Kon-Tiki Museum Norway; English, Norsk and German Text
4 Kon-Tiki Museum Norway; English, Norsk and German Text
Oslo, Norway Institute For Pacific Archaeology and Cultural History 1984 8276700136 / 9788276700138 Card cover Fine condition 
This is a verry handsome booklet about the Kon-Tiki Museum which was/is the home of the Kon-Tiki raft and papyrus boat, Ra. The Thor Heyerdahl 's famous exhibited together from various archaeological expeditions. there's a color photo of Herdahl at the front of the booklet. His signature is on it too, but I doubt very greatly that it was not signed by hand. Rhe bookj;let measures 6-1/2" x 9-1/2" and has 32 pages cvering the 1947 expedition, the Galapagos Expedion of 1953; the Easter Island Expedition in 1955-56; From Balsa Raft to Reed Boat; The RA Expeditions; the Tigris Expedition; and some expeditions in the 80's. 
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Royal Copenhagen Purveyor of her Majesty the Queen of Denmark   1994-95 Catalog with Price List
5 Royal Copenhagen Purveyor of her Majesty the Queen of Denmark 1994-95 Catalog with Price List
Copenhagen, Denmark Royal copenhagen 1994-95 Card cover Fine condition 
Beautiful catalog in full color replete with its original price list. The photographs of each service, designed with themes for many tastes, are beautiful and described to include its history. Catalog measures 9" x 11" and has 27 pages. 
Price: 12.00 USD
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Stockholm's Slott --English & Swedish Language, 1958.
6 Stockholm's Slott --English & Swedish Language, 1958.
Stockholm, Sweden Nordrsk Rotogravyr 1958 soft cover Very Good 
Very clean and attractive booklet with no names or writing. The emphasis here is on large photogravures of the Royal Palace and its accoutrements. At first glance the captions appear to be in Swedish, but a closer look shows that they are is both Swedish and English. The booklet measures 5-3/4" x 8-3/4" and has 32 pages. Very nicely kept. There's also a leaflet laid-in which offers the history of the Royal Palace of Stockholm, the Hall of State and The Chapel. 
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Theater Brochure Carlotta Nillson in Leah Kleschna 1913
7 Theater Brochure Carlotta Nillson in Leah Kleschna 1913
Unknown 1913 soft cover Good 
Rare four page brochure advertising actress Carlotta Nillson starring in her one and only film, "Leah Kleschna." A few small stains to front and some flat creasing, but overall clean and graphically appealing. Illustrated with stills from film inside. Synopsis on back. Swedish born Nillson was primarily a stage actress, both before and after this film which, despite the success of the play, was a box office bomb in the four-reel screen version. Nillson was one of producer Adolph Zuckor's Famous Players. By the 1920's though she'd fallen out of favor and began taking smaller roles. Eventually she also lost her fortune and by the end of her life was supported by the Actor's Fund. 
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Peace or Atomic War? 1958, Albert Schweitzer
8 Albert Schweitzer Peace or Atomic War? 1958
United States Henry Holt 1958 First Edition Stated Hard cover Very good condition Very Good dustjacket 5-1/2 
This small booklet has only 47 pages, but it's in hard cover with a nice dustjacket which will arrive in a brand new mylar cover. The booklet measures 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" with clean paper and no writing or underlining. Three appeals broadcast from Oslo, Norway on April 28, 29, and 30, 1958. Schweitzer said then: At this stage we have the choice of two risks. The one lies on continuiong the mad atomic arms-race, with its danger of an avoidable atomic war in the near future. The other in the renunciation of nuclear weapons and in the hope that the Unted States and the Soviet Union, and the people associated with them, will manage to live in peace. The first holds no hope of a prosperous future, the second does. We must risk the second. 
