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Addisonia; Publication of the New York Botanical Garden 1920
1 Addisonia; Publication of the New York Botanical Garden 1920
New York, New York The New York Botanical Garden June, 1920 Volume 5, No. 2 soft over Very good 
Beautiful publication -- not exactly a magazine, but rather a sequential section which offers beautiful color plates and popular descriptions of the plants. The idea was to subscribe and every so often a new installment would be added to the whole which could then be bound when completed. This installment begins on page 17 and finishes on page 32. There are eight plates printed on heavy coated paper, plus the accompanying information on each. Plants include button-bush, common corylopsis, climbing fumitory, shining aphelandra, beaked hazel-nut, showy obedient plant, hydrangea, and dyphilla. Measures 7-1/2"x11-1/2". Very beautifully done and very clean. I think there was a yapped edge at the sides at one time, but they tear so badly that they usually either fall off or get trimmed off. This one appears to have been trimmed. Lovely! 
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Calendar 1986 Wild Flowers of Western Pennsylvania and the Upper Ohio Basin
2 Calendar 1986 Wild Flowers of Western Pennsylvania and the Upper Ohio Basin
Pittsburgh, PA Western Pennsylvbania Conservancy 1985 1986 edition Card cover Near fine Condition 
Love the cover of this 1986 calendar -- beautiful inside and out with no writing. Each of the twelve months is assigned a wild flower image. Each page is also given as many facts about flowers, animals, parks, minerals and other natural history as there are days in the month. The calendar measures 9"x 12". Flowers include: declined trillium, dwarf larksput, swamp saxifrage, grass pink, spotted jewelweed, lyre leaved sage, pale violet, large cranberry, dayflower, rose pogonia and Indian physic. 
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Elizabeth Kleinveld Birthday Calendar (Perpetual, Unused)
3 Elizabeth Kleinveld Birthday Calendar (Perpetual, Unused)
The Netherlands Royal Delft Unknown Date soft cover Very good condition 
This perpetual calendar is the handiwork of American photographer, Elizabeth Kleinveld, and the Royal Delft company. The theme is "Tulips and Spouts" though many other flowers are also added. As for the spouts, they are found in numbers on vases which is a throwback to the Dutch Golden Age. What text there is on this piece is offered in both English and Dutch.The calendar is very clean with no writing and has a small spiral binding at top which includes a wire hanger. Calendar measures 6-3/4" x 11-3/4" and is very nice. 
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Fifty Years of Growing and Serving The Garden Center of Greater Cleveland (1980)
4 Fifty Years of Growing and Serving The Garden Center of Greater Cleveland (1980)
Cleveland, Ohio The Garden Center of Greater Cleveland 1980 Presumed first Soft cover Very good 
Very nice, clean booklet, not found easily. The booklet is clean and tightly bound with just a a few light freckles of foxing on margin of front cover next to spine. The booklet measures 8" x 10" and has 47 pages replete with many historic photographs, plus an extensive text. The Garden Center was the beginning of what is today the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. Nice bit of Cleveland history. 
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French Tinted Postcard Beautiful Woman in Garden
5 French Tinted Postcard Beautiful Woman in Garden
Paris Reutlinger No date Near Fine 
The tinting of this card is so subtle you don't notice it at first glance. But there are green leaves and a pale pink gown. I'm not sure what this lovely lady is doing, but she's definitely in a flower garden. The card has not been used, so no real clue to date. But it appears to be from the early 1900's. The back is not divided and bears no writing. Up in the left hand corner at front it says that it's part of series no. 12. 
