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American Art Review, August 2000 (Rockwell Kent, California Impressionists, Robert Gwathmey and Andy Warhol)
1 American Art Review, August 2000 (Rockwell Kent, California Impressionists, Robert Gwathmey and Andy Warhol)
Lealand, Kansas American Arts Media Inc. 2000 Vol. XII, No. 4 soft cover Very Good Condition 
This is a magazine which provides numerous multi-page articles with many color works by subject. The artists and themes in this issue are these: Rockwell Kent's Adorondack Legacy; California Impressionists at Laguna; The Virginia Landscape; The Evolution of African American Art; Whitney Myron Hubbard; Impressionism to Modernism in Southern California; Robert Gwathmey and Andy Warhol and Will Barney; A Timeless World. 
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Black Women In the Middle West: The Michigan Experience
2 Black Women In the Middle West: The Michigan Experience
Kalamazoo, Michigan Historical Society of Michigan 1988 Presumed first Card cover 
This is one of two Clarence M. Burton Memorial Lectures that I posted, this one being from 1988 where it was given at the Annual Meeting of the Historical Society of Michigan. The booklet is clean, tightly bound, and measures 6"x9" with 31 pristine pages. The text is dense, but still accomodates black and white photographs throughout. It also covers three parts: The Pioneer Phase, The Era of Domestic Feminism; and The Period of Self-Determination. 
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George Gershwin and Du Bose Howard's Porgy and Bess Souvenir Program (1942)
3 George Gershwin and Du Bose Howard's Porgy and Bess Souvenir Program (1942)
USA Arthcraft Litho 1942 soft cover Very good condition 
Porgy and Bess took the stage in 1935 and returned in 1942 with wonderful music by George and Ira Gershwin. The play went on from January 22 to September 26, 1942 for a total of 286 performances. The souvenir is quite interesting with lots of black and white photos of the performers in action and an excellent narration of the story. There's also biographes of the actors and others who played a role in bringing the story to life. Souvenir measures 9-1/4" x 11-3/4" and has 16 counted pages. 
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Legends of Jazz, 1990 (14 booklets)
4 Legends of Jazz, 1990 (14 booklets)
Yhe Columbuia House Company 1990 soft cover Very good condition 
I just got these and, believe it or not, I'd never seen even one before now, much less a set of fourteen! All are clean and are illustrated with photographs of the greats which accompany articles about each one. The booklets measure 5-1/2 x 8" and have about 12 pages each. The artists covered are: Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Charlie Parker,Count Basie, Billie Holiday, Erroll Garner, John Coltrane, Benny Goodman, Thelonius Monk,Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, Sarah Vaughan, Dave Brubeck, Art Tatum, Dexter Gordon, Woody Herman, Lionel Hampton, Sonny Rollins, Wynton Marsallis, Charlie Christian, Horace Silver, Ella Fitzgerald, Bud Powell, Stan Getz, Bill Evans, Freddie Hubbard, Red Norvo, Clifford Brown, Max Roach, Ornette Coleman, Earl Hines, Ray Charles, Betty Carter, Benny Carter, Dizzy Gillepsie, Wynton Kelly, Roy Eldridge, Dinah Washington and the Group Pyramid. 
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Missa Luba Mass In Congolese Style For Mixed Chorus With Tenor Soloist and Percussion (1997)
5 Missa Luba Mass In Congolese Style For Mixed Chorus With Tenor Soloist and Percussion (1997)
Van Nuys, California Alfred Publishing Company 1997 Second edition Aard cover Near fine conditiobn 
Very handsome cover on this tall music book which measures 7" x 10-1/2" with 56 pages. The music is from the Congo style, an African spin on the religious Mass used in churches. All aspects of the Mass are included from the Kyrie to the Agnus Dei, The lyrics are all in English. The first edition of this booklet came out in 1969. Booklet is clean and tightly bound with just a few penciled comments which could easily be erased. I didn't because they can sometimes be helpful. 
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Postcards Costumi Africa Orientale (16 views)
6 Postcards Costumi Africa Orientale (16 views)
Napoli, Italy Ditta Carcavallo Unknown date Near fine condition 
Here we have 16 sepia toned postcards which are unused. No writing to divided back and no postage and/or stamping. The cards are part of a series titled Costumi Africa Orientale and were published in Italy. All are very clean and crisp and each will arrive in its own brand new plastic sleeve. The cost per card is $3. 
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Presenting The Temptations (Motown 1969)
7 Presenting The Temptations (Motown 1969)
New York Dell Publishing 1969 Card cover Very good condition 
I was so excited to find this. It reminded me of how much fun it was to dance to the Temptations in the 60's. If anyone saw me taking these pictures while inging My Girl (badly -- VERY badly) they'd run for the hills. Anyway, this is a colorful, gorgeous concert souvenir.It's very clean and tightly bound with no names or writing and lots of great photos, some in color and some in black and white. The booklet measures 9-1/2" x 11" and has 16 pages with bios of each singer and info on songs and venues. 
