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Antoine's Restaurant 175th Anniversary Celebration; Plus Ephemera
1 Antoine's Restaurant 175th Anniversary Celebration; Plus Ephemera
New Orleans Self-published 1984 0986081205 / 9780986081200 2014 Fine condition; Very good 1940 Menu 
This book is a beauty -- many color photographs of astounding aspects of New Orlean's oldest restaurant. Inside this book the previous owner added a 1940 menu for Antoine's. The book is wonderful, whether you have been there, or not. It isn't just a picture book, but also has a legthy text showing the history of th restaurant and five generations. The book is pristine measures 10" square and has 311 pages includiong index. The 1940 menu and an empty matchcover is a fabulous find! A few chocies from the entrees sedtion --Foi de volaaile en brochette for $3.50 and Chateaubriand for two $16. Among the desserts were Crepes Suzette $2.25 and peche melva *$1.10 .The menu measures 9" x 11-3/4". Nice gift. 
Price: 45.00 USD
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Canadian National Railways Menu September 6,1939
2 Canadian National Railways Menu September 6,1939
Canada Canadian National Railways 1939 card cover Very Good 
Very handsome 1939 menu for passengers on the Canadian National Railway September 6, 1939. This was a banner year for Canada with the arrival of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth who in May of '39 took a Royal Tour of the country stopping at both small towns and large cities to the delight of fervent crowds. To celebrate the Royal Tour the two Canadian railways -- the Canadian National and the Canadian Pacific --each worked hard to outdo the other in providing half the cars for the Royal Train. Of course by the time this menu was printed the hoopla was all over, but the cover shows The National Monument at Ottawa which was unveiled for the King and Queen on May 18th, 1939. A very nice addition to the menu, Candiana, railroadiana, or travel collection. Measures 6-1/2"x9-1/2" and is printed on heavy card. The left side is in English and the right in French. 
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Fred Harvey Restaurant Menu 1945 (Aid to Military Ribbon Identification)
3 Fred Harvey Restaurant Menu 1945 (Aid to Military Ribbon Identification)
Kansas Fred Harvey Restaurants 1945 card cover Very good 
Fred Harvey was a restaurant phenomenon. On this menu it sums up his amazing growth with this line, "from Cleveland to the Pacific coast." This particular menu was printed for the restaurant located in Union Station, Los Angeles and dated Monday, May 28, 1945. In addition to the patriotic cover it's interesting to see how much food has changed in America. Of course the prices are give-away by today's standards -- imagine a cocktail for 35 cents -- but you would rarely see such offerings as what Fred Harvey was serving up for lunch in '45. How about some braised smoked beef tongue with noodles and raisin sauce? Or maybe "our own baked beans with salt pork"? Nice collectible. 
Price: 20.00 USD
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Historic Old New Orleans, LA Local Menu Laid-in
4 Historic Old New Orleans, LA Local Menu Laid-in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin E.C. Kropp No date Soft cover Near fine 
Gorgeous full-page, richly colored illustrations (14 in all)make this one fabulous travel brochure. And the good part is the text is ample too. he brochure itself measures 4-3/4"x6-1/4" and has 30 crisp white pages, all of which are coated. There's also a little bonus item laid-in -- a blue menu from The Little Shop Around the Corner run by Mary Leverich where back in the day a shrimp cocktail could be had for 30 cents, a ham sandwich for 20 cents and homemade ice cream for 15 cents. Oh, for the good old days! (Small Item Flip Box #1) 
Price: 16.00 USD
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Holland-Amsterdam Line Farewell Dinner Menu (S.S. Nieuw Amsterdam Sunday, May 31, 1970)
5 Holland-Amsterdam Line Farewell Dinner Menu (S.S. Nieuw Amsterdam Sunday, May 31, 1970)
Holland-American Line 1970 card Near fine 
Beautiful graphic -- spare, simple and sensational, the perfect round-off menu for a lovely cruise. The menu is made of cardstock and measures 8-1/4"x12" with no signifiant defect. Clean and bright. The captain for this cruise in May, 1970 was Captain S. van Herk and the executive chef was M. Lamm. The suggested wine was Chateau Vieux Certan 1964 to accompany the prime rib of beef. Other entrees includes poached medallions of salmon with wine sauce and grapes Veronique, primw sirloin steak with tarragno butter, and roast Maryland turkey with glazed hestnuts. There were also appetizers, salad, and soups, plus a selection for dessert -- Baked Alaska, Flaming Cherries and Farewell Cake. 
