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Christie's Auction Catalog: The Connoisseur's Eye New York 2 June, 2015
1 Christie's Auction Catalog: The Connoisseur's Eye New York 2 June, 2015
New York City Christie's 2015 #10859 Card cover Fine condition 
I love the contemporary auction catalog, so beautiful compared to the ones of old with paper covers and no color pictures. The new ones are also oversized -- this one measures 8-1/4" x 10-1/2" and has gorgeous white coated paper and big color photos of the items. The auction offered European furniture, sculpture, ceramics, tapestries and carpets worth millions of dollars. The book is pristine inside and out and showcases 438 lots. 
Price: 28.00 USD
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French Ceramic VilboCard with Catalog and Original Box
2 French Ceramic VilboCard with Catalog and Original Box
France Villeroy and Boch Unknown Ceramic Card in Box Fine condition 
This is a unique item -- a colorful ceramic postcard which can be written on and stamped.It's nestled in its original niche of styrofoam in the original cardboard box with the company's design. Inside you will also find a catalog of all of the items pictured. The boolet is written in English, French and German. The box and its contents measure 4-1/2" x 6-1/2". 
Price: 22.00 USD
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From This Earth: Pottery of the Southwest (1987)
3 From This Earth: Pottery of the Southwest (1987)
Santa Fe, New Mexico Museum of Indian Arts and Culture 1987 soft cover Very good condition 
This is a very large booklet measuring 10-1/2" x 13-1/4" and has fourteen counted pages of information including the reverse sides of front and back covers. There are many examples of the various pottery items -- Laguna, Name, Santa Ana, Santa Clara, Santo Domingo. Taos and Picuris, Zumi and many more, plus vintage photographs in black and white showing the artists at work. There's also explainable text and even a few pages for children. Booklet is clean and tightly bound with no names or writing. 
Price: 9.95 USD
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Oribe Transformation New Pottery by Ken Matsuzaki (2014)
4 Oribe Transformation New Pottery by Ken Matsuzaki (2014)
Boton, Massachusetts Pucker Gallery 2014 Card cover Fine condition 
This catalog is beautiful inside and out and was published to accompany the exhibition held May 31 through July 13, 2014 at the Pucker Gallery in Boston. The artist is Japanese, but unlike other potters, prefers minimalist design. There are two pages at the front of the catalog explaining the Oribe colors, designs and use. There is also a time line at the back showing the high points of the artist's career. Catalog is printed on quality glossy paper and all photographs are in color. Catalog measures 8-1/2" x 11" and has 34 pristine pages. 
Price: 16.95 USD
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Potter's Wheel Projects (1991)
5 Potter's Wheel Projects (1991)
Columbus, Ohio Sellers, Thomas (editor) 1991 Twelfth Printing card cover Very good condition 
Very nice booklet which provides real information. I just discarded another one that had two pages of instruction and the rest pretty pictures. This one shows many instructional photographs in black and white, plus 19 projects which are also explained. Included are these techniques: making off-center shapes, cluster pots, a Yunnan cooker, the combination pot, tall pots from small kilns, pouring spouts, pulling your handles, rounding out a squared pot and more. Booklet is clean and tightly bound with no names or writing. Measures 8-1/2" x 11" and has 64 pages. 
Price: 9.95 USD
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Collecting Antique Marbles and Price Guide To Collecting Antique Marbles (1970), Baumann, Paul
6 Baumann, Paul Collecting Antique Marbles and Price Guide To Collecting Antique Marbles (1970)
Des Moines, Iowa Wallace-Homestead Book Co. 1970 Hard cover Very good condition Kirschbaum, Paul (photos) 
Book is clean and tightly bound, a booklet in hard cover. Inside is a soft cover booklet also written by the same author, though it was published in 1976.The main book has beautiful color photos at the back of the book. Chapters cover ancient history; stone marbles; clay, crockery and china marbles; glass marbles; individually made marbles; and identification and miscellaneous types of marlbes. Book measures 6" x 1/4" and has 86 pages. The price guide has 14. 
