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Ancient Civilizations

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Ancient Portraits from the Athenian Agora
1 Ancient Portraits from the Athenian Agora
Princeton, New Jersey American School of Classic Studies at Athens 1960 soft cover Very good 
Very nice, clean booklet measuring 5-1/2"x8-3/4." No defects of note save faint toning to outer edge of front cover.Published as part of a series entitled "Excavations of the Athenian Agora." Lavishly illustrated throughout with detailed photographs of portraits found as both sculptures and on coins. Includes detailed drawings of the lay-out of the Agora itself. Unpaginated, but we counted 32. 
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Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston Volume 77, 1979
2 Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston Volume 77, 1979
Boston, Massachusetts Museum of Fine Arts Boston 1979 Volume 77 soft cover Very good ondition 
This issue is especially attractive with two different works of art in full color on front and back. there's no mailing label to spoil it and the magazine is clean and tightly bound. It measures 8" x 11" and has 50 pages. There are just two articles here, but both are in-depth. Titles are: Ruben's "Queen Tomyris with the Head of Cyrus" by Richard W. Berger; and Egyptian Statuary of Courtiers in Dynasty 19 by William Kelly Simpson. Articles are illustrated with black and white photos and art printed on quality coated paper. (ART III) 
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Gilcrease: The Journal of Gilcrease Museum Vol. XIII, No. 1 (Spring/Summer 2005)
3 Gilcrease: The Journal of Gilcrease Museum Vol. XIII, No. 1 (Spring/Summer 2005)
Tulsa, Oklahoma Thomas Gilcrease Museum Association 2005 Vol. XIII, No. 1 (Spring/Summer 2005) Card cover Very good 
Very attractive magazine. The focus on this issue is Peru and ancient cultures of South America. The articles are all illustrated with color photographs, many of which depict the art of the various civilizations. Content includes these topics: Hiram Bingham and Machu Picchu; Dego de Trujillo's account of the conquest of the Inca by the Spanish in 1532; the ancient cultures of South America; and emperors of the Inca. The magazine measures 8-1/2" x 10-3/4" and has 64 pages. It's crisp and clean with no names or writing. The only fault is a light crease to lower corner of the first half of the text. I was able to flatten them and it's quite nice. 
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Map of Roman Britain Scale 16 Miles To One Inch (1956)
4 Map of Roman Britain Scale 16 Miles To One Inch (1956)
Chessington Surrey, England The Ordnance Survey 1956 Third Edition Card cover Good condition 
The map folded inside this booklet is enormous measuring 32" across and 42" high. And better yet it's crisp and clean as the day it was printed. The booklet also shows five pages of maps within the text, plus a chronological table, Roman names of places and tribes, notes on maps in the text, and a topographical index. There is also info on changes in the use of symbols, military sites, towns and settlements, the countryside, funeral monuments, industry and mining, communications, aqueducts, lighthouses, theatres and amphitheatres, and a bibliographical note. Booklet measures 8-1/4" x 11" with clean and tightly bound pages. The only faults is creasing to edges, though I did re-glue all four corners and they are strong again. 
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Mughal Miniatures: Akbar Period (Six Prints in Portfolio with booklet)
5 Mughal Miniatures: Akbar Period (Six Prints in Portfolio with booklet)
New Delhi, India Pakash Books Unknown Card portfolio Very good condition 
Mughal Miniatures are a marriage of Indian and Persian painting. They are filled with life, action, and gorgeous colors, but despite the title these six beauties are not miniatures. They may have started out that way, but each print in this portfolio measures 10-1/2 x 14-3/4". There is also a booklet of the same size explaining the various works and their artists. The only fault to the contents is a stripe of toning to bottom edge of the first page of the booklet. The prints are without defects.The portfolio has its picture pasted on as per design, but there is a loose one inside for framing if desired. The portfolio does have some stains to front and back, but they aren't terrible. I had one of these collections a few years ago. I thought the ribbon to close it was blue, but I don't know that for sure. I didn't have any dark blue ribbon antway, but I had a light coral ribbon and used that as is. 
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Postcard Pompeii; Leda and the Swan
6 Postcard Pompeii; Leda and the Swan
No location, likely Italy R & C No date No. 1686/5 Very good condition 
This is such a pretty scene and the colors are so rich. The card has not been used and will arrive in a brand new plastic sleeve. There's a little toning on the back at the bottom edge with two tiny freckles of foxing. I think this card is part of a series, but I have never seen any others like it. The card tells the story of Leda and the swan. 
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The First Emperor; Treasures From Ancient China
7 The First Emperor; Treasures From Ancient China
Birmignham, Alabama Birmingham Buseum of Art; 1996-97 091394414 Presumed First Edition Card Cover Fine condition 
This is a very nice dual catalog. It functioned first for the exhibit at The Birmingham Art Museum of Birmingham, Alabama, the name of which iprinted inside the booklet. The second useage was an exhibit at the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore which offers its own informtion on a four page leaflet that is laid inside the catalog. The catalog is beautiful and measures 8-1/2" x 11" and has 36 pages with many color photographs.There are two essays -- The Great Underground Army of Qin Shihuangdi; and The First Emperor. Three are also fabulous art items from ancient China. 
