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Friday Magazine July 11, 1941 (Ann Sheridan, Windjammers, Poll Tax, Sorcery)
1 Friday Magazine July 11, 1941 (Ann Sheridan, Windjammers, Poll Tax, Sorcery)
New York City Friday Inc. 1941 Volume 2, number 23 soft cover Good-plus 
Beautiful cover art featuring the lovely actress, Ann Sheridan. The magazine is not too common and is clean and tightly bound, though it does have a few faults. I repaired the spine at top and bottom and a few tiny edge tears at back with almost invisible archival tape which is holding well. The only ther is a bit of brownign to lower back cover (see photo). Magazien is huge at 10-1/2" x 13-1/2". Story topics include Ann sheridan, FDR and poll tax, windjammers, guerilla doctors of Shensi, and sorcery. 
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Journal of the British Society of Dowsers (6 issues 1979-1883)
2 Journal of the British Society of Dowsers (6 issues 1979-1883)
Ashford Kent, England British Society of Dowsers 1979-1983 soft cover Very good condition 
These little magazines are great fun to read whether you believe in dowsing, or you don't. They're all clean and tightly bound and there are no labels. One issue shows foxing to the first two pages (see last photo) caused by a catalog of books available in the Dowser Society Bookshop. The catalog almost makes it worth the defect -- no, I think it actually does! :-) The magazines measures 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" and have around 47 pages each. Here's asample of topics: the use of numbers in magic and healing, dowsing and the healing art, dowsing in everyday life, reflexology, what makes a good dowser, intuition and dowsing, wells and well drilling, proxy dowsing, dowsing for Roman roads, weather prediction by dowsing, practice for water dowsing, the Lost Cross of Waltham Abbey, Orthomolecular Nutrition, cradle charms, change of body weight during water divining, the use of the pendulum and more. (MagShelf-1) 
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Man, Myth and Magic (Issues 1-16)
3 Man, Myth and Magic (Issues 1-16)
England Marshall-Cavendish 1974 soft cover Fine Condition 
Beautiful, crisp magazines very gently kept. No defect of note. These were published in a series of 112 weekly issues of which I have the first 16. They measure 8-1/2"x11" and each is paginated from the previous magazine bringing the total of these 16 to 464 pages. There are no ads, but lots of illustration primarily in full color. Content is presented encyclopedia style so that most topics appear alphabetcally. These range from A to C.. However, each issue also has a major story that does not follow the encyclopedia format. These include life after death, Black Magic and witchcraft; posession and trance, religions of the east and west, magic and mysticism, the meaning of myth, the state of physical research at the time of writing, the divine king and dying God; ritual magic, cannibalism, Buddhism, Cabala, cave art, and the Celts. OVERSEAS ORDERS WELCOME, but WILL REQUIRE EXTRA POSTAGE. Contact us with destination for an actual cost quote. 
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The Skeptical Inquirer Journals (Summer, Winter 1987)
4 The Skeptical Inquirer Journals (Summer, Winter 1987)
Buffalo, New York Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal 1987-88 Vol. XI, No 9; and Vol. XII, No. 2 Card covers Very good condition 
Two very nice clean magazines devoted to debunking paranormal incidents. The summer issue's main article is about spontaneous human combustion. Other topics are subliminal deception, linguistics and past lives, a UFO pilot, a psychic exposed, psuedo-science and children's fantasies, and a "psychic" computer. The winter issue starts with the brain and consciousness and moves along to explain alien abduction fantasies, past life regression and the misuse of hypnosis, and the verdict on creationism. Magazines are clean and nice and measure 6"x 9-1/2" Both ship for just $2 media mail in the U.S. 
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The Manuscript of Secrets From Mount Shasta, Chaney, Earlyne
5 Chaney, Earlyne The Manuscript of Secrets From Mount Shasta
Anaheim, California Stockton Trade Press Inc. Unknown, Copyright 1953 reprint soft cover Fine 
This booklet contains the personal story of experiences shared by Earlyne and Robert Chaney in 1952. It began when unseen teachers beckoned the couple to Mt. Shasta for an "initiation by fire" which she describes in tremendous detail. The book is reprinted here and has become a mystical classic. Every page is illustrated throughout by Teodors A. Liliensteins in a slightly oversized format measuring 7"x10" with 70 pages plus ads for additional titles of the genre. 
