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POETRY - A Collection of Poems Written by Medical Students (Selected Works of Finalists, The William Carlos Williams Poetry Competition 1986-1988)
1 POETRY - A Collection of Poems Written by Medical Students (Selected Works of Finalists, The William Carlos Williams Poetry Competition 1986-1988)
Rootstown, Ohio Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine Human Values in Medicine 1988 soft cover Very good 
Very nice clean booklet filled with selected works of finalists in the William Carlos Williams Poetry Competition for the years 1986-88. The contest was named as such due to the fact that William Carlos Williams was both a physician and a poet. Poets include Bradley Anderson(2) University of Oklahoma; Dipali V. Apte (3) University of Illinois; David Brown (2) Medical College of Pennsylvania; Clifford I. Harris (3) University of California at San Francisco; Laura Kinberger (1) University of Miami; David Z. Levine (3) Michigan State; Mark Mosley (3)University of Oklahoma; Orren Z. Perlman (1) Medical College of Pennsylvania; and Michael Weddle(3) University of Miami. Booklet measures 6"x9" and is clean as a whistle with erratum slip laid-in. 
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The Skeptical Inquirer Journals (Summer, Winter 1987)
2 The Skeptical Inquirer Journals (Summer, Winter 1987)
Buffalo, New York Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal 1987-88 Vol. XI, No 9; and Vol. XII, No. 2 Card covers Very good condition 
Two very nice clean magazines devoted to debunking paranormal incidents. The summer issue's main article is about spontaneous human combustion. Other topics are subliminal deception, linguistics and past lives, a UFO pilot, a psychic exposed, psuedo-science and children's fantasies, and a "psychic" computer. The winter issue starts with the brain and consciousness and moves along to explain alien abduction fantasies, past life regression and the misuse of hypnosis, and the verdict on creationism. Magazines are clean and nice and measure 6"x 9-1/2" Both ship for just $2 media mail in the U.S. 
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This is Cleveland (circa 1946)
3 This is Cleveland (circa 1946)
Cleveland, Ohio The League For Human Rights circa 1946 soft cover Very Good condition 
This booklet is not seen too often. I got it from a private collection, but it's stamped on the front #13 Collinwood High School Library 1946. This one is not about Cleveland history only insofar as it discusses its residents and their origins. The thrust of the 66 page text is to showcase and provide information on the various ethnic groups, their religions, and the problem of prejudice. What's odd is it left out the Irish who came in droves and settled on the west side. All told though it's a topic not covered too often. Measures 6" x 8-3/4". Only fault is the stamp mentioned above. 
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Tribal Art Magazine Autumn 2011
4 Tribal Art Magazine Autumn 2011
California PRIMEDIA Inc. 2011 XV-4 Number 61 soft cover Near fine 
Dazzling magazine filled with primitive art treasures created by "traditional peoples and new civilizations". It's oversized at 9-1/4"x11-3/4" and has 140 pages, plus back ads all in full color. Everything about this publication is top drawer -- all photos are in color and printed on coated paper. Among the topics discussed are: The Polymorphous Art of the Maya of Guatemala; the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam; Heroic Africans -Legendary Leaders, Iconic Sculptures; African Innovations in the Brooklyn Museum; Forks and Human Sacrifice in Fiji; and Exquisite Vanity-- Nkundu Sarcophagi. 
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The Human Betterment Course: Personal Lessons in Body and Brain Building for Health and Efficiency (1919), Brennan, John
5 Brennan, John The Human Betterment Course: Personal Lessons in Body and Brain Building for Health and Efficiency (1919)
New York Bureau of Human Betterment Inc. 1919 soft cover Good 
This is a very scarce item which I have been researching on and off for months. It’s a nine lesson course written by the former editor of Popular Culture magazine in which he wrote articles about birth control when it was highly controversial. That topic and the title of this course in body building brought up the dark story of E. S. Gosney and his The Human Betterment Foundation located in Pasadena, California in 1928. Gosney’s goal seemed to envision America and apple pie, but it was really all about eugenics and the involuntary sterilizations of Californians considered lacking by the standard of the Gosney’s organization. Gosney also was linked with Nazi Germany. However, if there is a connection between these two entities I can’t find it. Brenan’s course came out in 1919 and Gosney’s Foundation began in 1928. The course appears benign – much like Swoboda’s – body building, positive thinking and mind over matter. There are nine lessons pesented simply, again just as Swoboda’s were. Everything is clean and nice, but I think this was at one time in a portfolio. Both the front cover and foreword have been trimmed down (all text remains) and there is no back cover. 