Price: 25.00 USD
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Underglaze Decoration Methods and Original Designs By Marc Bellaire (1992), Bellaire, Marc
7 Bellaire, Marc Underglaze Decoration Methods and Original Designs By Marc Bellaire (1992)
Columbus, Ohio Professional Publications Inc. 1992 15th printing Card cover Fine condition, As New Bellaire, Marc 
This is a remarkably crisp booklet published by the publishers of Ceramic Monthly Magazine. It's a stand-alone booklet which discusses design and method for ceramic artists. It must be a good one though because it's been in print from 1957 to 1992 and perhaps even longer. There are instructions for painting underglazes and has step-by-step photo lessons as well. Covers these topics: the Marc Bellaire Method, brushes and tools, definitions, finishing and painting, glazing, firing and defect, brush stroke vocabulary, backgrounds, fruit vocabulary, birds, animals, figures, special techniques, abstracts, spot decoration, holidays and commemoratives, hobbies and occupations, one-stroke technique, and jewelry. Handbook measures 8-1/2" x 11" and has 64 pages. Nice enough to be a gift. 
Price: 9.95 USD
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The Story of Casas Grandes Pottery (1991), Cahill, Rick
8 Cahill, Rick The Story of Casas Grandes Pottery (1991)
Tucson, Arizona Bookjum Books 1991 0963085301 / 9780963085306 First Edition,Third printing soft cover Near fine 
Very handsome booklet showcasing southwest American Indian pottery. I found a few extra articles on the topic laid-in, none of which caused any browning to pages. I have sequestered them in a plastic bag and will send along with the booklet. Everything is crisp and clean and there is no spine crease. Former owner's name on title page, a few tiny check marks next to a couple names on the list of artists at back, and two circled names on the Quezada family genealogy are only faults. There's a lot of information here, but it's the huge pictures and dramatic black and white design which makes it a stand-out. Booklet measures 8-1/2"x11" and has 89 pages. Text is in both ENGLISH and SPANISH. 
Price: 12.00 USD
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The New Glaze Magazine (8 Issues, 1988, Pottery), Dole, Pat
9 Dole, Pat The New Glaze Magazine (8 Issues, 1988, Pottery)
Birmingham, Alabama Pat Dole 1988 January-February, April, May, June, August, October, November, December soft cover Very good condition 
Eight issues of the New Glaze Magazine -- "if it's pottery the glaze covers it." This is a slim magazine of 19 pages the emphasis of which is on pottery, porcelain, and ceramics. This is not for the artist -- it's for collectors or dealers of pottery and made by well known manufacturers. Companies included are: Imperial Porcelain Potters 1946-1960; Watt Ware; American Willow Variants; Hall; Pennsbury Pottery; Crockery from East Liverpool, Ohio; Corn cookie jars; Metlox Red Rooster Provincial; Morton Pottery; Moran & Mack; and Abingdon Pottery. Magazines are clean and nice and measures 9" x 10-1/4". Mailing label at back and two tiny holes to side of pages which had been stapled for mailing. Former owner also wrote in pencil the names of the companies in each issue. MAGAZINES SHIPS in the U.S. for $2. 
Price: 20.00 USD
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Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art Spring 2003, Catalogue 13, Durand, Pierre; Mahoney, Conor
10 Durand, Pierre; Mahoney, Conor Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art Spring 2003, Catalogue 13
New York City The Chinese Porcelain Company 2003 Card cover Very good condition 
Very handsome art catalog with huge full page color photographs, one each per item and also a color spread at center. Other than some minor edge wear and light scratches to plain black cover, this is a nicely cared for item. The catalog measures 9" x 12-1/2" and has 68 pages printed on quality coated paper with informative descriptions. Catalog is also special for its French wraps which have deep folds which reach the gutter, both front and back. T 
Price: 20.00 USD
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Margie's Ceramic Manual (1975), Hadley, Marjorie E.
11 Hadley, Marjorie E. Margie's Ceramic Manual (1975)
Phoenix, Arizona Marjorie E. Hadley 1975 19th edition Card cover Fine condition 
A small booklet packed with information about the making of ceramic art for beginners all the way through to the advanced. It measures 4-1/2"x 6" and has 93 pages including index. The book is bound with a metal spiral which is in perfect condition.Topics are these: definition of paints, preparing greenware, techniques of underglaze, method of glazing, versatility of glazes, overglazes, cut-outs for cut-ups, saving pieces, life savers, thoughts for free for, learning the lingo, and more. This booklet one is small as I said, but it carries a VERY dense text. No wonder it began in 1960 and was still going in 1975. 