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Radical America Magazine November-December, 1978
8 Radical America Magazine November-December, 1978
Somerville, Massachusetts Alternative Education Project Inc. 1978 November-December, 1978 Card cover Very good condition 
I've never seen this magazine until last week when I got a few of them. This issue is very clean and tightly bound with no names or writing. The magazine measures 7" x 8-1/2" and has 63 pages.The articles are long which is why there are three articles: The Borning Struggle: The Civil Rights Movement -- An Interview with Bernice Johnson; My Life, Jessie Lopez de la Cruz (farm workers); and A Rank and File Strike at G.E.. All articles are accompanied by large black and white photographs. 
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The Afro-American Tradition in Decorative Arts: Notes on the Exhibition 1978
9 The Afro-American Tradition in Decorative Arts: Notes on the Exhibition 1978
Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland Museum of Art 1978 Card cover Fine 
Crisp beautiful art catalog published to accompany the exhibit of the same name which was held in Cleveland, hio Feb.1-April 2,1978, but traveled also to the Milwaukee Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the St. Louis Art Museum and the Smithsonian throughout 1978 and '79. Exhibit concentrated on basketry, musical instruments, wood carving, quilting, pottery, boat building, blacksmithing, architecture and graveyard decoration. Maps at back, plus a checklist of works which numbered 99, only a portion of which are featured in the catalog. Catalog measures 8-1/2"x 11" and is illustrated with large black and white photographs. 24 pages 
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This is Cleveland (circa 1946)
10 This is Cleveland (circa 1946)
Cleveland, Ohio The League For Human Rights circa 1946 soft cover Very Good condition 
This booklet is not seen too often. I got it from a private collection, but it's stamped on the front #13 Collinwood High School Library 1946. This one is not about Cleveland history only insofar as it discusses its residents and their origins. The thrust of the 66 page text is to showcase and provide information on the various ethnic groups, their religions, and the problem of prejudice. What's odd is it left out the Irish who came in droves and settled on the west side. All told though it's a topic not covered too often. Measures 6" x 8-3/4". Only fault is the stamp mentioned above. 
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A voice From Harper's Ferry 1859: The Unfinished Revolution (1974), Anderson, Osborne P.
11 Anderson, Osborne P. A voice From Harper's Ferry 1859: The Unfinished Revolution (1974)
Atlanta, Georgia World View Publishers 1974 Reprint Card cover Good condition 
The author of this classic booklet, Osborne P. Anderson, wrote it in 1859 as a "Black revolutionary who was there." In 102 pages (including index) is a first-hand account of John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry. He was the only Black survivor of the great attempt at a mass slave rebellion. The booklet begins with a contemporary introduction by Vince Copeland. Booklet measures 5-1/2" x 8-3/4". Pages are clean and bright with no names or writing and booklet is tightly bound. There's a small bit of toning to back cover near the spine. Overall it's nice. 
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The Assassination of Malcolm X, Breitman, George; Potter, HermanHerman
12 Breitman, George; Potter, HermanHerman The Assassination of Malcolm X
New York City Pathfinder Press Inc. 1971 Third printing Soft cover Very good 
Other than light toning to the front spine and outside edge this is a very nicely kept booklet. The back shows no toning and there are no creases. The only defect inside is a name written very small in the upper corner of the first page. The text is dense and is divided into two parts: Unanswered Questions by George Breitman and The Trial by Herman Porter. The book measures 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" and has 31 pages 
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David Driskell: Painting Over A Decade 1996-2006, Brown, Bruce; Sims, Lowery Stokes
13 Brown, Bruce; Sims, Lowery Stokes David Driskell: Painting Over A Decade 1996-2006
New York, City DC Moore Gallery 2006 Card cover Very good Condition 
Colorful and magical -- each painting offers so much to contemplate. David Driskell enjoyed a career as a historian and curator. But Driskell painted too and the art community took him in. This book was published as a catalog to accompany the traveling exhibit which came to the Center for Maine Contemporary Art, the DC Moore Gallery, and Hampton University Museum (Virginia). The dates ran from June 2, 2006 to Fall, 2007. Catalog measures 9" x 11" and is pristine inside and out. There's much text, including an interview with Driskell. 
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The Negro and the War Pamphlet No. 71 1942), Brown, Earl; Leighton, George R.
14 Brown, Earl; Leighton, George R. The Negro and the War Pamphlet No. 71 1942)
New York, New York Public Affairs Committee Inc. 1942 Second printing December, 1942 soft cover Very good 
Clean, tightly bound booklet which measures 5-1/2"x7-1/2" and has 32 pages illustrated with graphs. First printing was in August 1942, and this one, the second, in December, 1942. The booklet begins with a provocative story about how the Japanese in January, 1942 aired a story from Sikeston, Missouri about a young African American man named Cleo Wright who was seized by a mob and burned to death. The story was not random -- the Japanese had a reason for it. The booklet examines that, as well as life for the African American in wartime America, both in and out of the military. 