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Six Fairy Tales Published on 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Hans Christian Andersen 1955, Andersen, Hans Christian
9 Andersen, Hans Christian Six Fairy Tales Published on 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Hans Christian Andersen 1955
Copenhagen Det Berlingske Bogtrykkeri 1955 soft cover Good-plus 
What a charming little commemorative of one of the most beloved tellers of fairy tales, the Danish writer, Hans Christian Andersen. Though published in Copenhagen all six stories appear in English and include some we know and love and a few that are surprises. Stories include: The Princess on the Pea; The Nightingale, The Ugly Duckling, The Fir Tree, The Little Match Girl; and the Story of a Mother, plus two essays, one about Andersen's life, and the other about his worldwide fame. The booklet is very clean inside and out. The only fault is the loss of the top layer of paper to bottom back corner, likely from silverfish. Measures 8-1/2"x8-1/4" and has 70 pages. Stories are illustrated with drawings. 
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The Book of Hygge The Danish Art of Contentment, Comfort and Connection, Brits, Louisa Thomsen
10 Brits, Louisa Thomsen The Book of Hygge The Danish Art of Contentment, Comfort and Connection
New York Plume / Random House 2017 0735214093 / 9780735214095 1st U.S. edition Hard cover Very good Bell, Susan (Photography) 
Today's world gets more and more complex, but the Danish people have a way to cope. It's called Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah), a process the author describes as "a quality of presence and an experience of belonging and togetherness. It is a feeling of being warm, safe, comforted and sheltered." The book is beautifully illustrated with full page photographs which augment the text which has these chapters: Belonging, Shelter, Comfort, Well-being, Simplicity, and Observance. It's the perfect gift. Measures 5-1.4" x 7-1/4" and has 192 pages.It's clean and attractive with no names or writing. Only a light crease to lower front corner -- not seen on the back. 
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Ken Magazine Second Issue April 21, 1938, De Kraif, Paul (editor) et al
11 De Kraif, Paul (editor) et al Ken Magazine Second Issue April 21, 1938
Chicago Ken Inc. 1938 Volume I, No. 2 soft cover Very good condition 
Very handsome copy of the second issueof Ken magazine. I also have the first one and it's on here at this writing. Ernest Hemingway hds been demoted from editorship to contributor which I suspect he could not care less about. His article in this issue is titled, "Dying Well or Badly". The whole issue is pretty much focused on the dangerous atmosphere in Europe. Other articles include: What Price English Justice; The Secret Fuse Under Mexico; Fascism's New World Thrust; Mussolini vs. His Past; Inside the Queerest Shipwreck; Norway, The Next Belgium; and Bidding the Theatre Guild Goodbye. The latter was due to no new hits, one hit in which the Guild had only half ownership; and four flops. Magzine is clean and nice with a little scratching to upper front corner. It measures 10-1/2" x 13-1.2" and has 106 pages. 
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Finns in North America (1975), Engle, Eloise
12 Engle, Eloise Finns in North America (1975)
Annapolis, Maryland Leeward Publications 1975 soft cover Very good 
If your ancestors came from Finland you might especially enjoy this 104 page booklet which tells the story of the immigration to America from pioneer days through 1976. Much information and many photos, including some in color and a map. Book is very clean and tightly bound with no names or writing and measures 5-1/2" x 8". Booklet is an excellent adjunct to genealogical research. 
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The Vikings and Their Predecessors (1981), Gordon, Kate
13 Gordon, Kate The Vikings and Their Predecessors (1981)
Ottawa, Canada; Chicago, Illinois National Museum of Man; National Museums of Canada; Museum of Science and Industry Chicago 1981 0660107511 / 9780660107516 Card cover Very good condition 
Very nicely kept booklet with just one owner. The cover design is quite attractive and the text amplified with photos and drawings throughout, some with a green wash. There are also large color photographs at back. Topics include the historical background of the Vikings, the Viking household, clothing and adornments; leisure pastimes, and the many crafts -- iron working, blacksmithing, weapon making, jewelry, bread making, bone and antler working, soapstone carving, and carpentry. Booklet measures 8" x 9"and has 68 pages. Only fault is a small light stain to lower front corner of cover. 68 pages. 