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Centering on Contemporary Clay: American Ceramics from the Joan Mannheimer Collection (1981), Melchert, James
12 Melchert, James Centering on Contemporary Clay: American Ceramics from the Joan Mannheimer Collection (1981)
Iowa city, Iowa University of Iowa Museum of Art 1981 Card cover Fine condition 
Crisp,as new, catalog focused on the use of clay to make contemporary art and to share a variety of American ceramics from the Joan Mannheimer collection. The exhibit was held at the University of Iowa's Art Museum from April 25 to August 2, 1981. The artists are many and there is biographical material about their work. The catalog measures 9" x 10" and has 68 pages. Photos are at times playful and predominately shown in black and white, but there are some full color shots too.There's also an interesting foreword by the collector and an essay titled "Imagines and Reflections" by Jim Melchert. 
Price: 20.00 USD
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The Opulent Eye: Christie's Auction 19th Century Furniture, Sculpture, Works of Art, Ceramics and Carpets New York, October 21, 2015, No author stated
13 No author stated The Opulent Eye: Christie's Auction 19th Century Furniture, Sculpture, Works of Art, Ceramics and Carpets New York, October 21, 2015
New York city Christie's Auction 2015 October 21, 2015 Card cover Fine condition 
Fabulous! From its beautiful cover to its pages of splendid treasures this isn't your mother's auction catalog. Before the 80's the catalog was much smaller and covered with a drab colored wrapper and small black and white photographs inside. All that's gone now because these catalogs are like coffee table books in full color with great descriptions. They're dream books and bigger too. This one measures 8" x 11" with 242 lots. I am so enamored of them that I bought twelve last Saturday! 
Price: 25.95 USD
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American Journal of Archaeology April, 2009 (Etruscan Heaven,Pottery at Pompeii, Triconch House), Norman, Naomi J. (editor)
14 Norman, Naomi J. (editor) American Journal of Archaeology April, 2009 (Etruscan Heaven,Pottery at Pompeii, Triconch House)
Boston, Mass. The Arhaeological Institute of America April, 2009 2009 Volume 113 No. 2 soft cover Near fine condition 
Crisp and clean with just a small bit of wear to upper front corner. No names or writing and pristine inside and out. Magazine is scholarly, but also accessible and is illustrated throughout with drawings and black and white photographs. The main articles are these: A New Reconstruction to Etruscan Heaven; The Production and Distribution of Pottery at Pompeii(Part II The Material Basis); The Triconch House and the Predecessors of the Bishop's Palace at Aphrodisias. There's also field reports and reviews of exhibits. Magazine measures 8-1/2" x 11". I have a few other issues available. 
Price: 15.00 USD
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Studio Potter Journal Volume Eight, Number One  (June 1979), Sabin, Peter; Williams, Gerry (editors)
15 Sabin, Peter; Williams, Gerry (editors) Studio Potter Journal Volume Eight, Number One (June 1979)
Goffstown, New Hampshire The Daniel Clark Foundation 1979 Volume Eight, Number 1 Card cover Very good condition 
Studio Potter Journal which is at least 40 years old. It was only published twice a year. This is the first one for 1979. What's interesting about this one is two articles with photographs of the artist, Bernard Leach, a potter from Great Britain. The first article is "Bernard Leach 1887-1979: Towards A Standard" and the second is "Bernard Leach Two Recollections". The first one can be removed and opened up to reveal on the back a full two page poster image of Leach. Other topics are copper red glazes, producing brilliant copper reds in glass, copper red salt vapor glazes and a lot more about red copper. There are also cameos of various potters, their work, and their surroundings. The booklet measures 8-1/2" x 10-1/4" and has 78 pages with many black and white illustrations. The only faults are a bit of sunning to the spine and a small stain to the back cover. Overall very nice 
Price: 22.00 USD
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Tea Caddies: An Illustrated History (1985), Walkling, Gillian
16 Walkling, Gillian Tea Caddies: An Illustrated History (1985)
England Victoria and Albert Museum 1985 0905209540 / 9780905209548 First edition Card cover Near Fine condition 
This is a lovely exhibition catalog, elegant with its dust jacket protecting the plain white card binding. A book about tea caddies? Yes!Tea is back in popularity with brand new leaves and brand new flavors to accompany both new and old pastries and more. The "more" of course is the implements of tea and its rituals. The plates of the tea caddies are in both color and black and white for a total of 64 specimens.The book is clean with no names or writing, no tears, and no spine creasing. The catalog measures 7-/.4" x 9-1/4". The only faults ares a shadow on the front cover from an old price sticker, another one at the lower back corner and a tiny black mark at the bottom of the spine. Altogether this is a beauty -- even the paper is wonderful. 
Price: 30.00 USD
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