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House Beautiful Magazine May, 1933
6 House Beautiful Magazine May, 1933
Concord, New Hampshire The Hosue Beauytiful Publishing Co. 1933 New England Edition soft cover Very good condition 
Crisp and incredibly clean -- the pages of this magazine are like new. This isue shows a special New England segment which introduces the love of fishing, tennis, and Bennington College, plus a renovation from stable to house, and a Rockport, Mass. home renovation. There are also gardens, notes from the southwest, French cooking utensils, and bargello needlework. But the most eye-catching is the article "Design For Living: House Number Four of the Home and Industrial Arts Group at the Century of Progress, New York World's Fair, 1933." Magazine measures 10" x 13". Only fault is some small chips to outer side of lower front cover and a few areas on spine strip which needed repair. I used non-browning archival tape to secure it and it's almost invisble. See main picture. . 
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House Beautiful Magazine October, 1928
7 House Beautiful Magazine October, 1928
Concord, New Hmapshire House Beautiful Publishing Corporation Vol. LXIV, No. IV soft cover Very Good condition 
The cover art of these magazines scream "come hither!" They're bold, colorful and graphically sensational. I was at an auction which had six boxes of them.To say they were a hit is an understatement -- they sold in a frenzy for more money than they should have. I got the last box, which was as good as the rest, but at the end of the frenzy. There's much to read here about homes and gardens with gorgeous full color ads for house items -- roofs, tiles, paints etc.. One of the more interesting stories is about the scissor craft of silhouette making and William Henry Brown who long ago snipped out beautiful images. Other articles cover peony walks, Holland bulbs, wisteria, Pompeiian gardens, house renovations, a well appointed desk, china services on display in Paris, architecture, stone versus stone masonry and much more. The magazine is oversized at 10" x 12-1/2" and is an inch thick. SHIPS FOR $2 IN THE U.S. 
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Medieval Flowers and Plants Address Book (1995)
8 Medieval Flowers and Plants Address Book (1995)
London The British Library 1995 Hard cover Fine condition No dustjacket as issued 
This would make a lovely gift -- so beautiful both inside and out with shiny gilt page edges on all three sides, and a ribbon page marker inside. There's no names or writing and is ready to become a pretty way to keep addresses, phone numbers, birthdays and anniversaries. The book is made with laminated boards and a red cloth spine. It measures 7-3/4" x 10". 
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Nature Magazine January 1934
9 Nature Magazine January 1934
Washington D.C. American Nature Association 1934 Volume 17, No.1 soft cover very good 
This issue really packs a wallop -- lots of good topics here including a jungle adventure to Barro Colorado Island in Gatun Lake, Canal Zone, feeding birds from a windowsill, American wildlife sculptors, the monitor lizard, Samuel Untermyer orchid collector, birds of Florida, and a lioness cub raised in an apartment. Measures 8-1/2"x11-1/2" and is crisp and clean and tightly bound. 
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Photograph Three Generations In the Arbor
10 Photograph Three Generations In the Arbor
Unknown Origina No photographer Named 1890's Very good condition 
A three generation picture -- mother, maybe an aunt, young daugher, and grandmother standing under a leafy arbor. Grandma is holding her cane. At first I thought it was odd because the end of the cane looked like a golf club. But then I got out my magnifying glass and saw that what I was seeign was the foot belonging to the lady in the light colored dress. The photo measures 5-1/2" x 6-1/2" with its cardboard "mat. The paste-on photo iteself measures 4" x 5". The back shows a small bit of wear to lower right corner and a small loss of outer paper to top edge. 
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The Herbarist: A Publication of The Herb Society of America (2 consecutive issues, 1973-74)
11 The Herbarist: A Publication of The Herb Society of America (2 consecutive issues, 1973-74)
Boston, Massachusetts The Herb Society of america 1973-74 No. 39 and No. 40 Card covers Both in Very good condition 
Very handsome magazines "for use and delight" as it says on both front covers. The articles cover a lot of ground including these: Chinese garden seats; the Herbarium of Thomas Alva Edison; Edgar Anderson and boxwood; an historical view of tobacco; borage for courage; garlands of bay, rosemary, and roses; botanical aspects of oregano; herb growing on Jeckyll Island, Georgia;her garden at the New York Botanical Garden; comfrey; fragrant herbs; miniature roses as herbs; and more. Both issues are clean and tightly bound with no names or writing. They measure 5-1/4" x 7-1/2" with a combined count of 189 pages. 
