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Juicy Living Cards by Sark (2003)
1 Juicy Living Cards by Sark (2003)
U.S.A. Hay House Inc. 2003 Very good condition Sark 
Sark is noted for her colorful exuberance as the medium for her message of treating yourself kindly, enjoying your life, thinking positive, and following the spirit of love. She has written many books, but the cards are perfect for busy people. There's 50 in the deck, and double sided too, so you get 50 more small wisdoms. The idea is to pick a card and keep its thought with you as you go through your day. The cards are clean and nice and the box is sturdy. It measures 4" x 5-1/2". 
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On Motivation, Don Fabun 1969
2 On Motivation, Don Fabun 1969
Beverly, Hills, California Glencoe Press 1969 Second printing soft cover Good 
Scarce, desirable booklet in good clean, tightly bound condition. Isolated small rubbed spots to cover, front and back, and flat corner creases only faults. Pages very clean with no names or writing. Nicely illustrated in both black and white and color throughout. 39 pages of dense text. At the time of writing Fabun was director of Publications for Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corp, but also taught at Brandeis as a professor of psychology. He has published a large body of work, but this one can be elusive. A recently closed auction showed this selling for $80 and I sold one myself in 2007 for $75, but I'm discounting for condition. 
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The American Poultry School  Course in Poultry Husbandry  Vol. I Books 1-5, 1928
3 The American Poultry School Course in Poultry Husbandry Vol. I Books 1-5, 1928
Kansas City, Missouri The American Poultry School 1928 soft cover Good 
Charming covers and lots of serious information in these five booklets numbered consecutively 1 to 5. This was a HUGE course. I'm not sure how many booklets it takes to compile a set, but I've seen them numbered in the high 30's. I have not, however, ever seen the first five all at once, so these are pretty cool. Each booklet is a stand alone and these cover the following topics: the poultry industry, poultry farm management, intensive poultry culture, small poultry farms; principles of poultry house construction; modern poultry houses, equipment and appliances; breeds and varieties of poultry; and the principles of mating and breeding. All booklets are clean and tightly bound, but pages have toned on the ones using high acid paper and one booklet shows water marks around the margins of a page with no wrinkling - otherwise they a quite nice set. Booklets measure 6"x9" and vary in length. All are illustrated with photographs and drawings. If you are trying to fill in a set let me know, as I do have some single issues also. 
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The Fine Arts; A University Course Sculpture, Painting, Architecture and Decoration in Their History, Development and Principles  (Vols. 1-11) 1917
4 The Fine Arts; A University Course Sculpture, Painting, Architecture and Decoration in Their History, Development and Principles (Vols. 1-11) 1917
Chicago National Art Society 1907 soft cover Very Good 
Eleven consecutive books in a fine arts course published in 1907. Beautifully kept and beautifully designed. All are illustrated, primarily in black and white on quality coated paper. Each measures 9"x12" and each is focused on one period of art. Appears to be missing one volume -- #12 -- which covers Asian art. All are clean and tightly bound with just light wear. Begins with principles and technique of fine art and moves through the ages showing painting, sculpture and architecture of each. The final volume I have -- #11 -- is devoted to decoration. 742 pages collectively. 
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The Human Betterment Course: Personal Lessons in Body and Brain Building for Health and Efficiency (1919), Brennan, John
5 Brennan, John The Human Betterment Course: Personal Lessons in Body and Brain Building for Health and Efficiency (1919)
New York Bureau of Human Betterment Inc. 1919 soft cover Good 
This is a very scarce item which I have been researching on and off for months. It’s a nine lesson course written by the former editor of Popular Culture magazine in which he wrote articles about birth control when it was highly controversial. That topic and the title of this course in body building brought up the dark story of E. S. Gosney and his The Human Betterment Foundation located in Pasadena, California in 1928. Gosney’s goal seemed to envision America and apple pie, but it was really all about eugenics and the involuntary sterilizations of Californians considered lacking by the standard of the Gosney’s organization. Gosney also was linked with Nazi Germany. However, if there is a connection between these two entities I can’t find it. Brenan’s course came out in 1919 and Gosney’s Foundation began in 1928. The course appears benign – much like Swoboda’s – body building, positive thinking and mind over matter. There are nine lessons pesented simply, again just as Swoboda’s were. Everything is clean and nice, but I think this was at one time in a portfolio. Both the front cover and foreword have been trimmed down (all text remains) and there is no back cover. 
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Speedwriting The Natural Shorthand (Six Volume Course 1937), Dearborn, Emma B.
6 Dearborn, Emma B. Speedwriting The Natural Shorthand (Six Volume Course 1937)
New York City School of Speedwriting Inc. 1937 Hard cover 
Six handsome hard cover manuals which offer a chance to learn to take notes quickly using the symbols for the alphabet that you already know. The course became available in 1923, but this set is from 1937. Both the pages and the covers are clean and tightly bound. The only exterior fault is a light stain to the front cover of five of the six at the far right edge. The inside is clean, but the previous owner erased all of the penciled answers in volumes one and two, but the others were never touched. I don't dare go over the erasures with a document pad, as the paper is too thin. You can still write your own answers without problem. The books measure 5" x 8". Ships for $2 media mail in the U.S. 
