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1920's Photograph Girl's First Holy Communion
1 1920's Photograph Girl's First Holy Communion
Cleveland, Ohio B.A. Marquard circa 1920's Card cover Very good condition 
This lovely little girl with her bobbed hair, tee-strap shoes, and bonnet veil is adorable. In her hands are the usual rosary and prayer book given to her for First Communion. There's no indication of her name -- the only thing we know for sure is that she was likely a native of Cleveland. The image itself, minus the"frame" and the outer card folder is 3-3/4" x 5-1/2". In the folder it's 6-1/4" x 8-3/4". 
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Aldens Fall and Winter 1951-52 Catalog
2 Aldens Fall and Winter 1951-52 Catalog
Chicago Aldens 1951 Autumn and Winter 1951-52 Soft cover Good condition 
I wish the previous owner hadn't used the front cover as a scratch pad to see how much it would cost to buy two items. I wish even more that he or she had tried to erase it, maybe because the answer is wrong! Anyway this is a very nice catalog. I don't know this company and have never seen one of their catalogs, but I very much like the size which is easily handled at 5-1/2" x 9-1/2". The catalog has a whopping 972 pages of fashions for the whole family, toys, jewelry, engagement rings, household items, furniture, guns, shoes, typewriters and much more. This is a complete immersion into material culture at the beginning of the 50's -- 65 years ago. The order blank is still inside and has not been used. Only other fault is creasing to lower corners both front and back, but both have been discretely taped for strength. 
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Charlie Parker For Piano Featuring The Paul Smith Trio; CD included
3 Charlie Parker For Piano Featuring The Paul Smith Trio; CD included
Milwaukee, Wisconsin HalLeonard Sorporation 101423419235 Card cover Very good condition 
Very handsome music book with a Charlie Parker CD included at the back. The book meaasures 9"x 12" and has no names or markings. There are 72 pages covering 11 original Charlie Parker transcriptions -- Moose the Mooche, My Little Suede Shoes, Vis, Chi Chi, Confirmation, Yardbird Suite, Back Home Blues, Ornitholgy, Segment, Blues For Alice and Au Privave. 
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Cooperative Festival Exhibition Bingley Hall, Birmingham, England (May 5th-19th 1951)
4 Cooperative Festival Exhibition Bingley Hall, Birmingham, England (May 5th-19th 1951)
Birmingham, England Cooprative Union LTD. 1951 Official Guide Card cover Fine condition 
Very clean, crisp guide to the Cooperative Festival which opened on Saturday May 2nd, 1951. The Opening Ceremony was held in the Fashion Theatre on the first day of the exhibtions. The festival was all about things people need and the people who design and sell them -- clothing and fabrics, electrical devices from appliances to entertainment, food, household needs, shoes, and services such as banking, travel, etc.. Vendors brought the newest and best and there was music from bands from England and Scotland and also fashion parades. Black and white photographs are on almost every page. The guide book measures 5" x 8" and has 64 pages. 
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Mayfair Fashions: Suits, Accessories, Beauty for the New Season (Spring, 1946)
5 Mayfair Fashions: Suits, Accessories, Beauty for the New Season (Spring, 1946)
New York Mayfair Magazine Inc. 1946 March (Spring Issue) soft cover Good condition 
I have never seen this magazine, so of course I had to have it. It's in good condition, but there's some stubborn soil to white part of front cover. I used a document pad to rid some of it, but there's a bit left.I don't dare put any chemicals on it, so I have to concede to its vintage charm. There's also some creasing and an abrasion to upper left corner of back cover.The contents are wonderful -- lots of clothes and accessories, plus glamorous ads from high end companies such as Germaine Monteil. There's also a piece about the designs of Andre d'Aulan. Illustrated throughout with chic black and white photographs Magazine measures 8-3/4" x 11-3/4" and has 82 pages. Be sure to check out the ad on the back cover for Honeybug slippers! 