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Cosmopolitan Magazine March, 1924, Ferber, Edna; S. ohns, Adela; Maugham, W. Somerset; churchill, Winston S.
6 Ferber, Edna; S. ohns, Adela; Maugham, W. Somerset; churchill, Winston S. Cosmopolitan Magazine March, 1924
New York City International Magazine Company 1924 Volume LXXVI No. 3 soft cover Good condition Fisher, Harrison (cover) 
Fun cover just in time for Mardi Gras! The magazine shows darkening around the edges -- dust stain I think, as I had no luck removing it. There's also a small piece of tape to back cover, the handiwork of a previous owner. The spine had a tear to the bottom, but I stopped it with archival tape which does not brown and is very subtle. The magazine offers fiction from three big names: Edna Ferber (Our Very Best People); Adela Rogers St.Johns (Kitty Shinn's Husband); and W. Somerset Maugham (The Luncheon." Other topics include bull fights in Mexico; an article about alcoholism, Drink: A Very Human Document by Mary Heaton Vorse who experienced it; and Winston S. Churchill's article ,"The Joke That Helped To Settle the Irish Questions. Magazine measures 8-1/2" x 11" and has 186 clean pages. 
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A Thousand Thoughts on Technology and Human Values (1979), Gallagher, Edward J.
7 Gallagher, Edward J. A Thousand Thoughts on Technology and Human Values (1979)
Lehigh University 1979 card cover Very good condition 
Very clean, attractive booklet which MAY possibly be signed by author, but I'm not entirely convinced (see photo). Inside front cover is written "------, With Best Regards, 7-11-79." Initials are scrawled beneath it, but are impossible to discern. Book is tightly bound and has no markings. Literally, it contains a thousand thoughts, listed one by one -- a compilation of quotations pertinent to the topic of technology and human values from the Bible to the poet e.e. cummings, to Isaac Asimov and Albert Camus. 98 pages. Indexed. Booklet measures 6" x 10". Only fault is light fading to spine area. 98 pages including index. 
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Arrested Development; The Long Term Impact of Israel's Separation Barrier in the West Bank (October 2012), Hareuveni, Eyal
8 Hareuveni, Eyal Arrested Development; The Long Term Impact of Israel's Separation Barrier in the West Bank (October 2012)
Jerusalem B'Tselem - The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories 1912 October, 1912 soft cover Very Good 
I'm not sure whether this is a magazine, or a report, but I am leaning towards the latter. It's a very high quality publication measuring 8-1/4"x11-3/4" with78 pages. It's also illustrated generously at front of book with full color maps and photographs. Topics include the question of the barrier as a temporary security measure; data about the barrier; the "Seam" zone and the permit regime; case studies of the latter; and violations of Palestinians human rights due to the separation barrier. Two appendices include a list of settlements, unauthorized outposts, and industrial parks on the Israeli side of the barrier, and a response from Israel's Ministry of Justice. 
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The Anomalist: I and II (1994-95), Huyghe, Patrick; Stacy, Dennis (editors)
9 Huyghe, Patrick; Stacy, Dennis (editors) The Anomalist: I and II (1994-95)
Jefferson Valley, New York Self-published 1994-1995 Summer 1994; Spring 1995; Card cover Fine condition 
These magazines are like quality paperback books and were published twice a year which explains the time gap. Among the many article topics are these: quadratic equations, alien writing, the numbers game, a Daytona Beach mystery wave, UFOs, dinosaurs and gravity, a global fire B poltergeist, erasing astrology from the past, Bigfoot, human origins, the great pigeon mystery, organ thefts in Guatemala; alien dreamtime; and more.the magazines measures 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" and together have 276 pages. 