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The Home and Garden Calendar 1968 (Book in a Box)
12 The Home and Garden Calendar 1968 (Book in a Box)
New York, New York Hearthside Press Inc. 1968 Spiral Binding, card cover Fine condition 
Calendar collectors and those who love a book in a box check this out. It's in amazing condition with no writing and no defects other than a light skim of foxing to cover from the box lid. The box is sturdy and clean which is why the calendar is why it's collectible. The calendar in its box measures 6-3/4" x 8-1/4" and has 50 photos of arrangements created by members of garden clubs around the country. Eight are in color and the rest in black and white, all printed on quality coated paper. 
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The Ladies' World Easter Number April, 1902
13 The Ladies' World Easter Number April, 1902
New York S.H. Moore & Co. 1902 Easter Number soft cover Very good condition 
I have never before seen this magazine and got it without even knowing it. I bought a box of Ladies Home Journals from the turn-of-the century and this was in the bottom of it. It's quite nice with no mailing label, just the usual horizontal crease. It's an oversized magazine (as many were in those days) measuring 11" x 16" and has 29 pages. There's lots to read about needlework, embroidering book covers, running the house, cooking, gardens and flowers, and mothering, plus fiction. The first story of interest is this: the Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn the Monday after Easter. Believe it or not the custom began in 1878 with 200 kids. By 1902 there were thousands. The second story is the best though!. It's about Jane Addams and Hull House in Chicago. There's a photo of her and Hull House and a lot of information about it and her work -- and all from a primary source. 
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The Lily Yearbook of The North American Lily Society (four volumes 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981
14 The Lily Yearbook of The North American Lily Society (four volumes 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981
Burlington, Vermont North American Lily Society Inc. 1978,'79,'80 and '81 Hard Cover Fine Condition 
Once in awhile hard cover books are ephemeral, easily disposed as one annual replaces another year after year. Here we have what four so crisp and clean it's questionable if they were even read. If lilies are your thing, these are a delight, as each volume is filled with articles and information useful to the grower. Each is illustrated with black and white photos and covers a wide array of topics. Here's some highlighta: 1978 -- China's lilies; miniature lilies; our ancestor's lilies; a theory on disease resistance and susceptibility; breeding lilies on the Canadian prairies; cloning wood lilies; leaf scorch; the harvesting and storage of lily bulbs; and ten hints to make impossible crosses possible. 1979 -- How to run a lily show; lilies as winter-flowering houseplants; early fast forcing; hybridizing; Robert Simonet and the rescued lilies; the progress and expectations of lily culture in the Netherlands; the origin of the Michigan hybrids; a lily sanctuary at the Rae Selling Berry botanic garden; and the Halloween lily. 1980 -- Growth patterns and developments of lilies; lily hybridizing in Michigan; diagnosis of virus diseases in lilies; the Montana State University series of trumpet lilies; and germinating and growing Asiatic lilyseedlings. 1981 -- Tissue culture without intimidation; growing and hybridizing lilies in New Zealand; midwestern Oriental lilies; Botrytis at Honeywood; observations and experiences with native lilies in Korea; Easter lilies in Cos and Curry County history; and the Turk's-Cap lilies of Eastern North America. All four ship for $2 in the U.S. Media mail. 
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The Public Garden Boston (1988)
15 The Public Garden Boston (1988)
Boston, Massachusetts Friends of the Public Garden 1988 Card cover Very good condition 
Beautiful booklet with 80 pages filled with information and photographs in both black and white and color. There is a little edge wear, but overall its clean and tightly bound with no names or writing. It measures 8-1/4" x 10" and has so much to see I wish I could show everything -- the sculptures are fabulous. I just suddenly remembered the one made from Robert McCloskey's children's book "Make Way For Ducklings," so of course I had to find it and it's now picture five. 