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NEXT Directory VII Premier Edition (Spring Summer, 1991) European Fashion)
6 NEXT Directory VII Premier Edition (Spring Summer, 1991) European Fashion)
United Kingdom / USA Next Directory 1991 Premier Issue Hard cover Fine condition No dustjacket as issued 
I've never seen this one, but it's a fashion catalog which came to the U.S. via Great Britain. The catalog reached women in the U.K. in 1987 and was being shown here for the first time in America, hence why this one is the premier issue. The catalog measures 8-3/4" x 11" and has 125 pages of women's clothing -- dresses, pantsuits, jackets, tunics,skirts, blouses, sweaters, suits, shorts, tee-shirts, sundresses, sweats, coats, swimsuits, and shoes. 
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Photograph Erie Railroad Cleveland Parade (1950's)
7 Photograph Erie Railroad Cleveland Parade (1950's)
Ohio Erie Railroad 1950's Very Good 
Nice 8"x10" black and white glossy showing a scene from a Cleveland parade during the 1950's in which the centerpiece is the Erie Railroad in this shot. Both sides of the street are packed several people deep and the lucky ones inside the buildings are enjoying the view from the windows on both sides of Euclid Avenue. A note on the back of the photo provided this info. Look closely and you can see Miller Drugs, Naetzker Brothers, Brownell Shoe Company, Jayne's, and Kinney Shoes. The back of the photo is stamped with the Erie name and there is also an old price penned on it. 
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Photograph Two Little Boys Wheeled Cart Sand Pail (Parker Studio,Canton,Ohio)
8 Photograph Two Little Boys Wheeled Cart Sand Pail (Parker Studio,Canton,Ohio)
Canton, Ohio Parker Studio Unknown Very Good 
Two adorable little boys with no names recorded. The photo was taken in Canton, Ohio by Parker Studio located at 104 Market Avenue. Its owner was J.B. Parker who appears on Langdon's List of 19th & Early 20th Century Photographers. He appears to have been around from 1910 to 1920, so this at least provides a guesstimate as to when this iamge was taken. One of the clues of course is the conveyance the littest guy is sitting in, but I can't find a word for it to research it! It's not a tricycle (four wheels, two small, two large) and its not a pedal car (no pedals), or a walker, or a carriage. The second clue is the maryjane shoes on the older boy. I know little boys wore these in the 20's, so I'm thinking it's somewhere around there. In its handsome cardboard frame it measurea 4"x7" at the longest point. The image is 3"x4-1/2". Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone recognizes them? Very likely they're somebody's grandfathers. 
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Poll Parrot's Howdy Doody Photo Album (1950's)
9 Poll Parrot's Howdy Doody Photo Album (1950's)
St. Louis, Missouri Roberts, Johnson & Rand Division of International Shoe Company circa 1950's soft cover Good-plus 
What a fun find! Poll-Parrot Shoes and the gang from the Howdy Doody Show teamed up to bring Baby Boomers a very cool premium. It's bright and colorful and contains four real photos pasted in -- the star himself, Clarabell the Clown, Mr. Bluster and Flub-a-Dub. The photo shown is printed on the page. There's also music and lyrics to the show's famous theme song (can you hear it in your head?), plus the Poll Parrot Song. The back page spread shows a cartoon ad for shoes and an array of wacky things seen on the show like the Talkascope and the Flap-Doodle. The album measures 8-3/4"x11" and has 10 pages if you count the reverse sides of the covers. If this were in fine condition it would sell in three figures, but it does show some browning and an abrasion on the outer side edge of both the front and back cover and a few little spots at margins. But it's tightly bound and still very collectible. 
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Postcard Sand In My Shoes Florida Tichnor 110-N (1951)
10 Postcard Sand In My Shoes Florida Tichnor 110-N (1951)
Boston, Mass. Tichnor Quality Views 1951 Fine 
The colors are so vibrant in this crisp clean card which has never been written on or sent in the mail. I know it's from 1951 as it's actually dated. I had a card like this before with a poem called Sand In My Shoes, but this isn't it. This one says, "There is a saying in this land If your shoes contain its sand You will come back once more To its fair and sunny shore!" Well, if that's a truthful "crack" Its a cinch I'll soon be back 'Cause SO MUCH SAND is in MY PAIR I can PLANT POTATOES there! Card will arrive in plastic sleeve. 
