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1 "There's A Reason"; A Journey Through the Factories That Make Postum, Grape Nuts and Post Toasties (post-1914)
Battle Creek, Michigan Postum Cereal Company After 1914 Hard Cover Good-plus No Dustjacket as issued 
This is an amazing little book published after the death of C.W. Post, the founder of the Postum Cereal Company which produced Grape Nuts and Post Toasties as well as the coffee substitute, Postum. From 1905 until his death in 1914 C.W. sued, was sued, and gained a reputation as a charlatan who worked overtime making bogus health claims against caffeine. He also came up with what was called a mysterious slogan for his breakfast beverage "There's a reason ...", thus the title of the book. Great pictures abound in here -- the ones at the front in color show such things at Post's private office. Most photos, however, are of the plant and people at work making the products with help from mighty machinery. Book measures 7-1/2" x 9" and has 47 pages. It's tightly bound with clean pages and no writing. Faults are exterior -- a few little stains and a few tiny spots of edge wear to the green border around the cover picture. Overall quite good. It's puffery of course, but fun puffery! 
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A New Era In Housing, Palace Corporation Flint, Michigan (WWII 1940's Manufactured Homes)
2 A New Era In Housing, Palace Corporation Flint, Michigan (WWII 1940's Manufactured Homes)
Flint, Michigan Palace Corporation 1940's Very good condition 
This is a simply bound catalog which opens up to be a surprise with handsome color art showing examples of the manufactured homes built by Palace with two, three, and four bedroom models, plus a duplex. The catalog came out early to get consumers thinking about a new home after WWII ended. There is information about manufactured homes in here, plus fold-outs which show yet more homes plus a floor plan for each. Catalog measures 8-1/2" x11" and is clean and nice. 
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A Walk Through Time. Seven Walking Tours of Howell, Michigan (1988)
3 A Walk Through Time. Seven Walking Tours of Howell, Michigan (1988)
Howell, Michigan City of Howell Historic Preservation Commission 1988 0962043206 / 9780962043208 Soft Cover Spiral Bound Very good condition 
Howell, Michigan is known for its beautiful residential architecture -- many lovely vintage homes, enough to fill seven different walking tours. The booklet is illustrated with small drawings and offers information of each home or building -- its design, date, ownership etc.. Booklet measures 5-1/2" x 8" and has 103 pages including index. Booklet is spiral bound and is quite nice with the exception of a few small tears to bottom of spiral which I repaired with small pieces of archival tape. The guide has no names or writing and is very clean. 
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Beyond the Mississippi; An Exhibition of Western Books Honoring James Shearer II, the Donor 1967 (Clements Library University of Michigan)
4 Beyond the Mississippi; An Exhibition of Western Books Honoring James Shearer II, the Donor 1967 (Clements Library University of Michigan)
Ann Arbor, Michigan Clements Library University of Michigan 1967 soft cover Fine 
Crisp, clean beautiful booklet which serves as both an honor to James Shearer II who donated the books to the university library and a catalog of the books which had been placed on exhibition. Each is given ample space and accompanied by notes prepared by Albert T. Klyberg. Thirty-two volumes and 25 high quality cream colored pages. Measures 6"x9-1/4" Fine augmentation to a collection of books on Western Americana. 
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Black Women In the Middle West: The Michigan Experience
5 Black Women In the Middle West: The Michigan Experience
Kalamazoo, Michigan Historical Society of Michigan 1988 Presumed first Card cover 
This is one of two Clarence M. Burton Memorial Lectures that I posted, this one being from 1988 where it was given at the Annual Meeting of the Historical Society of Michigan. The booklet is clean, tightly bound, and measures 6"x9" with 31 pristine pages. The text is dense, but still accomodates black and white photographs throughout. It also covers three parts: The Pioneer Phase, The Era of Domestic Feminism; and The Period of Self-Determination. 