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Japanese Flower Arrangement In A Nutshell: A Primer (1966), Allen, Ellen Goodman
16 Allen, Ellen Goodman Japanese Flower Arrangement In A Nutshell: A Primer (1966)
Rutland, Vermont Charles E. Tuttle 1966 21st printing card cover Very good condition 
The Charles Tuttle company is noted for its interesting and beautiful books about Japan. They also published the collectible small booklets for the tourist trade after WWII. This booklet was first published in 1955 and has been reprinted many times because it's filled with useful information offered in straightforward language.The focus here is on various forms of Moribana and Heika style attangements. It even includes photos of more advanced free-style arrangements which show what can be done with creativity and basic principles. The booklet measures 6"x8" and has 55 pages printed on quality coated paper. The only defects are sunning to spine and a tiny tear to the dustjacket which covers a plain white front cover. The tear is at the top of the front endflap and I repaired it at the back with a small piece of archival tape. 
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Wild Flower Name Tales (1976), Anderson, Berta
17 Anderson, Berta Wild Flower Name Tales (1976)
Colorado Springs Century One Press 1976 soft copver Near fine anderson Bill (photographer) 
Very pretty and very interesting if you're a gardener, or a natural history buff. The booklet is clean and bright and appears unread. The only fault is a small blacked out price on the back and a tiny black spot on the spine. Pages are pristine with no names or writing and very handsome photos including one in color at frontis. This is isn't a field guide -- it's narrative which tells the stories of how the wildflowers of the Rocky Mountain West got their names and their namers. Booklet measures 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" with 124 pages. Map inside back cover. 
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My Garden of Verse, Henry Beer (SIGNED,1964), Beer, Henry
18 Beer, Henry My Garden of Verse, Henry Beer (SIGNED,1964)
Milford, Indiana Self-published 1964 Third Edition Hard cover Fine condition 
This book is crisp and bright as new. The author SIGNED it on the front free endpaper (see photo) with no names. It was first published in 1945 and is here in its third edition. The book is very handsome with no defects of note and the dustjacket will arrive in a brand new mylar cover to keep it nice. The poems are augmented by small drawings throughout and the topics are gardens, positive religion (Christian), family, milestones in life and more. Book measures 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" and has 278 pages. 
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Das Gedruckte Herbarium Serie I., Caesar & Loretz-Halle und F. Reichelt A.B Brelau (32 Plates Circa 1930's
19 Caesar & Loretz-Halle und F. Reichelt A.B Brelau (32 Plates Circa 1930's Das Gedruckte Herbarium Serie I.
Berlin Caelo circa 1930s Plates in cardboard box Plates Very Good, Box Good 
This very nice item is scarce in the United States, but here's one with all 32 plates present. The plates are not bound as per design and are very clean and nice. The original box is present too, but does show wear to all corners. There's a few dark marks on the back of box which I have cleaned and improved, but are still visible. The plates measures 6-1/2" x 10" and are all in full color. Each specimen is named by its Latin term and also it's English and German ones. (Sci.) 
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Biltmore: The Vision and Reality of George  W. Vanderbilt, Richard Morris Hunt, and Fred Law Olmsted (1975 includes ticket), Cecil, William A.V.
20 Cecil, William A.V. Biltmore: The Vision and Reality of George W. Vanderbilt, Richard Morris Hunt, and Fred Law Olmsted (1975 includes ticket)
Asheville, North Carolina The Biltmore Company 1975 soft cover Very good condition 
There is a special charm to this booklet which focuses on the architecture and grounds of Biltmore. It's all about BIG, beautiful photographs with a text that's also big in print size. But the real surprise was the ticket laid-in which shows the house in full color. The booklet measures 8-1/2" x 11" and has 96 pages. The ticket is in excellent condition and the booklet is likewise nice, but does show a little light foxing on both sides of the cover, but none inside. The back cover also has a small ownership label in upper corner, but nothing has been written on it. 
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