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The Subtle Principle of Successby Alois Swoboda 1920, Alois P. Swoboda
1 Alois P. Swoboda The Subtle Principle of Successby Alois Swoboda 1920
U.S.A. Presumed by Swoboda 1920 Stapled, soft cover Good condition 
I somehow managed to get the full Swoboda course at two different times. Since then I got a single booklet autographed by Swoboda and then later I got several pieces, including this one and three booklets. These are not perfect by any means, but I knew better than to let them go because Swoboda booklets are really hard to get these days. There's The Subtle Principle of Success is the nicest of them all. There's some soil which refused to go away and there a few small tears which I used closed with archival tape. on the front cover. The author consisdered it a letter from him to you in 23 pages. The opening is a forewrd on Principle, Law and Sequence; Become Supreme; and From Adversity to Supremacy. After that comes the highlight -- The Subtle Principle of Success. 
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Just In Case You Think You're Normal; How to Overcome An Inferiority Complex (2 booklets 1950's), Banks, Dr. Murray
2 Banks, Dr. Murray Just In Case You Think You're Normal; How to Overcome An Inferiority Complex (2 booklets 1950's)
New York Murmil Associates 1956, 1959 card covers Very Good 
Two clean, nice booklets, plus ad for the good doctor's LP recording and one of the leaflets he called A Pill In Print. Banks still has a following, thanks in large measure to his ability to explain sound psychology through humor. Fun and anecdotal, but still helpful. Both booklets contain 45 pages and have photos of the doctor at back. Small bit of rubbing to spines, but tightly bound. 
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The Human Betterment Course: Personal Lessons in Body and Brain Building for Health and Efficiency (1919), Brennan, John
3 Brennan, John The Human Betterment Course: Personal Lessons in Body and Brain Building for Health and Efficiency (1919)
New York Bureau of Human Betterment Inc. 1919 soft cover Good 
This is a very scarce item which I have been researching on and off for months. It’s a nine lesson course written by the former editor of Popular Culture magazine in which he wrote articles about birth control when it was highly controversial. That topic and the title of this course in body building brought up the dark story of E. S. Gosney and his The Human Betterment Foundation located in Pasadena, California in 1928. Gosney’s goal seemed to envision America and apple pie, but it was really all about eugenics and the involuntary sterilizations of Californians considered lacking by the standard of the Gosney’s organization. Gosney also was linked with Nazi Germany. However, if there is a connection between these two entities I can’t find it. Brenan’s course came out in 1919 and Gosney’s Foundation began in 1928. The course appears benign – much like Swoboda’s – body building, positive thinking and mind over matter. There are nine lessons pesented simply, again just as Swoboda’s were. Everything is clean and nice, but I think this was at one time in a portfolio. Both the front cover and foreword have been trimmed down (all text remains) and there is no back cover. 
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Belle Grace Magazine; Life Is A Beautiful Journey; Autumn 2015, Brianne Mertin (Editor)
4 Brianne Mertin (Editor) Belle Grace Magazine; Life Is A Beautiful Journey; Autumn 2015
Laguna Hils, California Stampington Company 2015 Autumn 2015 Card cover Fine condition Jessuica Wolfe, Photographer 
This is like no magazine you have ever seen. It's about enjoying life in all its aspects. There are articles about letting go, stillness, walking, playing with light, the kindnes of strangers, 40 ways to spread kindness, small things worth savoring, life's backpack, where your stories belong, the power of paper, and more. And all of it is so beautiful. I bought this thinking it was a book, so it was a surpise to learn that it's an issue of a quarterly magazine. The magazine has a defined spine, measures 8-1/2" x 11" and has 159 pages. 
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Leo Buscaglia Love As A     Behavior Modifier, 1971 (Learning Disabilities), Buscaglia, Leo
5 Buscaglia, Leo Leo Buscaglia Love As A Behavior Modifier, 1971 (Learning Disabilities)
Texas Texas Association for Children With Learning Disabilities 1971 soft cover Very good condition 
Leo Buscaglia charmed audiences on NPR every time a fundraiser was in progress. His uplifting themes, endless stories, and humor drew people like a magnet. He had written many books too before his untimely death. Buscaglia was more than a showman, an author, or a motivational speaker -- he was also an educator, hence this booklet. It's a rather elusive item. I can't recall when or where I got it, but it's an interesting look at child rearing, especially children with special needs. Booklet is clean and tightly bound with just minor toning to spine and edgesof cover. It measures 8"x11" and has 26 pages and contains two articles -- Love As a Behavior Modifier and Help! I Have An Exceptional Child. 
