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24 Success Articles From American Preservation Magazines
1 24 Success Articles From American Preservation Magazines
U.S.A. American Preservation Unknown date Unknown edition Disbound Articles Very Good Condition 
I found these disbound articles in a box of Architectual Review Magazines which I bought at auction. I almost tossed them out until I realized how worthy they are. Each of the 24 focuses on a particular area within a state located anywhere in the country. They all derived from American Preservation magazine, so the color photographs are stunning. Each article is pretty long with many images. I wish I had more room to show them. Areas are these: New Orleans Lower Garden District; Providence, Rhode Island; Salem Massachusetts; Eutaw, Alabama's Greek Revival Architecture; Galveston, Texas; Mizner's Eden Palm Beach's Flamboyant Architecture; Brownsville, Texas; Waterford, Virginia; Helena, Montana; Columbus, Georgia; Madison, Indiana; Eureka Springs, Arkansas; Key West, Florida; Jacksonville, Oregon; Mt. Auburn in Cincinnati, Ohio; Manchester area of Pittsburgh; Savannah, Georgia; Powelton Village, Philadelphia; Saratoga Springs, New York; Crested Butte in the Rocky Mts.; Detroit's Woodward East; Oakland cemetery; Galena, Illinois and Bay View, A Summer Resort in Michigan. All are clean and stapled. Will still ship for $2 media in the U.S. as always. 
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Aspects of Irish Art 1974. Catalog at American Exhibitions
2 Aspects of Irish Art 1974. Catalog at American Exhibitions
Dublin, Republic of Ireland Cahill & Co.Ltd. 1974 Card cover Very Good 
The cover of this catalog is lovely, a painting of J.B.S. McIlwaine by Walter Osborne. The paintings are all Irish art (76) and comprise a loan exhibition at the Columbus, Ohio Museum of Fine Arts; Toledo, Ohio Museum of Arts; and St. Louis, Missouri Art Museum. There is much illustratyion with clear black and hite photogrphs thoughout. The essays that accompany the picutures, descriptions and artists' biographies are these: The Spirit of Irish Art; Georgia Architecture; A Century of Domestic Silver 1711-1813; A Century asnd a Half of Irish Painting and Art and the Renaissance. The catalog measures 8-1/4" x 10-1/2" and has 13 pages. The only flaw is a small bit of rubbing to the edges ofthe back cover. 
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Combing Columbus Photogenic Drawings for the Bicentennial (Columbus, Ohio 2012)
3 Combing Columbus Photogenic Drawings for the Bicentennial (Columbus, Ohio 2012)
Columbus, Ohio Finding Time: Columbus Public Art 2012 Card cover Fine condition Bole, Mary Jo 
Without question this is the most unusual and delightful commemoration of a city's Bicentennial. It's clever, fun, and historic -- and all in full color in a large format. The booklet measures 9-3/4" tall by 14" across. But rather than babble on about how much I like it, I'm going to show you some very handsome pictures which catch the eye, the heart, and the sense of humor. Truly, it's one to keep forever. Every page is in color as seen. 
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Four Photographs, One Drawing, The Shale Brick Company, Columbus, Ohio
4 Four Photographs, One Drawing, The Shale Brick Company, Columbus, Ohio
Columbus, Ohio Unknown origin Unknown Very good 
This is a decidedly mysterious and odd item. It consists of four photographs of the former Shale Brick Company of Columbus, Ohio, plus a drawing of an auger. The drawing shows paper around the edges and old glue stain, so at least it, if not the photos too, had been affixed to something else at one time. Everything is old, but the mounting and labeling on cardstock is quite contemporary. The photos are labeled The Shale Brick Company, Columbus, Ohio 17th Avenue Brick Plant, Mixing Plant, Elevated Tressel (sic) for Cars Conveying Raw Materials to Plant, and Mixing Plant. The drawing is captioned "The auger bit forced clay through a dye in a continuous bar. Three cutters cut the bricks which were transferred to the dryers for 24 hours at 450 degrees." Research turned up very little about the company except that it was located on 17th Ave. just north of the fairgrounds, produced common brick and building tile, and a quarry was located near the plant. The photographs measure 3-1/2"x4-1/2" and the cards 4-1/2"x5". The photos are slighlty wavy from the adhesive, but are clear and clean. 