Price: 15.00 USD
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Hotel - Restaurant
6 Hotel - Restaurant "Wilhelmina" Delft Wine Menu (Holland)
Delft, Holland Wilhelmina Hotel Resataurant Unknown Card cover 
Very handsome and very clean wine menu. I got this with a number of other menus, all of which came from the 60's, so I'm tentatively taking a guess that the 60's prevail here too. Closed, the menu measures 8-1/4" x 14", but when completely opened it engages all three panels offering 48 wines and champagnes. The only fault is a faint shiny light strip just above the picture on the cover as if a long sticker were taken off. There's no residue and the entire menu feels smooth. OVERSEAS ORDERS WELCOME. Please use the contact button with your destination and the item name and I will give you an exact shipping price. 
Price: 18.00 USD
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Matson Lines Mardi Gras Dinner Menu  (February 15, 1968)
7 Matson Lines Mardi Gras Dinner Menu (February 15, 1968)
Honolulu, Hawaii Matson Lines 1968 Card cover 
A beautiful painting of a scene in Fiji is perfect for the Matson Lines which was located in Hawaii. Mostly they carried cargo, but they also had passenger liners which went From L.A. and San Francisco to Hawaii, to other exotic islands, and even as far as Australia and New Zealand. But along came a spike in modern air travel and Matson's liners were making fewer forays. By 1970 they were done. The liner for which this menu derived was the S.S. Lurline. The menu took a southern slant with Carnival lobster cocktail, jumbo prawns a la Creole, spouther fired breast of chicken, southern ambrosia and Dixie chocolate cake. Menu measures 9" x 12". 
Price: 14.00 USD
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Menu Act I Restaurant New York
8 Menu Act I Restaurant New York
New York City Act I No date Card Fine condition 
Very attractive menu for a restaurant that was clearly located in the theater district. There is no date and no city, but there IS a very good clue. At the bottom of the central panel of the menu is this comment, "Act I has a "Hot Line" telephone to Golden Theatre Ticket Service -- we will make ticket reservations for you directly from the reservation desk on the 16th floor." I'm almost certain that Act I was a New York City restaurant because the Golden ticket service remains there. Here's an example of the prices -- prime rib $7.25; Cornish hen Kiev $5.75; and whole stuffed lobster $8.75. This colorful menu measures 8-1/2" x 15" and is clean and crisp 
Price: 20.00 USD
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Menu Colonial Hotel, Cleveland Ohio (December 25, 1906)
9 Menu Colonial Hotel, Cleveland Ohio (December 25, 1906)
Cleveland, Ohio Colonial Hotel 1906 Card cover Good condition 
The Colonial Hotel was a fixture of downtown Cleveland from 1900 to 1929. This menu was for the hotel's 1908 Christmas dinner.The light blue cover shows pale stains, a few light spots, and a few scratches, but overall isn't too bad. The original ribbon was untied when I got it, but when I tried to fix it the ribbon tore in my hands like paper. Instead I used a heavy vintage satin ribbon in white. I also used a piece of archival tape to repair the split on the front cover. It'beneath the menu part, so you can't see it all. On then to the dinner --That Christmas the hotel offered celery, olives and salted nuts for an appetizer; bisque of terappin or consomme Delmonico; Planked Roe Shad Moderne or Lobster Newport en Cocotte; Filet Mignon tortini or Supreme of Chicken Parisian; Cardinal Punch, roast cranberry sauce with asparagus, spinach, new potatoes in cream, and lettuce and tomato salad. Desserts included Coupe St. Jacques or Biscuit Glace, assorted cake, fruit, Roquefort or American cheese and coffee. Menus from the Colonial are not often found. This one measures 5-1/4" 8-1/2". 
