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Mount Pleasant and the Early Quakers of Ohio (1975), Burke, James L.; Bensch, Donald E.
121 Burke, James L.; Bensch, Donald E. Mount Pleasant and the Early Quakers of Ohio (1975)
Columbus, Ohio The Ohio Historical Society 1975 soft cover Very good condition 
This is a very substantial booklet which measures 6-1/2" x 9-3/4" and has 45 pages illustrated with many black and white photographs. Text is comprised of several Quaker aspects including the origin of Quakers, the movement in America, Settlement in Ohio, Ohio meetings and the Mt. Pleasant Meeting House, Quaker life-styles, the Mt. Pleasant Boarding School, the Friends and Mount Pleasant's economy, the Quakers and the Indians; the Quakers and slavery, the Quakers and temperance, and the Quakers as peacemakers. 
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MacArthur The Real Story (1951), Burns, Martin
122 Burns, Martin MacArthur The Real Story (1951)
New York Universal Publishing 1951 soft cover Good-plus 
Given the acidity of the paper used to print this booklet it is in very good condition save browning to pages. Every copy of this I've ever seen has had the same outcome. This one is clean and tightly bound, however, with no names or writing. Though a bit sensational in tone, it's an interesting read which covers the drama in Washington, America's verdict, whether or not MacArthur deliberately sought dismissal, the women in his life, his role as Caesar of the East, and speculation on what comes next. It also provides info on why he was dismissed, the effects of it on war and peace, behind the scenes maneuvering, and the march on Washington. Many black and white photographs. 
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Kennebunkport Scrapbook Volume I (Maine, 1977), Butler, Joyce
123 Butler, Joyce Kennebunkport Scrapbook Volume I (Maine, 1977)
Kennebunk, Maine Thomas Murphy 1977 soft cover Very good 
Very nice clean booklet measuring 7-1/2"x9-3/4". Illustrated throughout with art, maps, and black and white photographs. Covers quite a bit of ground in 92 pages including The Spring Hotel, The Loss of the Bark Isadore, Andrew Sherburne, The River Lock, Abbot Graves Artist; Stone Haven, Charles Bradbury, The Sea Shore Company, The Town House, The Ropewalk, The Little Green Man, The Discovery of Cape Porpus, John Townsend Trowbridge, The Skating Rink Fire, Arundel and the War for Independence; and Carnival. 
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Recollections of An Old Settler: Stories  of Kent and Vicinity  in Pioneer Times (Ohio 1974), Cackler, Christian
124 Cackler, Christian Recollections of An Old Settler: Stories of Kent and Vicinity in Pioneer Times (Ohio 1974)
Ravenna, Ohio The Record Publishing Company 1974 Third Edition soft cover Very good 
I've never seen an earlier example of this booklet -- every one I've ever had was from 1992 and had a different sub-title which I can no longer recall. There's a little light browning around the edge of the front cover, but otherwise this one's clean as a whistle inside and out with no names or writing. Measuring 5-3/4"x9". Illustrated with .photographs and drawings throughout Tells Cackler's own story of life in the Western Reserve, specifically around Kent, Ohio. Cackler died in 1874. 60 pages. Very engaging read with many stories. 
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Eli Whitney and The Whitney Armory, Carolyn Cooper and Merrill Linday
125 Carolyn Cooper and Merrill Linday Eli Whitney and The Whitney Armory
Whitneyville, Connecticut Eli Whiney Museum 1980 First printing stated Card cover Very good condition 6 
This booklet has 95 pages, all about Eli Whitney and the Whitney Armory. There are many black and white drawings throughhout, plus a lengthy text. The contents are these: Eli Whitney; How to Identify Eli Whitney's Flintlock Muskets, Eli Whitney Jr., New Haven -- Hub of the Arms Industry (including a list of New Haven gunmakers), The Heroic Age of Invention in New Haven, Simeon North, Patriarch of U.S. Pistol Makers; Connecticut Manufacturing Companies Founded in 1767-1862 (Still in Business in 1963, The Techonlogy of Interchangeability, and and About the Whitney Armory Museum.The booklet is clean and nice with no names or writing and no spine crease. 