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The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology Volume 71, 1985
8 The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology Volume 71, 1985
London The Egypt Exploration Society 1985 soft cover Very Good 
This one's a magazine masquerading as a book, as there is so much to read!It's been lovingly cared for and is pristine with the exception of a little sunning to spine. No names or writing. Measures 9"x11" and has 211 pages plus black and white plates at back of book printed on coated paper. A sampling of article topics include: status symbols in the architecture of El-'Amarna; reflections on the reign of Ramesses VI; the identity of the Ramesside Queen Tyti; the camel in dynastic Egypt; and Anubis and the lunar disc; and the composition of a military work party in Roman Egypt. Other issues available. 
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The New Acropolis Museum; Design and Original Exhibits from the Acropolis Collection (2003)
9 The New Acropolis Museum; Design and Original Exhibits from the Acropolis Collection (2003)
New York Alexander S. Onassis Benefit Foundation; Orgnization for the Construction of the New Acropolis Museum 2003 card cover Fine Condition 
This is an exhibition catalog of great beauty which explores the architecture of Bernard Tschumi and his new museum as well as its ancient treasures. The catalog was published for the exhibition which was held from March 6 to April 9, 2003 with the help of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture. The catalog measures 8-1/2" high and 11" across with 31 pages. Very nice quality paper and a subdued palette make for an elegant publication. The exhibit was in the U.S., but the museum is located at the southern base of the Acropolis. 
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The Roman Chariot Race Supplement to the Boston Sunday Globe. May 24,1896 (paper toys)
10 The Roman Chariot Race Supplement to the Boston Sunday Globe. May 24,1896 (paper toys)
Boston Mass. The Boston Sunday Globe 1896 May 24, 1896 Fine condition 
This is really cool! I sort of stumbled over it and didn't get it at first. I had no clue what it was, but when I read the instructions it became clear. A good pair of scissors and there you have it-- paper toys for kids big and little. Children would have a hard time cutting these intricate pictures, replete with horses, chariots and gladiators, but when the tabs allow the figures to stand up let the games begin! If you're a collector you probably don't want to do that even though there are nine enticing stand-ups in all. I have it in a heavy plastic sleeve and will send it to the buyer as is. 
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Weisbrod Archetypes and Archaism Spring 2001 (Chinese Art Antiquities Auction Catalog)
11 Weisbrod Archetypes and Archaism Spring 2001 (Chinese Art Antiquities Auction Catalog)
New York Weisbrod Chinese Art Ltd. 2001 Hard cover with dust jacket Very Good condition 
Weisbrod's auction catalogs are beautiful and well worth keeping if you love Chinese artifacts, art and furniture. This one was priced at $80 for those who wished to study a catalog before the day of the auction. It measures 8-1/2" x 12" and is lavishly photographed throughout with full-size color images and enough information to inspire collectors of ancients artifacts. There are also three articles at the front: The Spirit of Wu; Conservation Report on an Eastern Zhou Dynasty Inlaid Bronze Hu; and Conservation Report on a Shang Dynasty Guang. Also with this copy there's an advertising item in its pristine envelope laid-in. Dust jacket will arrive in brand new mylar for safekeeping. 
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The Rosetta Stone, Andrews, Carol
12 Andrews, Carol The Rosetta Stone
Great Britain British Museum Press 1998 0714109312 / 9780714109312 Later printing Card cover Very good condition 
Crisp and clean as new with just a small shadow of a previous price sticker to upper front corner of the cover. The booklet is quite lovely with many pictures and no names or writing. Contents include these topics: Hieroglyphs before decipherment, the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, How the stone Came to England, description of the Stone, the early decipherers of the Rosetta Stone, the method of decipherment, the contents of the Rosetta Stone, the Greek section of the Rosetta Stone, the ancient Egyptian language, and Hieroglyphic alphabet. Booklet measures 7-1/2" x 9-1/2" and has 31 pages. 
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The Eclectic Epigrapher (Stonehenge Viewpoint Issues  99-100), Cyr, Donald L. (editor)
13 Cyr, Donald L. (editor) The Eclectic Epigrapher (Stonehenge Viewpoint Issues 99-100)
Santa Barbara, California Stonehenge Viewpoint 1993 Stonehenge Viewpoint Issues 99-100) soft cover Very good condition 
Very nice, clean journal inside and out with no names or writing and no spine crease. Tightly bound with pristine pages and page edges. A compendium of articles including, but not limited to, the following topics: the unsolved ogam-like carvings of the Colorado-Oklahoma area; the Colorado Ogam expedition; remarks on the Colorado/Oklahoma petroglyphs; oral speech and epigraphy; ancient Chinese maps of the world and more. 9see photo of table of contents). Illustrated throughout with black and white photographs, charts and drawings. 128 pages. Indexed. 