Price: 25.00 USD
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Menu Landmark Inn(Chinese Cuisine, 1974)
10 Menu Landmark Inn(Chinese Cuisine, 1974)
No location stated Landmark Inn 1974 Card cover Very Good Condition 
I've had this menu for awhile and tried many times to determine its origin, but I, still don't know. You would think that because they served an extensive list of Chinese food would have helped, but it didn't. The only clue I found was a message inside from "Danny" who took a page to enitce diners with the various types of Chinese cuisine --Mandarin, Hunan, Cantonese etc. The only reason I even know the date is because a previous owner wrote it (1974) on one of the pages. The restaurant created a showy full-page list of cocktails in addition to seven pages of entrees, appetizers and desserts. The menu measures 10" x 13" and is handsomely tied with cold cording and tassels. 
Price: 20.00 USD
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Menu The Court of Two Sisters, New Orleans 1966
11 Menu The Court of Two Sisters, New Orleans 1966
New Orleans The Court of Two sisters 1966 Card cover Fine condition 
This is the prettiest menu cover for dining in a New Orleans courtyard. It catches both the ambiance and the restaurant noted for its mint juleps. In fact, it was those mint juleps that gave me the date of this menu -- in a way. Back then a mint julep cost considerably more than a martini which was 95 cents, so I thought I'd see when martinis were this price. As luck would have it the article I found was about martinis vs. juleps at Sisters -- and THERE was the answer! The menu is lengthy,bright and clean. It measures 9-3/4" x 12-3/4". 
Price: 20.00 USD
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Menu Wagon Wheel Waikiki's Unique Garden Restaruant (1945)
12 Menu Wagon Wheel Waikiki's Unique Garden Restaruant (1945)
Waikiki, Hawaii Wagon Wheel Restaurant 1945 Card cover Good condition 
This restaurant has long been closed, but it was managed by Sally Close (how ironic) in 1945. Oddly, the food could be served in the Midwest with the exception of alligator pears and papaya. Roast leg of lamb with guava jelly was $1.35, one of the two most expensive entrees on the list.There doesn't seem to be a wine list even though it's a dinner menu. Dinner, however, was served from noon to 8:30 p.m.The menu needed some TLC, so I repaired three tears on the reverse side. The menu itself had been stapled badly so that part of it hung out the side. So I took off the staple, ironed the cresae and restabled. A nice collectible of Hawaii past. 
Price: 15.00 USD
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Menus Carnival The
13 Menus Carnival The "Fun Ships"
No location stated Carnival Ships No date Card cover Very good condition 
The blue folder seen in the first photo is a menu. What's interesting about it is the five additional menus inside hich have no covers. They're plain front and back with the menu printed inside of each. The blue one is a luncheon menu, the others dinner menus, each with a specific theme -- American night, Pacific night, French night, Spanish night and Italian night. All are clean and nice. The only fault is minor edge wear to the blue one. 
Price: 20.00 USD
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No. 9 Fishermen's Grotto Vintage Menu (1960's)
14 No. 9 Fishermen's Grotto Vintage Menu (1960's)
San Francisco, CA M. Geraldi & Sons circa 1960's Card cover Very Good condition 
What a graphic! The second I saw this menu I was hooked. It's a big one too measuring 10" x 14" and very clean and nice. It opens to show two pages of appetizers, cocktails, specials, sea food, salads, fishermen's dinners, steak, sandwiches, dessert, child's plate and beverages. The back of the menu is all about wine, champagne, mixed drinks, and other alcohol including beer and ale. (Entertainment II) 
Price: 16.00 USD
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Objects For Preparing Food (Exhibition Catalog 1973)
15 Objects For Preparing Food (Exhibition Catalog 1973)
Washington, D.C. Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Institution 1973 soft cover Very Good 
Fabulous art catalog celebrating the art of the lowly, as in the utensils and vessels used by cooks. If you know your way around the kitchen, or wish you did, you will love these oversized pages filled with black and white photos of many, many items -- some of which you may not even recognize. The book is huge at 12"x12-1/2" and was published to accompany an exhibit at the Renwick Gallery which ran from Feb. 9, 1973 to April 29, 1973. The New York Museum of Contemporary Crafts also played a role in making it happen. 
Price: 16.00 USD
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Postcard Fred Harvey's Lunch Room Union Station, Chicago (1920's)
16 Postcard Fred Harvey's Lunch Room Union Station, Chicago (1920's)
Fred Harvey 1920's Very Good Condition 
This card is unused, so no dates written by sender and no post mark. The only clue to find a date here is the pink cloche hat on the lady in the foreground next to the two men. The cloche hat is a Roaring Twenties fashion favorite. Fred Harvey was the restaurant king of his day. This one was beautiful and located in the Chicago train station. Card is clean and nice and will arrive in a brand new plastic sleeve. 