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Hartman Stock Farm Horse Department 1905 (Columbus, Ohio)
5 Hartman Stock Farm Horse Department 1905 (Columbus, Ohio)
Columbus, Ohio Hartman Stock Farm 1904 soft cover Very good condition 
This is a horse lover's information/advertising book issued by S.C. and M.D. Hartman, importers and breeders of Percheron Draft and German Coaching horses for their Columbus, Ohio farm. The Hartmans also operated a poultry department, but the only reference to that here is a full page color ad and a few pictures of outbuildings and a couple pages of info. The spotlight is definitely on the horses. Contents include, among other topics, these: the Barb, or the horse of the Sahara; an anatomical study of the horse; a study of the mouth of a horse; description and illustrations of Hartman Farm; origin of the Percheron; imported Percherons, home bred Percherons; and the German coach horse. Book is clean and tightly bound, measures 7-1/2" x 10" and has 189 pages printed on quality coated paper. Only faults are a spine crease and a bit of light foxing to exterior page edges. Otherwise quite good. Hard to find. 
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Lazarus Established 1851 (Department Store, Columbus, Ohio, 1978)
6 Lazarus Established 1851 (Department Store, Columbus, Ohio, 1978)
Columbus, Ohio Lazarus Department Store 1978 Card cover Like new condition 
Lazarus is linked with Columbus, Ohio where it began its department stores and retained its base, but there are stores elsewhere too. In this booklet there is no date, but it shows three store openings in Indiana during the 1970's -- Castleton, Lafayette Square and Washington Square with more announced for 1979 and 1980.This is a wonderful history augmented throughout with equally interesting photographs. The booklet is pristine, measures 7" x 10", and has 48 pages. 
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Marcel Marceau Souvenir Book and Theater Program (1979)
7 Marcel Marceau Souvenir Book and Theater Program (1979)
New York Roland A. Wilford Associates Inc. 1979 Card Cover Very good condition 
Crisp, clean souvenir booklet which measures 9"x 12-1/4" and has a laid-in a program for a 1980 performance in Columbus, Ohio at the Ohio Theater. The booklet is in excellent condition save a little toning to edges of front cover. Cover is substantial, made from card stock, and pages are printed on heavy quality coated paper. Illustrations, be they photographs or art, are in black and white with the exception of the color back cover. The booklet tells the story of Marcel Marceau, pantomime, the story of his character Bip, plus a chronology. 25 counted pages. 
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Ohioana Library Engagement Calendar Year Book 1967; Early Ohio
8 Ohioana Library Engagement Calendar Year Book 1967; Early Ohio
Columbus, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio The Martha Kinney Cooper Ohioana Library Assoc. and The World Publishing Co. 1967 vol. 20 -- Early Ohio Card cover Calendar is As New. Box is good. 
This is a desk calendar that has never been used -- no writing on any pages .The calendar is bound with a white plastic spiral and has mny photographs in black and white, plus full page histories on the signing of Green Ville; Marietta in the 1830'a; Schoenbrun Revisited; Ohio Indians, the Original Inhabitants; Flatboats; Wyandot Indian Mission; Fort Washington; Arth8r St. Clair; Log Cabin Corner Timbering; Bobcats;The Great Hinkley Hunt; Blennerhassett -- Tragic Island; Dulcimers; Stone Blast Furnaces; The Columbus Lateral Canal; Railroads; First Statehouse; The Interior of A Pioneer House; Camp Meeting Time; The Cinncinati Observatory; Memories of the Canal; Money Trends in Ohio;The Country Store; Early Ohio Justice; McGuffey, Maker of Maxims; The Era of the First Steam Fire-Engine; The Underground Railroad in Ohio; Victory at Fallen Timbers; Steamboats; Bainbridge -- Cradle of Dental Education; Stephen Foster; and Events in Columbus 1846. The booklet inside the box measures-1/2" x 8-1/4" and has 119 pages. the box shows some toning, but is clean and sturdy. 
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Photograph Family at Home, Little Girl Playing Piano, Parents Watching (1906)
9 Photograph Family at Home, Little Girl Playing Piano, Parents Watching (1906)
Unknown Location (see description) Unknown Photographer 1906 Good condition 
This little picture is quite charming, especially given the fact that someone actually took the time to write on the back. It's in pencil on black, but you can read it. The little girl at the piano is Eleanor, the mother is Hattie ,and the father is Rudy. It's dated 1906, but this is what made me buy it -- underneath the info mentioned the same person wrote this: "Note pictures and paintings on walls." I am 99 per cent sure that the father is Rudolph Huettrich, the same man wearing a Knights of Columbus uniform in a photo I have. Type Knights of Columbus in the title box and you will find it here. The photo is mounted on a photographic mount with embossing on both sides. It measures 5" square. 
