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American Artist Magazine (August, 1986)
1 American Artist Magazine (August, 1986)
New York Billboard Publications 1986 Volume 50 Issue 529 soft cover Fine condition 
Crisp, clean magazine with no mailing label and no names or writing. No loss to spine and tightly bounf with pristine pages. The cover art on thios one is by watercolorist Joseph M. Irr. Ither featured articles are about four energing artists: Patricia Short, landscape watercolorist; Xin Han, figurative oil painter; William P. Kauffmanm pastel painter and teacher; and Andrew Bacha, a classicly trained oil painter; James D. Butler paintings and Drawings From the Heartland; Direct Painting With Pastels; Edward Brodney Painting with A Mature but Youthful Spirit; Patricia Nix Art As a Collage of Lige Experiences; and James Couper of Florida. Magazine measures 8"x11" and has 90 pages. NOTE: I have LOTS of issus of this magazine, so if you are looking for a specific issue let me know and I'll see if I have it. 
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Athena Tacha: New Works, 1986-1989
2 Athena Tacha: New Works, 1986-1989
Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art 1989 Card cover Fine condition 
This art catalogue was published to accompany the newest works of Athena Tacha at the Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art from September 8 to November from September 8 to November 4, 1989. There is one essay written by Thalia Gouma-Peterson titled "Chaos As Order in Athena Tacha's Work." The booklet is crisp and clean, measures 8-1/2" x 11" and has 38 pages. Phhotographs abound in both black and white and color. 
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Sealing Wax Art (Dennison 1922)
3 Sealing Wax Art (Dennison 1922)
Framingham, Massachusetts Dennison Manufacturing Company 1921 soft cover Very Good 
Cover art is gorgeous and the ideas in this little booklet can easily be recreated today. It was published by the Dennison Company which brought out all types of craft books and supplies -- everything from paper flowers, to baby and wedding shower ideas and crafts. This one focuses on making flowers and beads with sealing wax. Lots of pictures and info. What's dazzling is the two page color illustration of the hues then available from Dennison -- spectacular! Booklet measures 5"x7-1/2" and has 24 clean, tightly bound pages. 
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The Journal of the Walters Art Gallery 1949
4 The Journal of the Walters Art Gallery 1949
Baltomore, Maryland Trustees of the Walter's Art Gallery 1949 Volume XII Card cover Very good condition 
As I write this it's the third issue I have listed on here. I bought them all at the same time and never saw another since. Among the offerings are these: The Walters Art Gallery Mummy; Robert Gilmor Jr. Baltimore Collector. A Method for Detecting False Limoges Painted Enamels; Firearms Carved by the Master H.N.; The Brummer Collection; illuminated manuscripts and a fifth century bronze ornament. Magazine measures 8-1/2" x 11" and has 111 pages. There's a small crease to top front edge and two small spots on the word Baltimore at bottom of the cover. 
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Sketching Outdoors in Summer (1988), Arnosky, Jim
5 Arnosky, Jim Sketching Outdoors in Summer (1988)
New York Lothrop, Lee and Shephard 1988 0688062865 / 9780688062866 First Edition Stated Hard cover Book is inVery good condition Jacket is in Good-plus condition Jim Arnosky 
I love art instruction items, so this one had to join the crowd in my art section. The booklet is bound in hard cover and is oversized at 9-1/2" x 11-1/2" and has 48 pages. There are no tears or chips and no names or writing other than that which appear under each drawing.The author/illustrator shares techniques for drawing but also on how to see and appreciate the beauty of the natural world. The dust jacket shows some sunning to edge at front and at back by spine and top edge. I will send it in a brand new mylar cover.Book ships for $2 media mail in the U.S. 
Price: 12.95 USD
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Underglaze Decoration Methods and Original Designs By Marc Bellaire (1992), Bellaire, Marc
6 Bellaire, Marc Underglaze Decoration Methods and Original Designs By Marc Bellaire (1992)
Columbus, Ohio Professional Publications Inc. 1992 15th printing Card cover Fine condition, As New Bellaire, Marc 
This is a remarkably crisp booklet published by the publishers of Ceramic Monthly Magazine. It's a stand-alone booklet which discusses design and method for ceramic artists. It must be a good one though because it's been in print from 1957 to 1992 and perhaps even longer. There are instructions for painting underglazes and has step-by-step photo lessons as well. Covers these topics: the Marc Bellaire Method, brushes and tools, definitions, finishing and painting, glazing, firing and defect, brush stroke vocabulary, backgrounds, fruit vocabulary, birds, animals, figures, special techniques, abstracts, spot decoration, holidays and commemoratives, hobbies and occupations, one-stroke technique, and jewelry. Handbook measures 8-1/2" x 11" and has 64 pages. Nice enough to be a gift. 