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Trees and Men William Valentine Kelley (1911), Kelley, William Valentine
10 Kelley, William Valentine Trees and Men William Valentine Kelley (1911)
New York City Eaton & Mains 1911 Card cover Very Good Very Good 
This is a nature lover's gift book, written by a nature lover and dedicated to one. It's not poetry a la Joyce Kilmer (I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree ...")it's prose all the way, capturing the link between the tree and the human soul. The author cites numerous literary authors and also probes the various cultures which revere the tree. The booklet is pristine inside with no names or writing and is tightly bound. The only fault is some fading around the edges of the dustjacket. This is one of those soft cover books which has a jacket made of fine paper and placed over a plain white card binding. Booklet measures 3-1/2" x 7-1/22" and has 29 pages. 
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Ann  Arbor Alive; The Ecology of a City, Moichael J. Caduto; Laurie D. Mann
11 Moichael J. Caduto; Laurie D. Mann Ann Arbor Alive; The Ecology of a City
Ann Arbor, Michigan An Ecology Center of Ann Arbor Publication 1981 Soft Cover Very good condition Judy Zatsick 
There are several books and booklets about Ann Arbor, but this one is focused on the ecology. The book measures 6"x 9" and has 105 pages. I know it should be 100 or less to be a booklet, so I'm calling it a book, but I'm still sneaking it in anyway. The book covers Ann Arbor Yesterday and Today; The Feel of the City; The Urban Forest; Ann Arbor's Animals; Providing Clean Water; City Weather; The Air We Breathe; Sounds of the City; The Solid Waste Story; Transportation in Ann Arbor; Energy Issues; and Planning to Meet Human Needs. The text is filled with maps, art and photos. The book is clean and nice with no spine crease. There is one mark of pen on the Acknowledgments page with a line through the word Society and replaced it with Foundation. Lori D. Mann, one of the two authors, SIGNED it on the upper corner o on the back of the front cover. 
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A Thomas Nast Christmas Compendium (The Society of the Typographic Arts & The Typophiles, 1961), Nast, Thomas
12 Nast, Thomas A Thomas Nast Christmas Compendium (The Society of the Typographic Arts & The Typophiles, 1961)
Chicago The Society of Typographic Arts & the Typophiles 1961 soft cover Near fine 
What a beautiful booklet this is, published as a joint effort by the Society of Typographic Arts and the Typophiles as a Christmas keepsake for their combined membership in 1961. High quality and a handsome red against red cover which shows a wreathed Santa. There is no text -- just the charming, timeless art of Thomas Nast who developed the image of the Santa Claus we still love today. The booklet measures 6-1/4"x9-1/4" and has 12 captioned images in black and white selected from the first published collection of his work, Thomas Nast's Christmas Drawings for the Human Race published by Harper & Bros. 1890. 
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Journeys of the Human Heart (SIGNED), Sexton, Robert
13 Sexton, Robert Journeys of the Human Heart (SIGNED)
Oakland, California Merit Publications 1990 Third Printing Card cover Fine condition 
Very handsome booklet which has been gently cared for with no defects of note. It measures 7" x 10" and has 62 counted pages. It's also beautifully SIGNED with no names or lengthy inscriptions. It says simply. "With best wishes, Robert Sexton." There is one poem at the front, but most of the book consists of short lyrical anecdotes, each of which captures the beautiful glow which sometimes takes us into a place of "shimmering magic." There are also charming drawings throughout. 
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Dark of the Moon Souvenir Program 1945, Stone, Carol. Jenkins, George.
14 Stone, Carol. Jenkins, George. Dark of the Moon Souvenir Program 1945
New York city Picture Features Inc. 1945 1st ed. soft cover Very good 
Other than minor light freckles of foxing around the edges of the cover of this attractive Broadway theatre souvenir program it's bright and nicely cared for. The stars were Carol Stone and George Jenkins in what was not a Broadwaymusical, but still was a "musical legend." The curtain went up on March 14, 1945 and came down December 15, 1945 after a total of 316 performances on Broadway. It had a good run, but didn't carry over to 1946, likely because of the story which had to do with a male witch who begged to be human so he could court a female witch. He got both wishes, married her, and fathered a witch -- which of course was leading to disaster. The program measures 8-1/2" x 11-3/4"and has 16 counted pages. SCARCE. 
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