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Antiquity; A Quarterly Review of Archaeology March, 1971, Daniel, Glyn
14 Daniel, Glyn Antiquity; A Quarterly Review of Archaeology March, 1971
London Antiquity Publications LTD. 1971 Vol. XLV, No. 177 soft cover Fine 
Crisp, clean, untoned paper and no names or writing make this magazine a stand-out. I have MANY issues of this, so if you're looking for a specific one please use the contact button and send me an email. The magazine measures 7"x9-3/4" and has 80 pages. Illustrated with black and white photographs and drawings, including a handsome fold-put. Principle topics covered in this issue are: Dilmun; The Wessex culture; Archaeology in Sulawesi, Indonesia; the first British navy; and the Graveney boat 
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Minerva Magazine July/August 1996. Ancient Art and Archaeology, Eisenberg, Jerome M. (editor)
15 Eisenberg, Jerome M. (editor) Minerva Magazine July/August 1996. Ancient Art and Archaeology
Great Britain Aurora Publications Ltd. 1996 Volume 7, Number 4 Card cover Very good condition 
I have never seen this magazine before now, but it's certainly a gift from Great Britain. The emphasis is on ancient art and archaeology -- very readable and many photographs in both black and white and color. The articles are these: Beirut: Rediscovering the Past; Splendors of Ancient Egypt from Helsheim; The Chauvet Cave, the oldest cave paintings in the world; Archaeology China's Northern Frontier; Amorium in Turkey, A Byzantine City in the Dark Ages; The Ludovisi and Boston Thrones; Magna Graecia, the Greeks in the West; Preah Khan, conservation of an ancient temple site; the New Roman London Gallery and Ancient Egyptian Mining. Magazine measures 8" x 11-1/2" and has 63 pages. 
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The Scientific Test of the Spade
16 Elaine K. Gazda and Elise A, Friedland (Editors) The Scientific Test of the Spade"; Leroy Waterman and the University of Michigan Excavations at Sepphoris, 1931
Ann Arbor, Michigan Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, University of Michigan 1997 Card cover Fine condition, Like New 
This booklet is part of several other archaeological imprints from the early 1930's when the University went to excavate the hidden treasures of the world. This booklet discusses the adventure in Sepphoris in Palestine. The booklet measures 8-1/2" x 11" and has 21 pages black an white phoographs, plus drawings and a map. The green cover has three diamond shapes which open a window to the big picture behind it. 
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Look After the Pennies. Numismatics, Goodburn-Brown, Dana; Jones, Julie
17 Goodburn-Brown, Dana; Jones, Julie Look After the Pennies. Numismatics
London Archetype Publications 1998 1873132816 / 9781873132814 First edition stated Card cover NEW 
Crisp BRAND NEW book. Illustrated with charts, graphs, and black and white photos. Book examines developments in analysis and conservation and how to screen and prioritize large groups of excavation coins. Much information on corrosion, cleaning exacavated coins, and treating silver coins with alkaline dithionite. The book measures 7-1/4" x 9-3/4" and has 91 pages. 
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The Vikings and Their Predecessors (1981), Gordon, Kate
18 Gordon, Kate The Vikings and Their Predecessors (1981)
Ottawa, Canada; Chicago, Illinois National Museum of Man; National Museums of Canada; Museum of Science and Industry Chicago 1981 0660107511 / 9780660107516 Card cover Very good condition 
Very nicely kept booklet with just one owner. The cover design is quite attractive and the text amplified with photos and drawings throughout, some with a green wash. There are also large color photographs at back. Topics include the historical background of the Vikings, the Viking household, clothing and adornments; leisure pastimes, and the many crafts -- iron working, blacksmithing, weapon making, jewelry, bread making, bone and antler working, soapstone carving, and carpentry. Booklet measures 8" x 9"and has 68 pages. Only fault is a small light stain to lower front corner of cover. 68 pages. 
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Homer and The Travellers, Huxley, George
19 Huxley, George Homer and The Travellers
Athens, Greece Self-published 1988 Card cover 
Pristine inside and out. Booklet bills itself as "a lecture on some antiquarian and topographical books in the Gennadius Library of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. Huxley, at the time of writing, was director of the Library. Booklet measures 5-1/2" x 8-1/4" and has 38 pages with maps at back. I have three other booklets by Huxley -- Monemvasia and the Slavs and East Rome, Why Did the Byzantine Empire Not Fall to the Arabs? and The Evangelization of Russia. 
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Why Did the Byzantine Empire Not Fall to the Arabs? 1994, Huxley, George
20 Huxley, George Why Did the Byzantine Empire Not Fall to the Arabs? 1994
Athens, Greece American School of classical Studies at Athens 1994 Reprint from 1986 Card cover Very good condition 
I bought this booklet and three others from a young woman who studied in Greece. Tthis one is the largest at 8-1/2" x 9-1/2" and has 14 dense pages. The text is from a lecture by George Huxley who was the Director of the Gennadius Library in the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. It's very clean and nice with just three tiny, light freckles of foxing to the front cover, otherwise it's pristine. 
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