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An Atlas of German Migration of America, Carrie Eldridge
126 Carrie Eldridge An Atlas of German Migration of America
Chesapeake, Ohio Carrie Eldridge 2002 1928979440 / 9781928979449 Card cover, plastic spiral binding 1 
This atlas is huge at 11" x 17" which is great for the maps inside. The three major contens are The German Homeland in Europe, German Origins and Destinations, and America -- Land of Opportunity. Among the many categores are these: German history, European battlegound, German problems, Major perioss of German migration, leaving Geman Europe, 19th century migration , and Northwest Territory, ans the expanding American frontier. The book is clean and nice with no names or writing and no problems with the spiral binding. Very nice. 
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A Good Day At Saratoga (100th Anniversary of the American Bar Association 1978 -- SIGNED), Carson, Gerald
127 Carson, Gerald A Good Day At Saratoga (100th Anniversary of the American Bar Association 1978 -- SIGNED)
U.S.A American Bar Association 1977 Hard cover Very good condition very good dustjacket 
This is a hard cover booklet published to commemorate the 100th celebration of the American Bar Association in Saratoga Springs, New York on August 21, 1878. It's SIGNED by William B. Spann Jr., the President of the Bar Association in 1977-78. Text relates the story of how the Bar Assoc. was formed. It's illustrated with photos and art.The booklet was printed as a gift book keepsake. It measures 8-/.2" across and 7-1/4" high. There's a tiny tear to upper front corner, but is barely noticeable in a brand new mylar cover. 59 pristine pages. (Gift Books II) 
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Thomas Cather's Voyage to America in 1836 (1955), Cather, Thomas
128 Cather, Thomas Thomas Cather's Voyage to America in 1836 (1955)
London; Emmaus, PA Rodale Press 1955 First Edition hard cover Very good Very Good 
This is one of those booklets in hard cover -- only 48 pages, but all tricked out with paper over boards and a glassine jacket. The publisher referred to it as a miniature book, but it is not. The only miniature thing about it is the number of pages. The book itself measures 5"x8". It's very clean and nice and even the glassine jacket is in nice condition -- these usually bite the dust.The Roadale Press worked in both England and Pennsylvania, but this book came from England replete with British price on wrapper. Cather made the trip with ahis friend Henry Tyler, two Irish lads bent on adventure. Includes six full page illustrations. 
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The Growth of British Education and Its Records, Chapman,Colin R.
129 Chapman,Colin R. The Growth of British Education and Its Records
Dursley, England Lochin Publishing 1996 Second edition soft cover Near fine condition 
Crisp, clean booklet which is as nice inside as it is out. No names or writing, no spine crease, no soil to either wrapper or pages. Text focuses on education in England primarily, but also provides one chapter each for Scotland and Ireland. Among the topics are early education; 14th to 16th century school developments; charity, voluntary and military schools; government involvement in education; British academies overseas; establishment-based school records; and pupil-based school records. Booklet measures 6"x8-14" and has 84 pages. 
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John Gilley of Baker's Island Maine, Charles W. Eliot
130 Charles W. Eliot John Gilley of Baker's Island Maine
New England Eastern Natonal Park and Monumenta Association 1978 Reprint Card cover Very good condition 
This small booklet exudes simple beauty. The book was originally published in 1899 when it was printed by Century Magazine. Next it came in hardback with the help of the American Unitarian Association in 1904. The third go-round is this one ublished by Eastern Natonal Park and Monumenta Association and the help of Arcadia National Park, Maine. John Gilley was a Maine farmer and fisherman. If you have ancestors from Maine and the surname is Gilley it might offer good information. the booklet measures 4-1/2" x 6" and has 72 pages printed in perfect-for-the-message paper. 
