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Black and White Scotch Whiskey Bridge Tally Tablet
1 Black and White Scotch Whiskey Bridge Tally Tablet
London and Glasgow James Buchanan and Company LTD. No date Hard cover folder Good folder, Very good items inside 
Love the black and white Scotties who pose for all things Scotch whiskey.I had one of these bridge tally folders years ago, but without the pencil which this one has. The pencil's cool because it too is marked Black and White along its length. The tally pad has all the pages, but only the first one is toned because it's against the printing inside the folder. The folder tells how to play Bridge and how to score. Folder measures 4" x 7-3/4" and opens up to twice that much. The only faults are a little light foxing to the white vinyl part of the front cover. The back is covered in paper which shows a skim of foxing almost all over it. But it's a nice collectible and is complete. 
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Federal Smallwares Catalog
2 Federal Smallwares Catalog
New York City Federal Smallwares 1979 Catalog R1979/11 Soft cover Good condition 5-1/4 
This is a new catalog to me, but I love the cover with Santa lugging toys and books for the good boys and girls. But even the grown-ups got some goodies -- small collectibles from all over the country. The order form is still bound-in with no writing. Each item is measured and photographed in black and white. There are only a few small defects to the catalog -- two small pieces of archival tape on both sides of each corner. One last lost the corner at the back. I also added a white label due to an another partial which was half adressed, hence the plain label.The vatalog has 146 pages. 
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Hammer Galleries 40th Anniversary Loan Exhibition 1928-1968 For the Benefit of the Girl Scout Council of Greater New York
3 Hammer Galleries 40th Anniversary Loan Exhibition 1928-1968 For the Benefit of the Girl Scout Council of Greater New York
New York City Hammer Galleries 1968 Card cover Very good condition 
The quality of this art catalog is what beguiled me. Inside and out it's top drawer. It's a big one too measuring 9" x 12" and has 58 pristine pages printed on glossy paper. The exhibit featured masterworks of the 19th and 20th centuries including, Bonnard, Eugene Louis Boudin, Mary Cassatt, Corot, Degas, Henry Fantin-Latour,Gaugin, Jean Baptiste Armand Guillaumin, Georges Lemmin, Stanislas Victor Edouard Lepine, Maximilien Luce, Manet, Matisse, Modigliani, Monet, Adolphe Joseph Thomas Monticelli, Camille Pessaro, Renoir, Georges Roualt, Seurat, Alfred Sisley, Toulouse-Lautrec, Maurice Utrillo, Maurice De Vlaminck and Edouard Vuillard. Imagine being at this! (Art III) 
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Rep.John Seiberling Campaign Collectibles 1970
4 Rep.John Seiberling Campaign Collectibles 1970
Akron, Ohio Seiberling In Congress Committee 1970 Paper and Metal pin All items nice 
This is a grouping of John Seiberling's campaign collectibles. Seiberling, a Democrat, ran for Congress against Ayres in 1970 and not won and, but also stayed on for decades. He was also involved in the Akron Metropolitan Park System and saved Brandywine Falls from the encroachment of the Interstate highways The one that says "The Democrat who can beat Ayers" is a brochure, the other card has two sides, the bumper sticker still has its backing, and a 3" diameter button still has its pin. The white section at the bottom looks like it's a loss of p[int, but it's actually a tiny insignia for AFL-CIO. There will be moe Seiberling this week. 
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The Family Circle Magazine 7 Issues 1938
5 The Family Circle Magazine 7 Issues 1938
Newark, New Jersey The Family Circle Inc. 1938 soft cover Very Good 
Seven issues of Family Circle magazine which was much thinner in the old days than now but also a weekly rather than a monthly. They're not consecutive, but all are from January, February and March, 1938. The dates are Jan. 14, Jan. 21, Feb. 11, Feb 18,Feb. 25, March 4, and March 11. Articles could be about anything, but here's some noteworthy examples: William Powell and Loretta Young, a huge New York City emporium of both collectibles and junk called Bob's Swap and Shop, a master blacksmith, people killed seeking treasure, the National Parachute Jumpers Association, a New York City man who groomed women for marriage, Broadway, and llamas. Each issue also has a short story and lots of recipes. The magazines are printed on newsprint so there's some toning, but all are clean and tightly bound. They measure 8-1/2x11-1/2". NOTE: Overseas orders subject to a higher cost than stated due to weight. Use the contact button and provide your destination and I will quote actual cost for your consideration. 
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The McKinley National Memorial and President McKinley's Last Speech (1907/1901)
6 The McKinley National Memorial and President McKinley's Last Speech (1907/1901)
The McKinley National Memorial Association 1907/1901 soft cover/flexible both items very good 
I acquired these two presidential collectibles together and decided to keep them that way, as they came from the same previous owner. The larger booklet is The McKinley National Memorial and is very handsome with its raised medallion at the front, its deckled page edges, and the two tipped-in photographs-- one of the president and the other of the memorial. This booklet is a soft cover which measures 7"x10" and has eight decorated pages printed on excellent heavy paper. The smaller booklet measures 3-1/2"x6-1/2" and has 16 pages comprised of the speech given by the President in Buffalo, New York September 5th, 1901 where he was assassinated shortly after he finished. 