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Real Photo Postcard Dressed up Couple Flapper with parasol, Tuxedo
11 Real Photo Postcard Dressed up Couple Flapper with parasol, Tuxedo
Unknown 1923 Good-plus 
This is one of my favorite postcards of all time! Not only is the image fetching, but the guy in the photo wrote the message on the back of it -- "1923, I am the one with no hair. The little "Morgan" looks adorable." And indeed she does with her strappy shoes, bobbed hair, parasol and fringy outfit. He's pretty spiffy too though -- check out the monacle and the spats! Only detractor is isolated edge wear. Sepia toned. 
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Real Romances Magazine, February, 1949
12 Real Romances Magazine, February, 1949
New York Real Romances Inc. 1949 Volume 7, No. 1 soft cover Fine condition 
This magazine is a little salacious for the times -- check out those buzzwords --Tempted! One Night of Passion! They must have been popular though because there are many others of this ilk. This issue looks almost unread and is tightly bound with no labels. There are two short novels "They Called Me Bad" and "This Man Is Mine", plus six short stories and several "romance clinics" which are articles about beautiful hands, why men lose their virility, sex hormones for allergies, the premature baby; and fashionable shoes. the magazine measures 8-1/2" x 11" and has 90 dense pages. 
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Shoes They Are Wearing In Russia To-Day; Corona Kid Company, Boston (circa 1920's)
13 Shoes They Are Wearing In Russia To-Day; Corona Kid Company, Boston (circa 1920's)
Boston, Massachusets Corona Kid Company circa 1920's Soft cover Very Good 
Very quirky advertising brochure for the Corona Kid Company of Boston, strangely not dated. The oldest reference of the company I found was the July 3, 1901 issue of Book & Shoe Recorder which lists them as an advertiser for leather. The next reference was 1903 when Shoe Worker's Journal mentioned that the company baseball team was the best in the area. Then in 1914 there was a notice that they had moved up South Street. The last notice was in 1921 which indicated that the company was big in patent leather -- which brings us to this advertising piece. Its big sell was that Corona Colt leather required no polishing -- just washing. It's in full color and has 12 pages. 
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Silk Fringed Card
14 Silk Fringed Card "With the Sender's Love" Little Girl and Jump Rope
Unknown Unknown Unknown Very Good 
I love these silk fringed cards, especially when they depict a scene with people -- which this one definitely does. Though her shoes look more like flower girl shoes than jumping shoes, the cute little wearer in the candy striped dress poses with her jump rope. At the bottom it reafs "With the Senders Love", but there is no message on the back. The card measures 4-1/2"x7-1/2" including the gold fringe and is very clean and nice. 
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The Story of Hurricane Cleo (1964), Compiled By Globe News Company
15 Compiled By Globe News Company The Story of Hurricane Cleo (1964)
Fort Lauderdale, Florida Globe News Company 1964 soft cover Very good 
Oversized booklet measuring 11" by 9" and featuring 58 pages lavishly illustrated with black and white photographs of the disaster. Clean as a whistle inside and out with one tiny tear to outer edge of front cover and a bit of stubborn soil to upper right corner. Includes significant text, as well as a very nice fold-out map which outlines the storm's path. Cleo blasted Key Biscayne and roared along the Florida coast via State Rte. 7 with winds gusting to 110 miles per hour. The devastation was enormous and included Storyland, a popular children's theme park of the day which was never rebuilt. The storm also marks the only time in its history that the Fort Lauderdale News (the precursor of the Sun-Sentinel) failed to publish. The power was out so long that pressmen were unable to melt the lead for the linotype machines. Employees and their finished, but unpublished, copy were forced to spend the night in the newspaper office sleeping on desk tops. Photos are wonderful -- among them are a lone mannequin standing in the window of a blown-out building with an amazed fireman gazing in, a desolate street strewn with women's shoes, and two forlorn men sitting outside a a Shell station which had, appropriately enough, lost it's S. Text is very well written and includes much detail. An interesting piece of Florida history. 