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Southern Populism and Black Labor (1975), Copeland, Vince
15 Copeland, Vince Southern Populism and Black Labor (1975)
New York World View Publishers 1975 Second printing Card cover 
The subtitle of this booklet explains in just a few words what to expect -- "Answers Wallace and Other Racists Who Make False Claim To the Populist Image." George Wallace is the populist in this story when he ran for president. The last sentence in the last paragraph on the back of the booklet is this: "Southern Populism and Black Labor is not only a study of a near forgotten chapter in American history, but a warning to American workers never to trust the demagogy of racist politicans, no matter how slyly they try to mask their real intentions." The booklet measures 5-1/4" x 8" and has 62 pages, plus a list of other political booklets. 
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1st Anniversary Issue of Avant Garde Janaury, 1969, Dahl, Roald
16 Dahl, Roald 1st Anniversary Issue of Avant Garde Janaury, 1969
New York City Avant Garde Media 1969 Number Six soft cover Good 
Avant Garde was a bi-monthly magazine which in this issue celebrates its first birthday. Among the contents are a short story (for adults) titled The Last Act by Roald Dahl, author of James and the Giant Peach and other stories for kids, plus an article about the Dutch painter, Melle, with numerous eye-popping color photos of his work. Other articles include Breaking Out: A Black Manifesto by Dick Gregory; Phil Ochs Kipling of the New Left; and more. Magazine is clean and tightly bound, but does show some mild toning inside and out. the magazine measures 11"x11-1/4". 
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Howard Cook in Alabama (2007), Dodd,Lamar
17 Dodd,Lamar Howard Cook in Alabama (2007)
Alabama Georgia museum of Art; Mobile Museum of Art 2007 Card cover 2007 Cook, Howard 
This is a stunning exhibition catalog with bold images in black and brown and sometimes with a pop of color. Howard Cook's work in Alabama brings to the page cotton pickers, mules, the cotton gin, making sorgum, "footwashing Baptists, river baptizing, Sloss Furnace #1 in Birmingham and more. There's a lot of text in this one, much more than usual. The catalog measures 7" x 11" and has 37 pages. The art was shown twice: Mobile Museum of Art Jan. 12 - April 15, 2007 and Hunstville Museum of Art from Janaury 27 -- to April 13, 2008. Beautiful condition! 
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Black Flyers in WW II, Ferguson, William C. Sr.
18 Ferguson, William C. Sr. Black Flyers in WW II
Los Angeles, California Tuskegee Airmen Inc. 1987 Second edition Card cover Very good condition 
Very nice booklet about the Tuskegee air men in World War II. The pictures are all in sepia and very plentiful. But there is also text and captions to identify place and people in the photos. The booklet measures 8-1/2" x 11" with 64 pages with no names or writing. Only defect is a faint water stain to lower front corner which I almost missed. Among the Tuscagee Army Flying School graduates were Representative Louis Stokes of Ohio; Coleman Young, former mayor of Detroit; and Percy Sutter, former Manhattan burrough president. 
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Beyond Chaos Black History and the Search for the New Land (1970), Harding, Vincent
19 Harding, Vincent Beyond Chaos Black History and the Search for the New Land (1970)
Atlanta, Georgia Institute of the Black World 1970 August, 1970, Black Paper No. 2 Card cover Fine condition 
Crisp, clean booklet which is not often seen. The only defect is a black line through the printed price at the reserve side of both covers. The cover design is quite nice as are the small images in the text. The booklet measures 5-1/2" x 7-1/2" and has 31 pristine pages with no names or writing. The sentence that jumped out to me from this booklet is this one: "For within the heart of the black community in America there exists today a set of agonies which apparently are part of the necessary inheritance of any community that has been engaged in prolonged struggles for radical change, true freedom and lasting justice. 
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Ken Magazine July 14, 1938 (Hemingway. Dr. Robert Ley Hero Incubator for The Reich), Hemingway, Ernest
20 Hemingway, Ernest Ken Magazine July 14, 1938 (Hemingway. Dr. Robert Ley Hero Incubator for The Reich)
Chicago, Illinois Ken Inc. 1938 Vol. I, No. 2 soft cover Near fine codition 
Amazingly nice magazine with very little wear and pristine pages. Oversized at 10" x 13 -1/4" and no mailind label. The magazine launched on April 7, 1938 by the founders of Esquire, but it lasted a scant two years with two issues a month. It was political and controversial, so much so that Ernest Hemingway stopped writing for it after 14 issues. Here he has a short article titled Call For Greatness. The main story goes with the cover art, a piece about Dr. Robert Ley, head of the German Labor Front, who hatched a plan to create a "hero-incubator" which would seclude 4000 uber-blond children for 20 years after which 1000 would be the future leaders of the Reich. There are also articles about "bums" in the big cities and "The Negro You Never Know." This is a rather scarce issue and especially so in this condition. Only fault is a tiny loss of paper to tip of top right corner. 
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