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The Padlock Collector: Illustrations and Price of 500 Padlocks of the Past 100 Years 1977
7 The Padlock Collector: Illustrations and Price of 500 Padlocks of the Past 100 Years 1977
Mentone, California Franklin M. Arnall 1977 0914638025 / 9780914638025 Third Edition Card cover Very good condition 
This is an unusual item! So much so that the woman at the check-out laughed and laughed because she was sure I would never sell it. Well, she might be right, but I have sold stranger things. Besides, these are really quite interesting -- I love it! There are American, Scandinavian, Chinese, and different types of padlocks, including some for the railroad. The booklet measures 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" and has 71 pages. There's also a four page leaflet laid-in from Ray Huffman's Collectibles in North Royalton, Ohio. The booklet is very clean and tightly bound with no names or writing. 
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Matchsafes: Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum;  Smithsonian Institution), Deborah Sampson Shinn
8 Deborah Sampson Shinn Matchsafes: Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum; Smithsonian Institution)
New York Scala Publishers 2001 1857592379 / 9781857592375 First edition Card cover Fine condition 9" x 8-1/4" 
This book is as gorgeous as the beautiful matchsafes on he pages. My husband has been collecting them for years and never fails to find a treasure. Matchsafes are made from many materials and designs, including figurals. They also bring along a bit of whimsey. I am showing the clusters of specimens in the color photos and yet there is still room for an informational text. The book measures 9"x 8-3/4" and has 112 pages. The book is risp and clean inside ad out. 
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Weatherbird Presents Super Circus Great Animal Show (circa 1949-56), Giles, Ken
9 Giles, Ken Weatherbird Presents Super Circus Great Animal Show (circa 1949-56)
U.S.A. Weatherbird Shoes Circa 1949-56 soft cover Fine condition 
This is an astonishing find based on Super Circus, one of the earliest TV shows for children. It was sponsored by Weatherbird Shoes and began in Chicago in 1949 and ended in New York in 1956. I was born in 1951 and we had TV by'52, but I have no memory of this show. All I remember is Ding-Dong School with Arlene Francis! This booklet is in amazing condition -- crisp and clean as new with just a small bit of wear to a small section of top back edge. It's a pop-out book of animals with instructions on how to assemble them. There are five pages with all pieces intact. Measures 10" x 10-1/2" and is truly rare. 
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Japanese Netsuke (1957), Gorham, Hazel H.
10 Gorham, Hazel H. Japanese Netsuke (1957)
Rutland, Vermont Charles E. Tuuttle co, Yokohama, Japan 1957 Hard cover Very good Condition 
I have a soft spot for Japanese books, so I've bought many of them over my 19 years in business, yet this is the first time I ever had THIS one. The book is charming and clean with very little defect and only if you consider it to be one -- a previous owner attached a blank bookplate (older) to the front pastedown (see photo). Book measures 6" x 8-1/2" with a binding of paper over boards. The 74 pages are very clean with no writing and are printed on lovely cream paper and illustrated with small drawings throughout the text. There are also two pages at front showing the netsukes in full color. Book covers the origins and development of netsuke, the kinds of netsuke, subjects portrayed, makers and materials, and signatures. Netsuke are little treasures made of many materials including ivory, metal and porcelain etc. They're very popular items to collect. 
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Disneyana Classic Collectibles 1928-1958 (1995), Heide, Robert; Gilman, John
11 Heide, Robert; Gilman, John Disneyana Classic Collectibles 1928-1958 (1995)
New York Hyperion 1995 078686186X / 9780786861866 A Disney Miniature Edition Hard cover Very good Very Good 
Technically this isn't even close to being a miniature, but its measurements of 4-1/2" x 5-1/2" still create a cute book. Yet cute as it is, it's also filled with collector info. The book covers these topics and more: Disney magazines, books, movies, Mickey at the five and ten cent stores, Mickey toys, Mickey school supplies, music, Donald Duck, and postwar goodies. There's even a chapter just for Boomers. The book is brightly illustrated in color throughout and has 191 pages. Book is clean and nice with no names or writing. The jacket shows no tears or chips and will arrive in brand new mylar. 
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Scripophily: Collecting Bonds and  Stock Certificates (1983), Hollender, Keith
12 Hollender, Keith Scripophily: Collecting Bonds and Stock Certificates (1983)
U.S.A. Facts on File 1983 0871966255 / 9780871966254 First American edition Hard cover Very good Very good dustjacket 
Collectors of bonds and stock certificates will enjoy the beauty of these documents, some of which are in color. My goal right now is to put together a library of collector reference books on anything made of paper. I think I have three titles right now, but I'll keep after it. This book covers the development of scripophily, bonds and shares, printing, engraving, history and art. It also shines a light on themes such as countries, railways, cities, automobiles, signatures, mining, banks, shipping and more. The last section discusses how to create a collection, care for it, and eventually sell it if you wish. The book measures 8" x 10-1/2" and has 144 pages. Book will arrive in brand new mylar cover. 