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Circle of Stones: Woman's Journey To Herself, Duerk, Judith
6 Duerk, Judith Circle of Stones: Woman's Journey To Herself
San Diego, CA Luramedia 1989 0931055660 / 9780931055669 Card cover Very good condition 
Beautiful booklet inside and out with much wisdom for women of any age who seek in solitude their own truths and spirituality. The text is divided into three themes -- In Search of Her Mother; In Search of Her Self; and In Search of Her life. The booklet measures 6" x 9" and has 69 pristine pages. Would make a lovely little gift. 
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The Blue Day Book: A Lesson In Cheering Yourself Up (20000), Grieve, Bradley Trevor
7 Grieve, Bradley Trevor The Blue Day Book: A Lesson In Cheering Yourself Up (20000)
Kansas City, Missouri Andrews McMeel Publishing 2000 0740704818 / 9780740704819 Hard cover Fine condition Fine dust jacket 
This is a charming gift book especially if you love animals. Every page shows an unhappy animal, all of which are in full page format and in black and white which is perfect for the topic. The book was given as a gift to a Grandma from two children. You can leave the inscription and add one of your own, or use the brand new bookplate I laid-in (see photo). The book is otherwise beautiful with no price-clip, no tears, and no chips. It will arrive in a brand new mylar cover. Book measures 6-1/4" square and has 92 pages. (Gift Books Box III) 
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Health and Wealth (Elbert Hubbard, The Roycrafters, 1908), Hubbard, Elbert
8 Hubbard, Elbert Health and Wealth (Elbert Hubbard, The Roycrafters, 1908)
East Aurora, New York The Roycrofters 1908 Cars cover with suede Very good condition 
I have a little crush on Elbert Hubbard, so whenever I see something new to me about him, or by him, home it goes with me. This one is written by him and was hand bound by his group of artisans, known as the Roycrofters. As you can see, the suede overlaps the cover. That's what's known as yapped edges, though mostly those are made of paper. The paper ones are vulnerable to tears, though the same can happen to suede, but fortunately it didn't. There's some light foxing to the blank pages at front, but otherwise they're pristine. See the photo of Hubbard at frontis and the intro to the book which measures 5" x 7-1/2" and has 162 pages. Gorgeous white paper, handsome printing-- a lovely little gift. 
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We Rejoice In Our Heritage: Home Rituals for Secular and Humanistic Jews. 1989, Judith Seid
9 Judith Seid We Rejoice In Our Heritage: Home Rituals for Secular and Humanistic Jews. 1989
Ann Arobr, Michigan Kopoinvant Secular Press 1989 0962366803 / 9780962366802 First Edition Stated Card cover Fine condition 
This is a scarce booklet which is very clean with no defects of note. It measures 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" and has 45 pristine pages. The booklet is divided into three parts, the first of which is the Jewish holidaya from Shabbat to Shavous. Part II discuses these Other Rituals -- Yertseit, Handwashing, After Meals, Hanging A Mezuzah, and Seeing the Beauties of Nature. Lastly, Part III is about Secularist Interpretations for Yim Kippur, Shavous, and Tisha B'av. The booklet is written in English, Hebrew, romanized Hebrew, and Yiddish and romanized Yiddish. 
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Headwaters Appalachian Journal of Expressive Arts Therapy (Volume 3, 2006 includes CD)), Kale, Melissa S.; Maher, Cami
10 Kale, Melissa S.; Maher, Cami Headwaters Appalachian Journal of Expressive Arts Therapy (Volume 3, 2006 includes CD))
Boone, North Carolina Appalachian State University 2006 Volume 3 card cover Very good condition 
This is a very attractive journal which zeroes in on the therapeutic expression of the arts of all kinds. The surprise hidden inside is the CD includes all of what is in the journal, plus extras. The color art is a rainbow of creativity and the poems, essays, performance pieces and real people, artists all, sharing their spiritual and artistic journeys. Journal measures 6" x 9" and has 56 pages. Whether you make art, or write, or both, this is solace for the soul. 