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Photograph Knights of Columbus circa 1917
10 Photograph Knights of Columbus circa 1917
Likely location, Cleveland, Ohio Unknown photographer circa 1917 Very good condition 
This photo is very nice, but I initially thought because the date was apropos to WWI the uniform was military. I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to track it down, but I could only find some of the elements, not all. It wasn't until I remembered the plumed hats on the Knights of Columbus from when I was a kid that I made an easy match. The picture has a stamped logo at the bottom which comes down to meet the lower half of it on the backing. Under it someone penciled the name Rudolph Huettrich c. 1917. I think he lived at least for awhile in the Cleveland, Ohio area. With backing, the photo measures 7" x 9-1/2" and the image size with the second backing is 5" x 7". The only fault is at the back of the photo (see my picture of it). It appears to have been framed or in an album at one time. 
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Port Columbus International Airport 75th Anniversary 1929-2004 (postcards)
11 Port Columbus International Airport 75th Anniversary 1929-2004 (postcards)
Columbus, Ohio Port Columbus 2004 75th Anniversary Card cover Fine cards in VG folder 
I haven't been aware of this postcard set, but I knew a good thing when I found it! There are ten postcards printed with black and white photographs and a blue "frame" on each. The cards are a tad larger than usual, measuring 4-1/2" x 6". All are crisp and clean with no writing or postal stampings. Port Columbus opened on July 8, 1929 with Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone and Edsel Ford in the audience.The folders (there are two) are crisp and clean also, but there is a tiny tear to the right side of the main folder. I used a very tiny piece of archival tape on the reverse side and all is well. A very nice souvenir. 
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Senior Memory Book 1931 North High School Columbus, Ohio (81st Commencement Program Laid-in)
12 Senior Memory Book 1931 North High School Columbus, Ohio (81st Commencement Program Laid-in)
Columbus, Ohio North High School 1931 Card cover Very Good Condition 
Very nice memory book with individual portraits of graduates and information about the school and its faculty, building, clubs, sports etc. in 1931. The memory book measures 8-1/2" x 11" and has 68 pages printed on quality coated paper. There's a large photo of the principal, Charles D. Everett, who signed his names beneath it. Class officers included: Fred Ehrensberger, President; Jean Charters, Vice-President; Emerson Spicer, Treasurer; Helen Zurmehly, Secretary and Robert Johnston, Sergeant-at-Arms. The last page of the book is dedicated to autographs of which there are several. I am happy to look someone up for you, so use the contact button and I'll get back to you. Also included here is a separate 1931 commencement program which included every high school in Columbus into one event. 
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Ireland of the Dispatch (Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum, 2010), Caswell, Lucy Shelton
13 Caswell, Lucy Shelton Ireland of the Dispatch (Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum, 2010)
Columbus, Ohio Ohio State University 2010 Card cover Fine condition 
This catalog's a really nice collectible if you like old time comics. There appears to be other such booklets on the subject, as I also have one about Krazy Kat, both of which are published by the Comic Museum at Ohio State University. Billy Ireland was a comic writer from Chilecothe, Ohio whose strips were then what Garrison Keillor's work is today. In 1928 he was named First Citizen of Columbus. There are sample strips here, plus photographs and lots of information. Booklet is pristine, measures 8-3/4" x 10-1/4" with 38 pages. 
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The Horolovar 400-Day Clock Repair Guide -- 1956, Charles Terwilliger
14 Charles Terwilliger The Horolovar 400-Day Clock Repair Guide -- 1956
Bronxville, New York The Horolovar Company September, 1956 Third Edition completely Revised and Enlarged Card cover Very good 7" x 10" 
This manual debuted in 1953 with 2000 copies. A second edition apeared in July 1954 and May 1955. Next came the third edition in September, 1956 and 5,000 copies.The manual measures 7"x 10" and has 127 clean pages. There are many drawings at the back showing the beautiful clocks. The text is in eight sections --Adjustment and Repair of the 400-Day Clock Escapement; Answers To the 21 Most Frequently Asked Questions About an Escape Wheel; Names and Trade Marks on Dials; How To Use the Back Plate Illustrations; Suspension Spring Units; Hororlovar 400-Day Clock Products; Spare Parts and Repairs and Some of the Old Clocks in the Horolovar 40-Day Collection. Two invoices are also laid-in from Stern Inc. of Columbus, Ohio wholesale jewelers and Jewelers' Supplies. 
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Visual History Wall Maps (10 in Folder, Teacher's Guide) 1966, Coss, Clay (Editor)
15 Coss, Clay (Editor) Visual History Wall Maps (10 in Folder, Teacher's Guide) 1966
Washington D.C. Civic Education Service 1966 Card folder Maps in fine condition. Folder, good 
Beautiful, colorful collection of ten pictorial wall maps designed for classroom use. Appear to have never been used and all fit snugly in specially designed blue accordian folder with silver printing to face. Includes teacher guide. Maps include: Exploration and Discovery, which covers early explorers such as Pizarro, Columbus, de Soto etc.; Colonization which covers the original 13 colonies, fur trading, and Native Americans; the American Revolution; the Western Frontier; American Indians; Immigration; A House Divided, which covers the period leading up to the Civil War; the Civil War; Literary America which focuses on authors such as Benet, Alcott, Iriving, Melville, Whitman, Twain, Faulkner, Ferber, etc.; and 20th Century America which covers the high points up to the Civil Rights era. Maps measure 28"x37". 