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Glimpses of Saybrook in Colonial Days (1984-85), Chesebrough, Harriet Chapman
131 Chesebrough, Harriet Chapman Glimpses of Saybrook in Colonial Days (1984-85)
Celebration 3-1/2 1985 Card cover Very good 
Aside from toning to spine and upper back edge, this is otherwise a crisp, clean book published in 1985 to commemorate the 350th anniversary of Saybrook Colony. The author was born in 1819 and died in 1897 whereupon her husband presented the Acton Library Association with a two volume manuscript from which this text was taken. Interestingly enough, nothing had been done with Mrs. Chesebrough's work until this time. Book contains a map drawn by Mrs. Chesebrough, as well a few other drawings. 101 pages, including many names of interest to genealogists in the area. 
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Lake Shore Electric Interurban Days 1893-1938, Christiansen, Harry
132 Christiansen, Harry Lake Shore Electric Interurban Days 1893-1938
Cleveland, Ohio Self-published 1963 soft cover good-plus 
Except for a bit of light foxing to top of front cover the booklet is clean and tightly bound with no names or writing. It's a good one too -- lots of railway information, specifically about the Lake Shore Electric Railway that ran between Cleveland and Toledo, Ohio. Many vintage photographe thoughout and a schedule printed inside back cover. Measures 8-1/2"x11" with 82 pages. 
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The House On Observatory Hill Home of the Vice President of the United States, Cleere, Gail S.
133 Cleere, Gail S. The House On Observatory Hill Home of the Vice President of the United States
Washington D.C. U.S. Government Printing Office Unknown soft cover Very Good 
I have always loved booklets which is why I am the custodian of more than my share! :-) This one is a newcomer to me and I am totally enchanted with both its contents and its elegance. The title is The House on Observatory Hill Home of the Vice President of the United States. It was written by Gail S. Cleere, but oddly undated. It's a soft cover measuring 7-1/2"x10" with 74 pages printed on quality coated paper and generously illustrated with both black and white and color photographs. There's also a fold-out depicting the lay of the land which comes tucked into a pocket on the reverse side of the back cover. Very interesting and very beautiful. 
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A History of Sylvania for the First One Hundred Years and Centennial Celebration Program (Ohio, 1933), Cogrove, Maynard Giles
134 Cogrove, Maynard Giles A History of Sylvania for the First One Hundred Years and Centennial Celebration Program (Ohio, 1933)
Sylvania, Ohio The Sentinel Publishing Company 1933 Card cover Very good 
This is a really scarce booklet and in clean, tightly bound condition with no foxing and just a penciled name on the back of the front cover. I think it would be easily erased, but I don't like to be the one who does it. The name is Floyd W. Hennessy. The booklet combines a program for the centennial festivities followed by a history of Sylvania, a town which is close to Toledo, Ohio. It also covers the war with Michigan over boundaries. The booklet measures 5-1/2" x 8-1/4" and has several photographs in black and white, plus ads from the Toledo area to help offset the cost. Nice one for the collection! 
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The Story of Hurricane Cleo (1964), Compiled By Globe News Company
135 Compiled By Globe News Company The Story of Hurricane Cleo (1964)
Fort Lauderdale, Florida Globe News Company 1964 soft cover Very good 
Oversized booklet measuring 11" by 9" and featuring 58 pages lavishly illustrated with black and white photographs of the disaster. Clean as a whistle inside and out with one tiny tear to outer edge of front cover and a bit of stubborn soil to upper right corner. Includes significant text, as well as a very nice fold-out map which outlines the storm's path. Cleo blasted Key Biscayne and roared along the Florida coast via State Rte. 7 with winds gusting to 110 miles per hour. The devastation was enormous and included Storyland, a popular children's theme park of the day which was never rebuilt. The storm also marks the only time in its history that the Fort Lauderdale News (the precursor of the Sun-Sentinel) failed to publish. The power was out so long that pressmen were unable to melt the lead for the linotype machines. Employees and their finished, but unpublished, copy were forced to spend the night in the newspaper office sleeping on desk tops. Photos are wonderful -- among them are a lone mannequin standing in the window of a blown-out building with an amazed fireman gazing in, a desolate street strewn with women's shoes, and two forlorn men sitting outside a a Shell station which had, appropriately enough, lost it's S. Text is very well written and includes much detail. An interesting piece of Florida history. 