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Drawn To Perfection:Jean and Paul Ulen and the Slade School Legacy in Cleveland (2003), Berardi, Marianne; Bedford, Chistopher
7 Berardi, Marianne; Bedford, Chistopher Drawn To Perfection:Jean and Paul Ulen and the Slade School Legacy in Cleveland (2003)
Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland Artists Foundation 2003 0971600910 / 9780971600911 Card cover Fine condition 
I just bought this yesterday and was thrilled to find something about Cleveland I had never seen before. The booklet is about Jean and Paul Ulen, art teachers of the Slade School in Cleveland from the 1920's to the 60's. Though very popular, they had their share of rivals. The booklet tells the whole story on nice glossy paper filled with photographs of people and art. Booklet measures 8-1.2" x 10" and has 79 p[ristine pages 
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the Teacher of Animal Painting, Campana, D.M.
8 Campana, D.M. the Teacher of Animal Painting
Chicago D.M. Compana Art Company 1946 Second printing Card cover 
The cover of this guide for artists is very compelling. I've never seen it before, but but inside pictures are beautiful. the booklet is clean and tightly bound with no names or writing. Only fault is two spots of foxing on the margin of one picture. The booklet measures 5-1/2" x 7-1/2" and has 96 pages covering how to paint lions, tigers, dogs, horses, deer, gazelles, cats, fox, sheep, rabbits, bears, buffaloes and squirrels. 
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A Garden of Watercolors (1990), Denton, Betty S.
9 Denton, Betty S. A Garden of Watercolors (1990)
Ft. Walton Beach, Florida Giftways 1990 0962833908 / 9780962833908 Card cover Fine condition Denton, Betty 
Crisp, clean booklet that presents as new. No names or writing and no creasing. This is one of the prettiest art how-tos I think I ever had. But it isn't all about beauty-- the instruction is very detailed throughout.Denton discusses supplies, terminology, techniques, and hints to improve. The lessons are focused on flowers, so these are the ones you will learn to paint --white azalea, old oak tree, peace rose, calla lily, iris, petunia, cascading azalia, and two additional looks at the peace rose from different perspectives. Booklet measures 8-1/2" x 11" and has 41 pages. 
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General Shop Metal Work (1939), Dragoo, A.W. and K.L.
10 Dragoo, A.W. and K.L. General Shop Metal Work (1939)
Bloomington, Illinois McKnight & McKnight 1939 soft cover Very Good 
Very nice, clean shop manual for those interested in making both utilitarian and/or decorative metal items. There are many instructive black and white photographs and drawings, plus a text which proceeds step-by-step. The booklet measures 7-3/4"x10-1/4" and has 68 pages plus back matter. Nice graphic on the front cover too. Small bit of toning to spine. Former owner's name stamped to title page. 
Price: 10.00 USD
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Paint It Yourself: Printign and Painting Techn iques for Fabric (1981 SIGNED by Diane), Frode, Diane Ericson; Ericson, Lois
11 Frode, Diane Ericson; Ericson, Lois Paint It Yourself: Printign and Painting Techn iques for Fabric (1981 SIGNED by Diane)
California Self-published 1981 Card cover Very good condition 
Very handsome booklet with brown ink on cream paper throughout. Diane Ericson is well known as a designer and is very generous in this booklet with techniques for printing and painting on fabrics. Here's the topics covered -- tools and materials, fold and dye, rolling, spraying, finger painting, stamping, stencils, painting, brush warm-ups, making a brush, drawing, marbelizing, resist, supplies and a bibliography. Booklet measures 8-1/2" x 11" and has 33 pages. Only fault is a small tear to outer edge of back cover which I repaired with almost invisible archival tape. 
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Margie's Ceramic Manual (1975), Hadley, Marjorie E.
12 Hadley, Marjorie E. Margie's Ceramic Manual (1975)
Phoenix, Arizona Marjorie E. Hadley 1975 19th edition Card cover Fine condition 
A small booklet packed with information about the making of ceramic art for beginners all the way through to the advanced. It measures 4-1/2"x 6" and has 93 pages including index. The book is bound with a metal spiral which is in perfect condition.Topics are these: definition of paints, preparing greenware, techniques of underglaze, method of glazing, versatility of glazes, overglazes, cut-outs for cut-ups, saving pieces, life savers, thoughts for free for, learning the lingo, and more. This booklet one is small as I said, but it carries a VERY dense text. No wonder it began in 1960 and was still going in 1975. 
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Copperplate Calligraphy 1979 1st printing, Jackson, Dick
13 Jackson, Dick Copperplate Calligraphy 1979 1st printing
New York Collier/Macmillan Books 1979 First printing stated soft cover Very good 
For some unknown reason copies of this booklet are flying around cyberspace in high two, and even three, figures. It's a good instructional booklet, but it isn't rare! Here we have a very nice clean one with a small loss of top layer of paper to upper back corner -- just a snip -- but otherwise great. It measures 8-1/2"x11" and has 81 pages. No names or writing. A Stroke-by-stroke presentation of flexible-pen copperplate letters as a calligraphic alphabet. 