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Woman's Home Companion Magazine April, 1938, Dos Passos, Katherine
16 Dos Passos, Katherine Woman's Home Companion Magazine April, 1938
Springfield, Ohio Crowell Publishing Comopany 1938 April, 1938 soft cover Good condition 
The cover of this April, 1938 magazine is charming with it's cluster of bright yellow chicks. The magazine is oversized at 11" x 13" and is tightly bound and clean. There is a mailing label at lower front and some creasing to corners of front cover, but all are lying flat. This was a woman's magazine and as such had fiction, food, fashion and other such categories of the day. I noted that one story was written by Katherine Dos Passos who may, or may not, be the wife of author, John dos Passos. Dos Passos's wife was named Katherine, but I can't find anything to verify it. The thing is I couldn't find ANY writer named Katherine Dos Passos working for the magazines. Anyway, there's lots of stories, plus a beautiful arty ad for Dole, an article about afternoon tea, and pages for clothes and shoes. 
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Weatherbird Presents Super Circus Great Animal Show (circa 1949-56), Giles, Ken
17 Giles, Ken Weatherbird Presents Super Circus Great Animal Show (circa 1949-56)
U.S.A. Weatherbird Shoes Circa 1949-56 soft cover Fine condition 
This is an astonishing find based on Super Circus, one of the earliest TV shows for children. It was sponsored by Weatherbird Shoes and began in Chicago in 1949 and ended in New York in 1956. I was born in 1951 and we had TV by'52, but I have no memory of this show. All I remember is Ding-Dong School with Arlene Francis! This booklet is in amazing condition -- crisp and clean as new with just a small bit of wear to a small section of top back edge. It's a pop-out book of animals with instructions on how to assemble them. There are five pages with all pieces intact. Measures 10" x 10-1/2" and is truly rare. 
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Program Nureyev Festival London Coliseum June 10 to July 5, 1980, Hochhauser, Victor (Presenter)
18 Hochhauser, Victor (Presenter) Program Nureyev Festival London Coliseum June 10 to July 5, 1980
London Nureyev Fesitval 1980 Card cover Very good condition 
Very nice program with great ads for restaurants, dance books, Gloria Vanderbilt jeans (see photo), ballet shoes, Mandarine Napoleon and many others. The excitement must have been palpable because Nureyev himself danced in every performance. The festival also welcomed the Zurich Ballet to the Nureyev which came to London for the first time. The troupe danced Romeo and Juliette, Don Quixote, and an homage to Balanchine. The program measures 5" x 9" and has 40 counted pages. 
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The Style Crystal Issued Monthly for Cleveland Garment Saleswomen  (1922), Mason, Alice
19 Mason, Alice The Style Crystal Issued Monthly for Cleveland Garment Saleswomen (1922)
Cleveland, Ohio The Cleveland Gar5ent Market 1922 Volume I, No. 12 soft cover Very good condition 
This is a scarce little item -- VERY ephemeral with its modest format, plain paper, and small size. The booklet measures 4" x 8-1/2" and has eight interesting pages. The opening article explains what to expect for 1922's fall fashions. Halle's was almost entirely right on the money with school and college clothes and a sale on two pairs of shoes for the price of one. But one mishap spoiled the season. "There was one thing which the advertisers seemed to overlook and that is the fact that teachers as well as schoolchildren need school outfits." The next article is about Paris Impressions leading into the life of a saleswoman, her co-workers, and their well-known customers. Lots of names dropping on those pages! (Flip-box #2) 
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Winter Garden, No name
20 No name Winter Garden
New York City The Winter Garden Co. 1914 1st edition Soft Cover Very good 6 
The winter garden in New York City seems to have flowery trees, a pink dress, a lnog scarf, a hat, ballet shoes ,nd a pretty dancer on her toes. There are lovely ads for rastaurants, clothing, cars, food, and the musical show. This isue entertainment such as Hoffbrauhaus, wonderful music on Brodway ad 30th Street. The booklet measures 6"x9" and 40 pages. At the back there are names of people who were in the vast long list of entainers. The book is very nice with just one defect -- a half torn cover that I repaired without showing the archival tape. 
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