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With Tails We Win! (Domesticated Earthworms, 1949), Crowe, Mary; Bowen, Gladys
16 Crowe, Mary; Bowen, Gladys With Tails We Win! (Domesticated Earthworms, 1949)
Columbus, Ohio The Wonder Worm Farmers 1949 Fourth Edition soft cover Very Good 
I love running across something I know nothing about, so this was a great find! It's also very practical and informative for people engaged in all sorts of activities -- vegetable gardening, growing flowers, babying orchards, greening perfect lawns, raising chickens, fishing, and creating odorless garbage disposal. The two women, who owned the Wonder Worm Famers and wrote this book offer much information and black and white photos. There is also a five page leaflet laid-in titled "My Grandfather's Earthworm Farm." Booklet measures 6"x9" and has 24 pages plus the extra leaflet. 
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A History of Sandusky and Erie County (Ohio 1965), Frohman, Don
17 Frohman, Don A History of Sandusky and Erie County (Ohio 1965)
The Ohio Historical Society 1965 First Edition soft cover Very Good 
When it comes to Sandusky,Ohio history Don Frohman's is the first name that springs to mind. This attractive booklet is clean as a whistle inside and out with no names or writing. It measures 7"x10" and has 61 pages. It's illustrated throughout with photographs and maps and discusses, among other topics, early Indians, the Firelands, the War of 1812, the early settlements, the Columbus-Sandusky Turnpike, canals, railroads, steamboats, the cholera years, and the Civil War Years. 
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Toledo Magazine (Ohio), Lang, Sandy (editor)
18 Lang, Sandy (editor) Toledo Magazine (Ohio)
Toledo, Ohio Toledo Area Chamber of Commerce 1981 Card cover Fine condition 
Toledo, Ohio is a nice city, though not as well known perhaps as the three "Cs" -- Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati. I was in a store once and heard a jhopper say, "Toledo is the best keptsecret in the state." It's the home of Jamie Farr who was noted for his role on the TV show M.A.S.H.. It also has the beautiful University of Toledo, the Toledo Art Museum, The Toledo Mud Hens baseball team and much more. In 30-some years things have changed, so it's fun to look back. The magazine is filled with articles and color photos, measures 8-1.2" x 11" and has 136 pages. 
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The Journal of the National Athletic Trainers Association. Leo Murphy, Cleveland Browns, 1959 (extra ephemera), Leo Murphy, Trainer
19 Leo Murphy, Trainer The Journal of the National Athletic Trainers Association. Leo Murphy, Cleveland Browns, 1959 (extra ephemera)
Columbus, Ohio National Athletic Trainers Association 1959 April, 1959 Card cover Fine condition 
I've never seen this magazine, but here it is and it's also a souvenir for the 10th annual meeting of athletic trainers. In 1959 the meeting took place in Columbus, Ohio. The main man from Cleveland was Leo Murphy, a trainer for the Cleveland Browns for a long time. Later, in 2012, Cleveland football announced the Cleveland Touch Down Club Charities which created the Leo Murphy Field and Equipment Grant. What's fun about this item is the two goodies I found inside which just came along for the ride. But, as always, all items of the same subject stay with the main item. What I have is a nice black and white glossy photo of Murphy and a flat metal name plate which is 2-1/2" x 6-1/2" with cut-outs spelling L.F. Murphy. 
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Patches of Rainbow Poems by Ione U. Marthey 1974 SIGNED, Marthey, Ione U.
20 Marthey, Ione U. Patches of Rainbow Poems by Ione U. Marthey 1974 SIGNED
Orrville,Ohio Self-Published 1974 soft cover 
Self-published poetry books by unknown poets are definitely ephemeral, as most are printed in very small runs and sold primarily to friends and family. A percentage always bites the dust too, so to find one -- especially one that has promise -- is a treat. Ione U. Marthey, actually had, and still has, a bit of a following, as she writes about country things and places in an accessible voice. At the time of writing she lived in Orrville, Ohio -- that's her family home on the cover. She was also a member of the Orrville Poetry Club, the Wooster Branch of the Ohio Poetry Society, the Verse Writer's Guild of Columbus and the National Federation of State Poetry Societies. The book measures 5-1/2"x8-1/2" and has 70 pages. It's also SIGNED and inscribed on the title page thus, "To the --------s With Best Wishes, Ione U. Marthey, 1977." 
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