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Matisse Paper Cut-Outs (1979), Matisse, Henri
14 Matisse, Henri Matisse Paper Cut-Outs (1979)
New York Harry N. Abrams, Inc. 1979 0810913011 / 9780810913011 Hard cover Very good Book; Good Jacket 
This book is especially compelling if you are an artist who works with paper.There are many examples including 25 color plates and 280 in black and white. Especially charming are the photos of Matisse at work. Check out the photo of him with a pair of scissors the size of a garden trimmer. Most of his life he worked as a painter of fine art, but during the last four years of his life he worked on the cut-outs. The book is clean and tightly bound with no creases and no names or writing. The jacket is without tears or chips. The only fault is sunning down the length of the spine, Book is very handsome in brand new mylar. It measures 9" x 11-1/2. 
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Kim Abeles (Art Catalog, 1988), McMillen, Michael; Sims, Patterson
15 McMillen, Michael; Sims, Patterson Kim Abeles (Art Catalog, 1988)
Beverly hills, California Art Press 1988 Card cover Fine condition 
The crux of this booklet is the lengthy interview with Kim Abeles by Michael McMillen. Abeles is an artist creating sculpture using found objects to express her life as a citizen of Los Angeles and what the urban life means. There's also an essay and black and white and color photographs throughout. The booklet measures 8-1/2" x 10" and has 32 pristine pages. No names or writing. 
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M.C. Escher Kaleidocycles (1987), Schattschneirder, Doris; Walker, Wallace
16 Schattschneirder, Doris; Walker, Wallace M.C. Escher Kaleidocycles (1987)
Corte Madera, California Pomegranite Artbooks 1987 Revised Edition Card cover Fine condition 
I was delighted to find this booklet! Escher was a Dutch graphic artist who somehow managed to marry mathematics and art. He died in 1972 and this book appeared first in 1977 and reappeared in a revised edition ten years later. The text is divided into three parts: In Three Dimensions, Extensions of E.C. Escher; Notes on the Models; and Instructions for Assembly of Models. Topics cover geometric solids, kaleidocycles, repeating designs, surface design of kaleidocycles; coloring the designs; hexagonal kaleidocycles; square kaleidocycles and twisted kaleidocycles.The authors promise that taking a flat design and manipulating it into three dimensions will reveal many surprises. Booklet measures 8-1/2" x 11-1/4" and has 57 pages. Crisp and clean as new. Only fault is some toning to top of both front and back cover. Otherwise pristine. 
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The Art of Stick Dressing (Making Walking Sticks) 1978, Tulip, Norman
17 Tulip, Norman The Art of Stick Dressing (Making Walking Sticks) 1978
Newcastle-upon-Tyne Frank Greham 1978 soft cover Very Good 
Not much is found on the art of making walking sticks, but this little booklet seems to do the trick. Because it was published in England most copies have to be ordered from there, but here we have on in the U.S.. The book measures 5-1/2"x8-1/2" and is printed on quality coated paper throughout and illustrated with both black and white and color photographs. The author begins with the tools needed and goes through the process step-by-step. Book contains 56 pages. 
Price: 20.00 USD
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Painting and Firing Stained Glass (1978 reprint), Twining, E.W.
18 Twining, E.W. Painting and Firing Stained Glass (1978 reprint)
Seattle, Washington Fledgling Studio 1978 Reprint soft cover Very Good 
This is an excellent instructional manual for stained glass artists, originally published in 1928 and reprinted here in 1978. There's a small loss of outer paper to bottom of spine, but otherwise booklet is clean, crisp and tightly bound. It measures 5-1/2"x7-3/4" and has 64 pages with black and white illustrations. Much information provided on the composition of enamel pigments and the preparation of silver stain, as well as separate chapters for painting and firing. 
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Bringing Portraits To Life by Margaret Yard Tyler (1966), Tyler, Margaret Yard
19 Tyler, Margaret Yard Bringing Portraits To Life by Margaret Yard Tyler (1966)
Montclair, New Jersey A Yard School iof Art Publication 1966 Third printing Card cover Good-plus 
This oversized booklet is a portraitist's dream come true, but the ideas apply to painting, drawing, landscapes or objects. The book covers procedures, equipment, stance, bone structure, point and counter-point, simplicity of method, facing your model, establishing cheek bones, placing head, angles of the hair line, establishing neckline, placing the features, summing up values, bringing the charcoal potrait to life, and introduction to color. Book is spiral bound with heavy card cover and lovely paper. It measures 10" x 12" and has pristine pages. Faults are these: a small abrasion on the top front cover, a small brown sticker next to it which I am afraid to remove, a former owner's name written at upper corner of half title page. the owner also made a folder and glued it inside the back cover and filled it with a couple art instruction articles. Overall a nice addition to the artist's book collection. 
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Craft Manual of the Yukon Tlingit (1972), White, George M.
20 White, George M. Craft Manual of the Yukon Tlingit (1972)
Ronan, Montana Self-published 1972 First Edition Stated soft cover Very Good White, George M. 
A very nice booklet in clean, attractive condition and printed on a sturdy tan colored paper. Measures 5-1/2"x8-1/2" and has 56 pages. Book is illustrated with both drawings and excellent large black and white photographs showing the Tlingits with their various craft items. Includes patterns and instructions for dolls, moccasins, sheephorn ladles, a one hide boat, a three hide boat, a dead fall trap, bone belts, headbands, and snowshoes. 
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