Price: 8.95 USD
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Steak House in Ghost Town Knott's Berry Farm (Menu, 1950's)
17 Steak House in Ghost Town Knott's Berry Farm (Menu, 1950's)
Buena Park, California Knott's Berry Farm circa 1950's soft cover Fine condition 
Crisp, clean booklet which serves two purposes -- to entice travelers to your the Ghost Town and all its attractions and have a nice dinner before they go. The booklet measures 5-1/4" x 8-1/2" asnd isx crispa dn clean as new. The back cover shows a "From" and To" section which could be mailed with just oen stamp. This one was not used. The attractions include the Prerserving Kitchen, Marion and Toni's Dress Shop, Virginia's Gift Shop, The Steak House, The Railroad, and Ghost Town itself, the little chapel by the lake, the Indian Village on the island and the stagecopach ride through the farm.The menu is simple and limited, but a filet mignon was only $3. Kids had three choices -- pioneer stew, dinner steak and ham steak. Desserts were confined to boysenberry tart with ice cream, boysenberry ice cream cake, hot fudge sundae, and plain ice cream or sherbet. These choices ran from 15 cents to 25 cents. 10 pages. 
Price: 15.00 USD
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Swift and Company Martha Logan Leaflets In Folder (1940's)
18 Swift and Company Martha Logan Leaflets In Folder (1940's)
Chicago Swift and Company No date. Circa late 1940s soft cover booklets in folder booklets Fine condition. Folder good. 
Eight Martha Logan recipes booklets nestled in a blue folder with a picture of the fictional lady herself in the upper corner next to the spine. She representd all of the company's home economists combined, though a real woman was always chosen whenever the picture needed updating. Inside the folder which measures 6" x 9" are these items: Franks To the Aid of the Party; Fingertip Meals with Swift's Premium Canned Meats; Meal Time Ideas With Tender-Grown Swift's Premium Chicken; 22 Popular New Recipes Using Swift'ning's 77 Make Your Own Mix; Festival of Cheese With Swift's Brookfield; Captivating Cookery with Allsweet; Too Good to Miss ... Recipes for Swift's Premium Bacon; and Handiwork of Meat Cookery. The booklets are like new. The folder is a little worn and shows some fading to top front as well as a tear to one inside pocket which I repaired with archival tape. See photo. 
Price: 14.00 USD
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Tip-Top Bread Novelty Advertising Fan (1950 Pittsburgh)
19 Tip-Top Bread Novelty Advertising Fan (1950 Pittsburgh)
Pittsburgh, PA Tip-Top Bread 1950 Very good 
I love the old advertising fans, especially the ones that fold out like this one does. If you're from Pittsburgh you probably recognize the Tip-Top brand. Love the tranquil water scene which emerges as you manipulate the three pieces. The back of the fan offers suggestions for summer taste sensations using Tip-Top. There was also a name printed on it (Richard) at one time, but there was an attempt to remove it at some point. Other than that this one is in great condition. Closed it measures 5" at the widest point and 7-1/4" tall. Open the fan measures 11" at the widest point. Clean and operating smoothly. 
Price: 14.95 USD
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Toffenetti Restaurant Times Square Postcard (1951)
20 Toffenetti Restaurant Times Square Postcard (1951)
New York Lumitone Photoprint 1951 Very good 
Fun souvenir postcard clearly purchased by a tourist who wrote on the back, "Ate here after South Pacific 12 o'clock June 7, 1951." Toffenetti's "the cathedral of all restaurants" was started by an Italian immigrant named Dario Toffannetti. He opened his first place in 1914 and this huge THOUSAND seat eatery in 1940 at 43rd Street and Broadway on New York's Times Square. The menu consisted of both American and European food, plain and inexpensive, and Toffenetti's was open 24 hours a day! Postcard was not postally used and is clean and bright with a semi-glossy finish. Only fault is a few spots of very light foxing at back. Will arrive in plastic sleeve. 
Price: 6.95 USD
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