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The Cape Cod House: An Introductory Study (1960), Connelly, Ernest Allen
136 Connelly, Ernest Allen The Cape Cod House: An Introductory Study (1960)
New England Area The Society of Architectural Historians 1960 Reprint soft cover Very Good condition 
This booklet is a stand-alone reprint of an article published originally in Volume XIX, No. 2 May, 1960 of the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians. Other than some toning to spine on both sides it is pristine inside and out. The booklet measures 8-1/2" x 11 with ten very dense pages. Also includes small black and white photographs and drawings. The Cape Cod is a beloved New England home design. 
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Reed's: A Tale of the American Spirit (Mansfield, Ohio 1976), Cook, Douglas
137 Cook, Douglas Reed's: A Tale of the American Spirit (Mansfield, Ohio 1976)
Detroit, Michigan Harlo 1976 soft cover Fine 1 
Crisp, clean booklet without defect and a bit hard to find. Tells the story of the entrepenurial Reed family who came to Mansfield, Ohio in a booming Civil War economy and set up shop. They were still thriving when the booklet was written in 1976. What I love is that they were in the BOOK business (but also sold wallpaper and furniture) and excelled at it. Their numbers are nothing short of extraordinary -- in 1868 sales totaled $92,724.64!!!!! Eventually they moved into stationery, perfume, corsets, silk and other fashion accessories as -well. Booklet measures 5-1/2"x8-1/2", is illustrated with historic photographs, and has 48 pages. 
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Historic Michigan, Cook, Louis
138 Cook, Louis Historic Michigan
Beaverton, Oregon Beautiful Amerixca Publishing Company 1980 0898021316 / 9780898021318 First Edition Stated Card cover Near fine condition 
Other than a light bit of toning to white sections of cover this is a beauty. No names or writing, no spine crease and pristine pages with many full color photographs from all over the state. The booklet measures 8-1/2" x 11" and has 72 pages. The text and its illustrations provide history plus information on the most beautiful buildings, homes, and natural beauty. No wonder the state's slogan is "Pure Michigan." 
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Southern Populism and Black Labor (1975), Copeland, Vince
139 Copeland, Vince Southern Populism and Black Labor (1975)
New York World View Publishers 1975 Second printing Card cover 
The subtitle of this booklet explains in just a few words what to expect -- "Answers Wallace and Other Racists Who Make False Claim To the Populist Image." George Wallace is the populist in this story when he ran for president. The last sentence in the last paragraph on the back of the booklet is this: "Southern Populism and Black Labor is not only a study of a near forgotten chapter in American history, but a warning to American workers never to trust the demagogy of racist politicans, no matter how slyly they try to mask their real intentions." The booklet measures 5-1/4" x 8" and has 62 pages, plus a list of other political booklets. 
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From the Trenches to Classrooms: Continuing Education at Case Western Reserve University and the Evolution of ACE, Coppedge, Paula
140 Coppedge, Paula From the Trenches to Classrooms: Continuing Education at Case Western Reserve University and the Evolution of ACE
Solon, Ohio Eagle Creek Press 2006 0975936611 / 9780975936610 Presumed First Card cover Very good condition 
Very nice clean booklet of 81 pages which measure 7" x 10" and are illustrated throughout with black and white photographs. The text begins with the return of the doughboys from WWI; Newton D. Baker's Baby (the college);Crisis; Postwar Renaissance; Confusion; More Crisis; the Lecture Series and more. The best part to me is the history of the annual Case book sale. I have been going to it for 20 years and many items both on this site and my book site came from the huge Case sale. I only missed the opening day once and that because I tore my rotor cuff the day before, but I was there on half price day with one arm in a sling and a husband who piled books, packed books, checked out books and hauled boxes of books to the car! book has no names or writing and is clean and tightly bound. 
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