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See Magazine World In Action (four issues 1938), Dewey, Tomas E.; colbert, Claudette;  Brady, Diamond Jim
6 Dewey, Tomas E.; colbert, Claudette; Brady, Diamond Jim See Magazine World In Action (four issues 1938)
New York V.S. Fox 1938 Jan. 12, Jan. 26, Feb. 9, Feb. 23, 1938 soft cover 
Just when I think I've seen all the mass market magazines of the 30's a new one pops up. See Magazine claimed a circulation of over 500,000 per issue, yet I can't find out anything about it. Clearly it's one the pulps of the day -- sensational stories along with odd things like How To Stall A Man and How to Dance the Shag. But it's favorite topics were Dateline-esque murders, canibalism, syphilis, and the women in the life of Diamond Jim Brady. Other noteables include a story on "New York's Man of the Hour, Thomas E. Dewey", how Lucky Strikes were made, and Claudette Colbert. Magazines are printed on newsprint, so I have repaired tiny edge tears with tiny pieces of archival tape, so they don't get larger. The magazine is big at 9" x 13". SHIPPING IS $2 FOR ALL FOUR IN THE U.S.. OVERSEAS ORDERS WELCOME, but due to varying shipping amounts, please contact us with destination before ordering and I will quote exact cost. 
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Gorey Games Based on the Work of Edward Gorey, Edward Gorey
7 Edward Gorey Gorey Games Based on the Work of Edward Gorey
San Francsico Troubador Press 1979 08098440009 First printing Card cover Very good condition 8-1/2" x 11 Edward Gorey 
If you love the many gory books made by Edward Gorey you'll reognize the illustrations throughout the booklet. This is something different though --68 Gorey games. There are mazes, strange puzzles, cryptic codes, hidden picture story puzzles, mini mystery stories, crosswords, and more. There are also solutions if you need help, but try to hang in there and enjoy finding the clues! This booklet is not often found. I have never seen one until three days ago in Michigan. The booklet is clean and nice, measures 8-1/2" x 11" and has 64 pages. There is a small loss of color on the top edge of the back cover and some minor edge wear. Overall it's a fun find. 
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The Anomalist: I and II (1994-95), Huyghe, Patrick; Stacy, Dennis (editors)
8 Huyghe, Patrick; Stacy, Dennis (editors) The Anomalist: I and II (1994-95)
Jefferson Valley, New York Self-published 1994-1995 Summer 1994; Spring 1995; Card cover Fine condition 
These magazines are like quality paperback books and were published twice a year which explains the time gap. Among the many article topics are these: quadratic equations, alien writing, the numbers game, a Daytona Beach mystery wave, UFOs, dinosaurs and gravity, a global fire B poltergeist, erasing astrology from the past, Bigfoot, human origins, the great pigeon mystery, organ thefts in Guatemala; alien dreamtime; and more.the magazines measures 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" and together have 276 pages. 
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The Best in Astrology from IN SEARCH. Vol. 1., Jayne, Charles A,
9 Jayne, Charles A, The Best in Astrology from IN SEARCH. Vol. 1.
The Association for Research in Cosmecology by the Astrologcial Bureau 1974 soft cover Very good 
Very nice clean booklet printed simply with a stapled binding. Clean as a whistle inside and out. Measures 8-1/2"x11" and has 60 pages.Booklet was published as part of the Hour Glass Series which were reprints of important titles that had gone out of print. Booklet is comprised of a number of articles. Topics include The Moon in Oriental Appearance; An Astrological Demonstration; Index to the State of the Soli-Lunar Relationship; Astrological Lodge of The Theosophical Society; Structural Analysis of Chart Strength; Longevity and the Stars; The Sun Equation Reveals Planetary Pictures; and Time Lags of Cosmic Impacts. 
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The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, April 1958 (Fritz Leiber A Deskful of Girls), Leiber, Fritz
10 Leiber, Fritz The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, April 1958 (Fritz Leiber A Deskful of Girls)
New York Mercury Press 1958 Volume 14 no. 4 soft cover Very good 
The cover art on this magazine goes with the novelet "A Deskful of Girls" by Fritz Leiber. Leiber was a prolific writer of sci-fi, horror and fantasy, as well as a poet, an actor, and a master chess player. This story appeared here for the first time, but was later included in a book along with other shorter works. It's a ghost story about a psychiatrist who keeps the ghostly auras surrounding his patients in his office after the people themselves leave. Other authors found in this issue are Chad Oliver, Anthony Brode, Robert Arthur, Avram, Davidson, Victoria Lincoln, Idris Seabright, Mark Van Doren, Anthony Broucher, Arthur Oesterreicher, and Brian W. Aldiss. 