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Chapter Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild Complete Paper Cutout for Petite Napoleon Coach
6 Chapter Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild Complete Paper Cutout for Petite Napoleon Coach
Detroit, michigan Fisher Body Craftaman's Guild No date stated Card pieces, paper envelope Very good condition in good envelope 
This is an interesting item, published for a contest which was advertised around the world. In the U.S. the kit was sent via the local newspapers, in this case the Detroit Times. Oddly, there is no year stated, so I did some research and found a 1932 Syracuse, New York newspaper story about the contest. Then envelope had many small tears, so I taped the edges to stabilize it. Inside here is a card about the contest itself, another one with intricate instructions and four large cards with many, many, many pieces to assemble. The sad part is, though not surprising, only boys were allowed to compete for college scholarships and money. Not only did they mention it, but they mentioned it many times. Even the application reads "Boy's Name." Nonetheless this project is a gem of paper engineering. The envelope measures 13-1/2" x 18-1/2" and all items fit inside. Take a look on Google and see the beautiful examples in full color. 
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Chevrolet For 1942
7 Chevrolet For 1942
Detroit, Michigan Chevrolet Division of General Motors 1942 soft cover Good condition 
Wow! What a great cover. But pretty though it is the date tells the story. WWII began in 1939 and would not end until 1945. Given such hard times -- food was rationed, as was gasoline, the country needed metal, gold, rubber and also other commodities for the war effort. America asked its citizens to help with money by buying Victory bonds. The catalog is really cool though -- it measures 5-1.2" tall and 12-1.4" across. Be sure to see the last photo which shows the engine. Catalog is clean and bright with no the features offered in the chassis. There's a tiny bit of edge wear at random spots to front cover and a crease to front cover which I have flattened with an iron. 
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Clara Ford Nurses Home Detroit, Michigan (1926)
8 Clara Ford Nurses Home Detroit, Michigan (1926)
Unknown location C.T. American Art 1926 Very good 
Very bright clean postcard with just a tiny flat crease to upper left corner. Otherwise pristine. Card shows a white border, a divided back and a two cent stamp which matches the 1926 postmark because the postage rose from a penny to two cents from 1925 to 1928. The card was sent to Springfield, Ohio and the message reads thus, "Hope you and Marie had as good a time as Dot and I are having. Hazel." Card will arrive in new plastic sleeve. 
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Collector's Choice (Clements Library University of Michigan 1967)
9 Collector's Choice (Clements Library University of Michigan 1967)
Ann Arbor, Michigan Clements Library, Universityy of Michigan 1967 soft cover Fine condition 
This is very much a bibliophile's booklet, so if you are a collector of books about books this one's for you! It's amazingly clean and nice and has 15 dense pages. The booklet is a guide to an exhibition of selected items from private collections formed by "certain members" of the Clement Library Associates. Collections hailed from Michigan, Ohio, Chicago, Connecticut, Seattle, and New York. Only one collector was a woman. Their topics covered Mackinac Island, American Indians, the Great Lakes, the far Northwest, medicine, the American Revolution, the Civil War, Winston Churchill, Lake Superior, sheet music, books about books, Florida and etiquette. 
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Compliments of Mackinac County (Michigan, 1930)
10 Compliments of Mackinac County (Michigan, 1930)
Michigan Mackinac County 1930 soft cover Very good condition 
This was very likely a freebie back in its day, targeted to vacationers ready to explore Michigan's Upper Peninsula.The booklet is filled with interesting ads which I enjoyed more than I usually do. The best one is on the back cover, The Grand Mackinac Hotel, where guests could clip-clop off the veranda for a horseback ride. Thomas' Restaurant put the date, 1930, on his ad which is how I was able to date this. Other ads include hotels, cottages, restaurants, shops, transportation and garages for car problems. The booklet is clean, nice and tightly bound. Only fault is a vertical crease, which is pretty common. Booklet has 32 pages. 