Price: 40.00 USD
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Home Sewing Course by Helen Hall  Eight Series, 1936-37, Hunt, Helen
7 Hunt, Helen Home Sewing Course by Helen Hall Eight Series, 1936-37
St. Louis, Missouri Sye Sewing Institute 1936-37 Second Edition Card cover in Box Very good condition 
Autodidactic that I am I can never pass up a course. Never mind that I was a three-time Singer sewing loser. If it's a course I buy it. This one is packaged in a slipcase with eight booklets covering various aspects of sewing -- First Steps in Sewing; Cutting and Assembling; Waist Finishing; Sleeves and Skirt Finishing; Tailoring; Materials and Trimming; Individual Fitting; and Eighty Fitting Problems. All booklets are clean and nice and have only one tiny tear to front cover of booklet 1. and another to the same area on the box, both of which are repaired with a small piece of archival tapes. Booklet in the box measure 5-1/2" x 7-1/4" and each has around 40 pages each. (Case 10) 
Price: 25.00 USD
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Mastery of Speech: A Course In Eight Parts (1918), Law, Frederick Houk
8 Law, Frederick Houk Mastery of Speech: A Course In Eight Parts (1918)
New York Independent Corporation 1918 soft cover Good-plus condition 
Very nice, clean little booklets which measure 5" x 6-3/4" written by Frederick Houk Law, Ph.D. who created a course "on general speech,business talking, public speaking, and what to say and how to say it under all conditions." Book One -- How To Speak Correctly and Pleasingly; Book Two -- How to Use Words Correctly; Book Three -- How to Speak Well Under All Ordinary Conditions; Book Four -- How to Speak in Daily Business Life; Book Five -- How To Speak Under Trying Conditions; Book Six --How to Speak In Private Life and Public Places; Book Seven -- How To Speak On Public Occasions; and Book Eight -- How to Find Material for Talking and Speaking.Just the thing for an autodidact. The staples have rusted a bit, but this remains the best set of these booklets we've ever had. 
Price: 30.00 USD
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Stenciling (1920), Mickel, Adelaide
9 Mickel, Adelaide Stenciling (1920)
Peoria, Illinois The Manual Arts Press 1920 soft cover Very Good 
To find an original of this one is quite a task, but here we have it in clean, tightly bound condition. It's designed primarily for the craftsperson who wishes to learn from the ground up which may be why there are "problems" posed for various grades in school. But the most likely reader is the one who wishes to follow it straight through learning how to design a stencil, transfer the design, and master such techniques as stenciling with oil colors on fabric, water colors on both paper and fabric, crayon stenciling, spray stenciling and stenciling with dye. This is not your mother's stenciling of the 1980's when paint was pounded on the wall with a round dry brush. The booklet offers many suggestions for decorating specific items. It measures 6"x9" and has 62 illustrated pages, including photographs in back and white. Clean and bright inside and out and even includes the original glassine jacket which shows a few small glitches, but has protected the cover beautifully. 
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Think Clearly! A Popular Guide To Logic In Everyday Life (10 booklets), Moxley, D.J.
10 Moxley, D.J. Think Clearly! A Popular Guide To Logic In Everyday Life (10 booklets)
London Odhams Press Limited Mid-20th Century soft cover Very good 
Ten clean tightly bound booklets comprise this very useful and easy to comprehend course in the application of logic to everyday circumstances. There's no date, but the set appears to have been published in the mid-20th century. There's some fading to the first five volumes to various degrees with volume one being sunned to gray. Pages are clean and there is no writing. Each has 48 pages with cartoony illustrations. The author was a lecturer in philosophy at Morley College in London. Booklet titles as follows: Words & Efficiency in Thinking; Habits & Prejudice in Thinking; How To Examine Conflicting Opinions; Common Errors in Reasoning & Debate; The Foundations of Knowledge; How Our Needs Influence Our Thinking; Scientific Thinking; The Key To Rapid Learning; and Practice Makes Perfect. OVERSEAS ORDERS WELCOME, but postage will be more than stated due to weight. Please contact us with destination for quote. 
Price: 35.00 USD
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Roth Memory Course in Seven Lessons -- 1918, Roth, David M.
11 Roth, David M. Roth Memory Course in Seven Lessons -- 1918
New York City Independent Corporation 1918 Card covers Very good condition 
As I've mentioned here before, I love self-help courses. This was published in 1918 and yet it's still in use because it works. I bought the first set I had from an elderly man whose father was an autodidactic. That was probably 20 years ago. I got another set five years later and now I got this one last week. The course is in its entirety with the seven volumes. They measure 5" x 6-1/2" and have a total of 285 pages. 
Price: 25.00 USD
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