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Nuit-Isis; Journal of the Nu Equinox Vol.I, No. 5, MacGregor, Hugo; Shual, Katon
11 MacGregor, Hugo; Shual, Katon Nuit-Isis; Journal of the Nu Equinox Vol.I, No. 5
Oxford, U.K. Golden Dawn Publications 1988 Volume I, No. 5 soft cover Very good 
These journals are not often seen, but are an important British contribution to the literature of the occult. I had never seen one, so there was much to learn about the subject. This one is clean and tightly bound with a compelling cover graphic. Measures 8"x11-1/2" and has 32 pages. The journal was dedicated to Thelemic topics. This issue offers an article about the Marquis de Sade, the Magick Path of Tantra, The Puja of the Three Super Faculties, The Scroll of Esoteric Nath Wisdom, Thelema in Appenzell, the kabbalstic tree, and more. Illustrated. 
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Patricia Cronin; All Is Not Lost (sculpture art catalog, 2012), Molesworh Helen
12 Molesworh Helen Patricia Cronin; All Is Not Lost (sculpture art catalog, 2012)
USA Newcomb Art Gallery, Tulane University 2012 0966859510 / 9780966859515 Hard Cover As New Condition No Dustjacket, As Issued 
This is a gorgeous art catalog inside and out. What I like about it in addition to its beauty is the information it provides about the artist and her work. I like that there's photos of her creating these oversized sculptures. I also am taken with a section titled Ghosts and Sculpture, Harriet Hosmer and Patricia Cronin. Harriet Hosmer, as it turns out, was an artist who at the age of 20 in 1851 had a supernatural encounter. She, too, was a sculptor and here she and Cronin merge ghosts and sculpture and love and death in the 21st century. The catalog measures 8-1/4" x 10-1/4" and has 72 pages, several in color. 
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Understanding Planetary Placements by Sophia Mason, Sophia Mason
13 Sophia Mason Understanding Planetary Placements by Sophia Mason
Hammond, Indiana Astrology and Spiritual Center 1976 Presumed First Edition Soft cover Very good condition 
This astrology booklet is tightly bound with no names or writing. The only defect is what looks like a drop of coffee on the front cover. Otherwise it's been carefully stored for 40-plus years. The booklet measures 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" and has 102 pages. The contents include the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, discovering characteristics of each. 
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Dark of the Moon Souvenir Program 1945, Stone, Carol. Jenkins, George.
14 Stone, Carol. Jenkins, George. Dark of the Moon Souvenir Program 1945
New York city Picture Features Inc. 1945 1st ed. soft cover Very good 
Other than minor light freckles of foxing around the edges of the cover of this attractive Broadway theatre souvenir program it's bright and nicely cared for. The stars were Carol Stone and George Jenkins in what was not a Broadwaymusical, but still was a "musical legend." The curtain went up on March 14, 1945 and came down December 15, 1945 after a total of 316 performances on Broadway. It had a good run, but didn't carry over to 1946, likely because of the story which had to do with a male witch who begged to be human so he could court a female witch. He got both wishes, married her, and fathered a witch -- which of course was leading to disaster. The program measures 8-1/2" x 11-3/4"and has 16 counted pages. SCARCE. 
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Aspects To Horoscope Angles (1975), viva Jayne
15 viva Jayne Aspects To Horoscope Angles (1975)
Monroe, New York Astrological Bureau 1975 Second Edition soft cover Very Good 
Very nice, clean booklet with a plastic comb binding. No pieces missing from the spiral and booklet is tightly bound. Measures 8"x11" and has 53 pages. The Angles are the Ascendant, the Midheaven and the Vertex, which along which along with the Sun and Moon, are the most important parts of astrology. This booklet is a bit advanced as its purpose is to explain how a chart can be rectified if needed. 
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The Study of Astrology (1974), Weingarten,Henry
16 Weingarten,Henry The Study of Astrology (1974)
New york, New York New York Astrology Center 1974 Second edition, third printing soft cover Very good 
Very nice clean booklet printed more professionally than many booklets about astrology. Measures 8-1/2"x11" and has 60 pages. This is the first book of a projected five and is focused solely on learning to read a horoscope. Chapters cover the planets, the angles, aspect theory, aspect combinations and practice. 
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The Unexplained Colin Wilson 1975, Wilson, Colin
17 Wilson, Colin The Unexplained Colin Wilson 1975
Lake Oswego, Oregon Lost Pleiade Press 1975 First edition soft cover Very good 
Colin Wilson was an interesting guy. He was a British writer who was amazingly prolific, writing novels, stories, philosophy, paranormal and true crime -- and that's just what I know! This booklet is rather early for him because he continued writing until he died in 2013. This book is about the paranormal.it's very nice and clean with just a small bit of fading around the edges at front, measures 5"x7-1/2", and has 64 pages. 
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