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Cream of Wheat Salesman's Order Book (circa 1901-1925)
11 Cream of Wheat Salesman's Order Book (circa 1901-1925)
Minneapolis, Minnesota Cream of Wheat Corp. 1901-1925 Hard cover Near fine conditon 
This is a very clean and attractive salesman's order book which includes the business card of the salesman himself located in a plastic pocket inside the back cover. His name was Edward Eberhard. The Cream of Wheat slogan -- High in Energy, Easily Digested -- appears at the top of the unused pad of paper. Inside the front cover is printed information for the sales force to mention to would-be customers. But the best part is the cereal's logo which features a real chef thought to be Frank White. Frank lived in Michigan and died with no stone on his grave. Long after the fact people in the area made sure he got one -- with this Cream of wheat image engraved on it. The order ook mesures 3-1/2" x 5-3/4" and is very nice. 
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Detroit Cultural Center (Design Prototypes 1960's)
12 Detroit Cultural Center (Design Prototypes 1960's)
Detroit, Michigan Urban Design Division of Detroit City Plan Commission No date, but circa 1960's soft cover Good condition 
A spectacular design book which is not often seen. The condition shows some exterior glitches -- edge wear in spots, a chip to outer paper at outer edge of back cover and two corner creases, also at back. One is superficial, the other I have sustained with non-browning archival tape on the reverse side. This is a large book measuring 12" square with a sturdy wire binding. There is no date, but there was an easy clue in plain sight. The mayor listed inside was Jerome P. Cavanaugh who left office in 1969. Prototypes re for Includes prototype designs for the Institute of Arts, Hall of Man, Museum of Science and Technology, Planetarium, Center for the Musical and Theater Arts, and Gardens. 
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European Travel Diary 1928 (Young Woman From Rapdids City, Michigan)
13 European Travel Diary 1928 (Young Woman From Rapdids City, Michigan)
Grand Rapids, Michigan Handwritten 1928 Hard cover Very good condition 
I love diaries, journals, ledgers and handmade books which capture a period of a person's life. This young woman, Kathleen Millington from Michigan, sailed to Europe aboard the Athenia, a Cunard Line ship, in 1928. The diary itself was made for this purpose and offers over 20 pages of printed information about sea faring, the colors of the ocean, the sounding machine, fog and fog signals, and much more. It was enough to inspire Kathleen to keep a log. I counted 43 continuous pages written by her from start to finish, but there are quite a few blanks too, which is common. Here's a random comment, "Went looking for steins -- steins apparently are as scarce in Heidelburg as pretzels were in Cologne. I wonder if they really do have spaghetti in Italy." And another, "Cold is miserable so had a doctor (in Cologne) -- jolly fun misunderstanding each other with the help of an interpreter. Pills, salve, feather ticks and cognac!" Diary measures 4-1/4" x 6-1/2" with a working clasp, gilt edges and the original pencil. 
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Frans Hals An Exhibition of Fifty Paintings 1935
14 Frans Hals An Exhibition of Fifty Paintings 1935
Detroit, Michigan Detroit Institute of Arts 1931 soft cover Good-plus 
If you admire the traditional realist portrait the Dutch painter, Frans Hals' fifty paintings are a treat. This is a hefty catalog which measures 8"x10-1/2" and is printed on substantial paper. The fifty paintings are in black and white but again are on good quality paper -- for them, coated. The collection was borrowed from many institutions including, but not confined to, these: Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Art Institute of Chicago, Pennsylvania Museum of Art and other museums and private collectors. Catalog opens with 13 pages of dense text about the artist, followed by photographs of the paintings, and then the descriptions. Catalog is clean and tightly bound. Shows an abrasion to front cover at upper right corner from an old ill-advised price sticker, but is overall quite good. 
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Headlight; Sights and Scenes Along the Michigan Central Line - Marshall, Michigan (1895)
15 Headlight; Sights and Scenes Along the Michigan Central Line - Marshall, Michigan (1895)
Chicago, Illinois Chicago Photo Engraving Company 1895 Souvenir Edition (Vol. 2, No. 6) soft cover Very Good Condition 
Very nice souvenir of the Michigan Central Line Railway and its stop at Marshall, Michigan. There is an extra piece laid-in -- a photo and a description of Honolulu House located at 107 North Kalamazoo Street, Marshall, Calhoun County, Michigan. The actual contents of the booklet are printed on quality coated paper and filled with historical information, photographs and drawings. Beautiful homes and buildings, business information and even portraits of the business men of Marshall. Booklet measures 8-1/2" x 11" and has 30 counted pages. 