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Good Manners and Success by Orison Swett Marden (1900-1905), Marden, Orison Swett
11 Marden, Orison Swett Good Manners and Success by Orison Swett Marden (1900-1905)
New York Thomas Y. Crowell 1900-1905 Later printing hard cover Good-plus 
Collectors of early New Thought will recognize this author, the founder of Success Magazine (1897). Marden also was closely allied with Elizabeth Towne's magazine Nautilus, for which he was a regular contributor. At first glance this topic seems off the beaten track until you turn the content page to the last section titled The Law of Kindness. This is one of those hard cover booklets I love with just 64 pages. The book is pretty and shows only minor exterior wear and a small stain to back corner near the spine, The book is tightly bound with clean pages. It was given as a gift originally to "Helen Heffner From Papa." But later it came to belong to an attorney who wrote on the bottom of three pages and dated one of them 1905. One entry is a story, the other how good he feels when he follows the advice in the book. Once I saw that I HAD to have it!! Here's an example of one page with his handwriting, "A few older members of the bar told me that in 1860 Douglass gave an address in Clyde. He spoke from an improvised platform in the street. There he mentioned the name of Lincoln who was his first contestant for the Presidency. A little boy cried out, 'Hurrah for Lincoln!' Douglass stopped in his speech and addressed the lad with, "that is right my boy if you are for Lincoln. He is a most excellent man." The lawyer's voice is excellent too. 
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The Feng Shui Deck: 50 Ways To Create a Healthy and Harmonious Home (2003), Miller, Olivia H.
12 Miller, Olivia H. The Feng Shui Deck: 50 Ways To Create a Healthy and Harmonious Home (2003)
San Francisco Chronicle 2003 0811838994 / 9780811838993 Cards in Case 
Other than a small bump to the edge of the top of the case which holds these 50 cards there are no defects. There's an extensive eight panel instruction booklet which should prove very helpful. I put all the cards in numeric order and all 50 are here. Here's the topics of the first ten: Assessment of Light, Assessment of Scent, Assessment of Sound, Connection to Nature, Use of Space, Connection to Creativity, Connection to the sacred, Yin (Receptivity) Meditation; Yin (Receptivity) Bedroom; and Yin (Receptivity) Formal Dining Room. All card are clean and nice. 
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A Short Guide to a Happy Life (2000), Quindlen, Anna
13 Quindlen, Anna A Short Guide to a Happy Life (2000)
New York Random House 2000 0375504613 / 9780375504617 First edition, third printing Hard cover Fine condition Fine condition 
Ever since I became a book and ephemera seller I loved gift books. In those days I bought only old ones, but lately I have fallen under the magic of contemporary gift books. Last Christmas I gave one to my friend in NYC along with with orange spice tea. And guess what? She sent me tea and a gift book -- and we'd crossed in the mail! This book is perfect for such gift giving, a reminder not to work so much that you miss the other aspects of your life. I have many others, old and new, and will be adding others over time. The book is pristine and measures 5-1/4" x 7-1/4" with 50 pages. 
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How to Keep Young, Van Name, Frances A.H.
14 Van Name, Frances A.H. How to Keep Young
Detroit, Michigan Radio Printing Company 1944 Card cover Good condition 
Other than some small tears to the yapped edges, this little gift book is quite nice. The pages are clean and tightly bound and there are no names. The author had previously written another book titled "Let's Be Happy." This one again picks up on the theme of choosing happiness. It consists of poetry with an a,b,a,b meter and an inspirational voice. The book measures 4-1/2" x 6-1/2" and has 75 pages. Topics include gratitude, friendship, Easter, success, love, humor, enchantment, forgiveness, beauty and God, among many other themes. book is clean and tightly bound. Only real fault are some small tears to the yapped edges. With care they shouldn't get worse because of the thickness. 
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Harmony In Marriage (Book In A Box, 1948), Wood, Leland Foster Ph.D.; Dickinson, Robert Latou M.D.
15 Wood, Leland Foster Ph.D.; Dickinson, Robert Latou M.D. Harmony In Marriage (Book In A Box, 1948)
New York City Round Table Press 1948 Later printing Card cover Fine condition 
I love books in boxes and this one is so pristine it's amazing. The booklet itself appears to have never been read. It was given as a gift to Ruth and Carl from Harlan with Best Wishes. I like inscriptions because they're part of the book's history. I bought a book in a box at Christmas for a friend and wrote my inscription under the original one -- 100 years later. But getting back to this booklet, the box is sturdy with just a small loss of the outer paper -- about the size of a Tic-Tac. Unlike many marriage books, this one is secular rather than religious, though it does cover in oen chapter religious issues. It also covers in-laws, having fun together, courtesy in the home, money, sex, disagreements, parenthood, and more. Measures 4-3/4" x 7-1/4" with 122 pages. 
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