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The Viking Ship Finds: Universitetets Oldsaksamling 1952, Gutorm Gjessing
14 Gutorm Gjessing The Viking Ship Finds: Universitetets Oldsaksamling 1952
Oslo J. Petlitz Boktrykkeri (Rolf Rannem) 1952 Revised edition card cover Good-plus condition 
Here's an oldie that's been kicking around my office forever. I finally found it again and here it is. It's a small travel guide to the museum conducted by Gutorm Gjessing, the director. The booklet measures 5-7-1/2" and has 35 pages of text followed by 15 black and white photographs at the back. The plates show good contrast and a full page size for all. ENGLISH language. 
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Sweden The Land of Bright Summernights 1928, No author stated
15 No author stated Sweden The Land of Bright Summernights 1928
Stockholm Swedish Traffic Association 1928 Soft cover Good-plus 
Very nice clean booklet with just a minimum of small glitches -- a few tiny dots of foxing at spine, one small white spot to back cover and a penciled name at upper corner of front cover. Measures 4-3/4"x8" and has 39 numbered pages plus additional pages of ads and short articles replete with photographs. Booklet also shows a nice map of the country, plus a crisp two page fold-out bound-in at center with advertising and info on the Swedish American Ship Line. (Travel Box #I) 
Price: 20.00 USD
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Lino Taguapietra (Art Glass Catalog 1996), Sahl-Madsen, Charlotte
16 Sahl-Madsen, Charlotte Lino Taguapietra (Art Glass Catalog 1996)
Ebeltoft, Denmark The Glasmuseum 1996 8789975146 / 9788789975146 1st ed. Hard Cover Fine condition 
This is a lovely exhibit catalog, top drawer in every way. It's hard cover, comes with a see-through dust jacket, includes a text available in Danish, English, and Japanese, AND every beautiful item is given full-color, full-page coverage. The catalog measures 8-1/2" square with 81 pristine pages on coated paper. The jacket shows a 1" tear to bottom back edge -- the only defect. I tried to put in in a mylar cover, but the picture on the cover promptly disappeared due to the white backing of the mylar. So instead I used a thin piece of archival tape on the back to close it. Very elegant catalog. 
Price: 30.00 USD
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Tourist In Denmark (1951), Schlanbusch, Anna Grete
17 Schlanbusch, Anna Grete Tourist In Denmark (1951)
Denmark Politkens 1951 Hard cover Very good No Dust Jacket 
This is a clean, tightly bound vintage travel guide to 1951 Denmark. It measures 4-3/4" x 6-3/4" which made it easy for visitors to carry There's also a colorful folded map in a sleeve designed inside the back cover, plus another fold-out map of Copenhagen in beautiful condition. There are other black and white maps in the text and many small charming drawings showing the various points of interest. The book has 224 pages. 
Price: 12.95 USD
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Sund Saga: Norwegian-Americans Since 1887, Steffen, Janice Sund
18 Steffen, Janice Sund Sund Saga: Norwegian-Americans Since 1887
Jamestown, North Dakota Privately Published 1983 Soft cover Very good condition 
It's fairly hard to find this family genealogy which offers much information on the Sund family history. It's a simple endeavor with its spiral binding and cardstock covers. It measures 9-1/4"x11" and has 125 pages. Numerous photographs are consistent throughout to accompany the lengthy text. It was published to commemorate the 96th anniversary of the emigration to America by Knud A.E. Sund and family in 1887.There are two fold-out trees and an area for information on allied surnames. (Case 26) 
Price: 30.00 USD
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Happy Norway To You; Moving Around in Norway (1949), Thomsen, Per
19 Thomsen, Per Happy Norway To You; Moving Around in Norway (1949)
Bergen, Norway J. W. Eides Forlag 1949 Presumed first Hard cover Very good Good 
This is a hard cover travel book which chooses to delight in the beauty of Norway. The full page photographs are outstanding and the captions simple and straightforward with a hint of lyric rapture. There is a practical chapter too about how not to get lost. The book itself is clean and bright with mild wear to corners and some small tears to edges of dust jacket and some chipping to lower back edge. I have placed the book in brand new mylar, so it looks very nice and will not tear further. No names or writing and very clean pages. Book is booklet-sized at 7-1/2" x 10-1/2" and has 58 pages. Nice gift book. OVERSEAS ORDERS WELCOME! Please contact us with destination for actual shipping charge. 
Price: 20.00 USD
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