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Antiques and Art Conference N.E. Atlanta Hilton Atlanta, Georgia October 24-26, Kathleen Wieshaus
13 Kathleen Wieshaus Antiques and Art Conference N.E. Atlanta Hilton Atlanta, Georgia October 24-26
Atlanta, Georgia Antique and Art Conference 1997 Card cover Very good condition 
Antiques Dealers seem to always be going to shows. This one appears to be a big one. Inside the booklet are photos and information about each dealer and his or her favorites items. There are also several articles about antiques and art -- Documented Philadelphia Looking Glasses 1800-1850; Early Scottish Teawares; Russian Icons, Objects of Veneration-Objects d-Art; and A Tiffany Museum. There are glossaries for differnt types of collectibles, and woods used in 19th century European furniture. The booklet measures 8-1/2"x 11" and has 72 pages. Vey clean and tightly bound. 
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Never Buy A Netsuke --even one and you'll be hooked (1974), Killam, Betty
14 Killam, Betty Never Buy A Netsuke --even one and you'll be hooked (1974)
Chester, Connecticut Rare Oriental Art 1974 Card cover Very Good Condition 
Crisp, clean booklet which discusses the Japanese figurative collectibles known as netsuke. For years I have been mispronouncing the word until I saw the phonetic helper in the first sentence of chapter one of this booklet that it's supposed to be "net-ski". In addition to an ample text (43 pristine pages) there are small black and white photographs of netsukes. The author explains what netsuke is, what constitutes a "good" one, the shapes netsuke are made in, how netsuke tells a story, three fairy tales, what do netsuke cost and more. Booklet measures 6"x 9" and is exceptionally crisp. Only fault is some light staining to plain back cover. (Collectibles Drawer II) 
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Paperdoll Review Magazine Issue 33 (2004), Marilyn Henry; Jenny Taliadoros (editors)
15 Marilyn Henry; Jenny Taliadoros (editors) Paperdoll Review Magazine Issue 33 (2004)
Kingfield, Maine Paperdoll Review 2004 Issue 33 Soft cover Very good condition 
This magazine is fabulous! The minute I saw it I bought all eleven. This issue is really fun, as the first article is about paperdolls of country fairs, state fairs and even the World Fairs. As you can see at the back cover it's Jeanne Crain who played Margie in the movie State Fair, 1945.There are two dresses for her and lots to read inside the magazine. plus many photos of MANY collectibles Other articles include artist, Jaques Kapralik and his work; Merrill Publishing's "jumpin', jivin' teens"; and a piece on scrapbooking with paperdolls and more. The magazine is in great condition with just a flat crease to lower front corner. Magazine measures 8-1/2" x 11" and has 32 pages. AND there's a doll and a dress that can be colored. 
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Cooking Out-Of-Doors (Girl Scouts, 1960), Riveoire, Alice Sanderson
16 Riveoire, Alice Sanderson Cooking Out-Of-Doors (Girl Scouts, 1960)
New York City Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. 1960 Card cover Good condition 
The Girl Scouts must have packed this book for camp, yet handled it nicely. There are no spills and no spirals broken on the plastic coil. The only defects are a few little creases to the subject tabs on the right hand and the lower front corner which had a crease. I reglued the tabs and reencforced the cover crease. The tabs include these types of recipes: Fireless Food; Kettle and Skillet; Toasting, Broiling, Planking; Baking;A Whole Meal in a Hole; Ember Cooking; Gimmicks and Gadgets; and Edible Wild Food. The book measures 5-1.2" x 9" and has 216 pages including blank pages for notes which were enver used. 
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Deutschland Katalog Helme and Mutzen der Armee 1871-1945 (Military Helmets and Headgear), Schultz, Gerd M.
17 Schultz, Gerd M. Deutschland Katalog Helme and Mutzen der Armee 1871-1945 (Military Helmets and Headgear)
Munich, Germany 1978 Card cover Very good condition 
I bought several of these German catalogs from the estate of a single owner who collected both U.S. and German medals and uniform accoutrements. This one covers helmets and other headgear from Germany. The text is in German and each item is provided with a drawing which helps greatly if you don't read the language. Once you see the item you're looking for it's easy to use an online translator for the details. The catalog measures a diminutive 4-1/4" x 5-3/4" with 304 pages including a few blank ones for notes which were never used. 
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Rose Garlands From Tennyson (1909 Gift Book), Tennyson, Alfred Lord
18 Tennyson, Alfred Lord Rose Garlands From Tennyson (1909 Gift Book)
New York Cupples & Leon 1909 Hard cover Vey Good Condition 
These pretty floral gift books of the early 1990's make great collectibles. The illustrations are chromolithographs which are noted for their intense color. Many of these padded gift books are filled with poetry, but this one is filled with short poetical quotes, most of which are not from Tennyson! The book measures 5" x 7-1/2" and is clean and lovely. Only faults are two tiny puncture marks to back cover (see photo) and visible sewing of binding when opened at center, but binding is still holding well. 
Price: 20.00 USD
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