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Inland Seas Quarterly Journal (Full Run 1998)
16 Inland Seas Quarterly Journal (Full Run 1998)
Cleveland, Ohio The Great Lakes Historical Society 1998 Volume 54, Numbers 1,2,3,4 soft cover Fine condition 
Here he we have an entire year's run of this journal which concentrates on the history of the Great Lakes. Every issue looks like it just came off the press. The journal measures 7" x 10" and has 339 pages. Among the many contributions are these: Rebuilding the Great Lakes U.S. Bulk Cargo Fleet (Parts I,II, III); Ship Fires on the Great Lakes Parts I,II, III); Mormon Pirates of Beaver Island; The Incredible Logging Ships; Cairbou Lighthouse; and Great Lakes Shipping and Shipbuilding. Complete set ships at $2 media mail in the U.S. or $6 priority. OVERSEAS ORDERS WELCOME. Please contact us with the item and its destination and we will provide an exact shipping cost. 
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Linen Postcard City of Detroit III Steamer
17 Linen Postcard City of Detroit III Steamer
Cleveland, Ohio George R. Klein News Company No date Fine 
Crisp, clean linen postcard postally unused and with no writing. Corners are sharp and card will arrive in plastic sleeve. The steamer was owned by D&C Navigation Company. The D stands for Detroit and the C. for Cleveland. The boat launched in 1911 and was then the largest sidewheeler in the world. It remained in service until 1950! 
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Marshall; A Plan for Preservation (Michigan, 1973)
18 Marshall; A Plan for Preservation (Michigan, 1973)
Marshall, Michigan Marshall Historical Society 1973 soft cover Very good 
The first picture shows the book lying on a fully extended preservation map along with a ticket for the historic house tour held the following year, 1974. All extras go with book. Booklet measures 8"x10" and has 85 pages with numerous drawings and black and white photographs throughout the ample text. Topics include history, architecture, environment, physical condition, preservation value, historic district recommendations, a summary and an appendix. 
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Photograph Album Camp Whipporwill Grayling,Michigan 1927
19 Photograph Album Camp Whipporwill Grayling,Michigan 1927
Grayling, Michigan Home-made 1927 Card cover Very Good 
Though slim, this lovely clean album captures in eleven photographs a July vacation in Grayling, Michigan, known for its summer get-aways. The pictures are all of the same group, both men and women. Some views are scenic -- a lake, a bridge, a winding road,and a nice log cabin, but there are also people enjoying archery practice, women on the lake in a canoe, posed shots on the bridge, an old car stuffed with people, a shed showing three old cars lined up inside and a car with an open trailer filled with stuff outside in front of the cabin where a man observes. The album measures 6"x8-1/2" and the photos are roughly 3-1/2"x6". The only fault is mottling to the back cover with dark and lighter areas 
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Portrait Figures in Miniature; The Carol Churchill Pierson Children's Gallery (1981)
20 Portrait Figures in Miniature; The Carol Churchill Pierson Children's Gallery (1981)
Alfred B. Sloan Museum 1981 soft cover Fine 
Beautiful pristine catalog lavishly made -- printed on coated paper with complete color illustration. The collection is comprised of historically accurate dolls from various eras and also dolls depicting famous people. The gallery is in the Sloan Museum which itself is located in Flint, Michigan. There are 415 handcrafted dolls, plus accessories and more than 45 dioramas, all donated by the woman the gallery is named for. The catalog measures 6"x9" and has 92 pages. The categories are as follows: The era of Exploration in America; Settlements in the New World; The American Revolution; Statesmen of the New American Nation; Westward Expansion; The Civil War; International Royalty; Women Who Changed the World; First Ladies; Madonnas; and Japanese Exhibits. 
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